Focus on the public opinion field! "Hot Search" exposure special edition Zhou Dongyu Song Yang strong and weak confrontation

1905 movie network news Recently, the film starring the director, producer, actor and actress exposed a special edition of "Why Shoot Hot Search". Director Xin Yukun admitted that "Hot Search" is a realistic film that he particularly wanted to try. "Hot Search" talked about self-media, which is an industry that everyone is familiar with in recent years. I also hope that everyone can see a movie that is sharp enough to reflect the current reality. "

In the special edition, from the original intention of the film story to the realistic portrayal behind the film, the practical significance of "why do you shoot hot search" is everywhere. The film will be released nationwide on December 1st.

The film Hot Search tells the story of a "network public opinion war" of "fighting against the powerful and speaking out for the weak". The young girl is sent to the wine table from the desk, and the money potential manipulates the public opinion to cover up the truth, and the voice of justice faces many obstacles … A public opinion game of weak versus strong is about to be staged. In this regard, Xin Yukun also bluntly said: "In fact, in the movie, two waves of forces are confronting each other, but not through guns, but through public opinion on the Internet."

In the internet age, public opinion is everywhere, and everyone may be pushed forward by public opinion. Xin Yukun said: "It seems to have broken our understanding of some information, and there is no more rigorous process to distinguish." This time, Xin Yukun provided the audience with another angle to look at the hot spots in Hot Search, and Xin Yukun also hoped to bring some new thoughts to the audience through this film, "How should we pay attention to our own remarks and how should we identify the truth in the online world".

In addition to the freshness of the theme of online public opinion, the film also depicts the people behind the "hot search", and the complex human nature is also very interesting. Zhou Dongyu plays the role of "hot search pusher" who speaks for justice, Song Yang plays the role of "middle-aged social animal" who is trapped by interests, and Justin plays the role of "devil wears prada" who is evil to the end. Several actors interpret the contest between the strong and the weak in the public opinion field and what sparks will collide between good and evil, which is expected.

When it comes to the theme discussed in this film, several actors also have their own opinions. Zhou Dongyu bluntly said that this film is "like a kaleidoscope" and "reflects many social phenomena". Song Yang said frankly: "If we can influence more people by playing these characters, I think it will be worthwhile." Yuan Hong said: "I hope everyone can look at some hot spots in life through this story, which may provide you with a different angle."