Yinzhuoer: Artificial intelligence drives the future of music education and accelerates the rise of new quality productivity.

Artificial intelligence, accelerate the formation of new quality productivity

New-quality productivity refers to promoting the qualitative leap of productivity by means of technological innovation and model innovation. This concept has penetrated into all fields, and the music industry is no exception. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, we can meet the increasingly diversified needs of music education, and then optimize the quality of education and promote the transformation and upgrading of the music education industry.

As a musical instrument innovation enterprise that has been selected into the innovation list of China National Light Industry Federation for many times, Yinzhuo has been focusing on the research of artificial intelligence research and development, musical instrument Internet of Things and other core areas for seven years, and is promoting the intelligent process in the fields of music education and training, musical instrument manufacturing and aesthetic education campus construction.

From "intelligence" to "quality" to promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the music industry

In the aspect of manufacturing and upgrading of traditional musical instruments, Intzal improves the functions of the hardware of musical instruments through artificial intelligence, big data analysis and cloud computing technology. Coupled with the blessing of the Internet of Things technology of musical instruments, it can connect musical instruments with intelligent devices such as the Internet and mobile devices, and realize functions such as remote supervision, performance evaluation and intelligent tuning, thus improving the convenience of supervision of musical instruments without perception and professional counseling. Accordingly, in the field of music education and training, Yinzhuoer launched a supporting intelligent management system for musical instruments, adding elements such as personalized learning, intelligent evaluation and interactive teaching to traditional musical instrument teaching, and providing students with tailor-made learning plans and course contents.

At the same time, Yinzhuo also actively participated in the construction of aesthetic education campus, provided intelligent music classrooms and music education resources for the school, and helped the school to carry out colorful music education. Through the cooperation with the school, Yinzhuo not only exposed more children to the convenient learning mode of musical instruments, but also made them find happiness, self-confidence and growth in music.

In other words, the technical innovation of Intzall has successfully met the needs of users in four major fields: students, parents, schools and musical instrument manufacturers. By developing and launching a variety of products, including AI piano training machine, intelligent management solution of musical instrument store, intelligent aesthetic education campus solution, digital transformation solution of musical instrument manufacturers, etc., Yinzhuo has provided strong technical support for the upgrading and transformation of traditional music education and musical instrument manufacturing industry.

According to local conditions, activate the new kinetic energy of traditional musical instruments.

When it comes to the development of traditional musical instruments, Yangzhou, Jiangsu undoubtedly occupies a decisive position. From guzheng and pipa to erhu and flute, Yangzhou’s musical instrument making skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Yangzhou, a historical city with a profound cultural heritage of more than 2,500 years, has been famous for its unique tradition of "a thousand women teach songs first" since ancient times. However, with the progress of science and technology, the intensification of competition and the diversification of consumer demand, the traditional musical instrument manufacturing industry has also begun to actively explore the road of transformation and upgrading.

In addition, in recent years, with the implementation of a series of innovative policies and measures, Yangzhou’s digital development has also achieved remarkable results. Therefore, Yinzhuoer turned his attention to the place where the traditional musical instrument civilization was inherited and carried forward, and devoted himself to combining traditional crafts with modern technology, pushing the traditional musical instrument manufacturing industry in Yangzhou to a new height through digital transformation, and injecting new impetus into the sustainable development of Yangzhou economy.

Yinzhuo helps traditional musical instrument manufacturers to upgrade traditional musical instruments into digital intelligent musical instruments with low cost through embedded intelligent hardware devices, which not only retains the charm of traditional musical instruments, but also adds modern scientific and technological elements, making it easier for the younger generation of users to accept and love them. At the same time, Yinzhuo also successfully integrated the big data analysis technology, realized the data monitoring of the whole process of musical instruments from production to sales, after-sales service and maintenance, optimized the production process, improved management efficiency, filled the data gap of traditional musical instrument manufacturing industry, and brought new business models and development opportunities to the musical instrument industry.

At the same time, Yinzhuoer also actively cooperates with major musical instruments, extends data visualization and management to a wider range of users through digital management system, and is committed to promoting the traditional musical instrument industry to be digital and intelligent through technological innovation and service upgrade, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the industry.

Traditional musical instruments meet future technology and open a new era of smart music.

At present, as an important practice of Yinzhuoer in Yangzhou, intelligent guzheng has successfully provided a comprehensive digital intelligent upgrade scheme for many guzheng manufacturers and schools. The deep integration of "artificial intelligence+guzheng" has better met the needs of consumers from the aspects of hardware upgrade, data analysis and personalized service, which not only promoted the innovation of traditional musical instruments in teaching mode, but also provided strong support for the innovation of playing methods and the intelligence of manufacturing process, and realized the common development of traditional musical instruments and modern technology.

When traditional musical instruments meet future technology, it not only brings more possibilities for the development of the music industry, but also promotes the inheritance and development of music culture. Just as the mission of Yinzhuo is "AI musical instrument, playing the future", in the future, Yinzhuo also hopes to apply its own scientific research technology to the manufacture and teaching development of more kinds of musical instruments. Whether it is western musical instruments or national musical instruments, whether it is classical music or modern pop, Yinzhuo will continue to break through the boundaries between tradition and modernity, plug in the wings of science and technology for music and open a new era of music development.

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