Huawei Changan launched in-depth cooperation, Avita lying and earning CHN model evolution empowered

At present, the competition in our country’s intelligent electric vehicle track is fierce, and the reason why the emerging brand Avita can stand out in it is inseparable from the deep empowerment of Changan Automobile, Huawei and Ningde Times. Recently, Huawei and Changan Automobile have launched in-depth cooperation. Through Huawei’s establishment of a new company and Changan’s stake, they have deeply focused on the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent driving systems and incremental components of intelligent connected vehicles. In the future, Avita will give priority to the technological benefits of the new company and accelerate its progress towards a high-end international smart electric vehicle brand.

It is reported that after the establishment of the new company, Huawei may integrate the core technologies and resources of the smart car solutions business into the company, and Changan Automobile, as an investor, will work with Huawei to support the company’s future development. The company is committed to becoming a world-class leader in the automotive intelligent driving system and components industry, and works with partners to jointly promote the upgrading and development of smart car technology and industry.

Long before this cooperation, Huawei and Changan had a relatively close relationship. Together with Ningde Times, they jointly created an industry-leading new generation of intelligent electric vehicle technology platform CHN. Based on this platform, Avita has successively launched the "emotional intelligent electric SUV" Avita 11 and the "future intelligent luxury car" Avita 12, bringing users a more technological, advanced and superior product experience.

Specifically, Avita 11 is the first flagship model of Avita. It is fully equipped with HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, which has excellent smart driving capabilities and excellent mechanical quality, and can bring users a better travel experience. It is worth mentioning that Avita 11 is the first car brand in the world to arrive at Mount Everest with intelligent driving. It has really come out of the circle in the industry and has received a lot of user attention. In November this year, Avita 11 delivered 4,080 units, actively fulfilling the brand promise and accelerating the response to user expectations.

The Avita 12 is the second flagship model of Avita, with three characteristics of "top design, top luxury space, and top intelligence", and its comprehensive strength is far ahead of the same class of models, creating a new benchmark for luxury smart electric vehicles in the world. On November 10, Avita 12 officially announced its global listing. In the first month of listing, Dading orders exceeded 20,000 units, and the market heat was quite high. The future is promising.

It can be seen that Changan Automobile and Huawei already have a good foundation for cooperation. This time, the two will join hands to establish a new company, which will promote the further innovation and evolution of the CHN model. In this context, Avita is expected to enjoy the priority of its new company’s new technology Empowered to create a "top-class" travel experience for users with top smart driving technology.