Nearly half of the demand has not responded, and the new policy has hit Beijing.

  CCTV News:From the 21st, Beijing will officially implement the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Online Car-hailing Service Management". The "Detailed Rules" clearly put forward the provisions of "Beijing-registered personnel and Beijing-registered vehicles", requiring individuals and vehicles connected to the online car-hailing platform to be reviewed and have relevant qualifications before they can operate on the road.


  Beijing’s new car-hailing policy is implemented 

  On December 21, 2016, the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of the Taxi Industry" and the "Implementation Rules for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Business Services in Beijing" were officially released. Now, after a five-month transition period, the implementation of the new policy on online car-hailing in Beijing has been officially implemented.

  The requirements for vehicles in the Detailed Rules are as follows: 5-seat sedan passenger cars with a displacement of not less than 1.8L; vehicle wheelbase of not less than 2650 mm; 7-seat passenger cars with a displacement of not less than 2.0 liters and a wheelbase of not less than 3000 mm, have not reached the legal retirement age, government agencies, enterprises, institutions and social organizations are not allowed to engage in online car-hailing operations, reasonably determine the online car-hailing metering method, and must not have improper price behavior.

  At present, the five online car-hailing platforms operating online car-hailing in Beijing have all obtained qualifications. Didi and Shenzhou are arranging for drivers to obtain qualification certificates; Shouqi car-hailing announced the opening of APIs for compliance personnel and vehicles to join.

  "One size fits all" requires drivers to hold a license?

  This year, nearly 20,000 people in Beijing have applied to take the test, and more than 1,200 drivers have completed the test. "Beijing’s online taxi driver test is divided into two types, one is the taxi driver transfer test, and the other is the social driver test." On January 26, Beijing’s online car-hailing drivers took the first batch of tests, and a total of 73 drivers of Shouqi Car-hailing passed the test successfully. Master Meng Tao of Shouqi Car-hailing received Beijing’s first online car-hailing driver qualification certificate, certificate number 1100000001.

  Social drivers can log in to the official website of the Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Bureau to inquire about the exam syllabus, exam materials and review materials.

  A relevant person from the Traffic Law Enforcement Corps of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that considering the different order in which the platform obtains the operation license and the degree to which the driver conducts the test, after the transition period, the law enforcement officers will not require the driver to hold the license "one size fits all".

  Citizens report that it is difficult to get a car

  On the first day of the implementation of the new policy of online car-hailing in Beijing, how did the citizens of Beijing react? The reporter randomly interviewed the citizens of Beijing, and they said that it has become difficult to call a car. In the past, it may have arrived in one or two minutes, but now it may take five or six minutes to ten minutes if it is slow. Especially in the morning, I am in a hurry to go to work and sometimes I can’t get a car.

  The detailed rules for the management of online car-hailing in various places are gradually being implemented

  Beijing has officially implemented the new policy of "online car-hailing", and in cities such as Taiyuan in Shanxi and Foshan in Guangdong, the new policy of online car-hailing will also be officially implemented from June 1. From the money-burning war a few years ago to today’s standardized operation, what is people’s attitude towards the implementation of the new policy of online car-hailing?

  The reporter found in the investigation that with the gradual implementation of the new policy of online car-hailing, many passengers began to encounter the problem of difficulty in taking a taxi. The reason behind this is the new policy of online car-hailing in various places, which restricts drivers and vehicles.

  According to statistics, in the current "detailed rules for online car-hailing" in 73 cities or regions across the country, more than 80% require drivers to have local household registration or residence permits; more than 90% require online car-hailing cars to have local license plates or register locally; and more than 40 cities have even put forward specific standards for the wheelbase of online car-hailing cars.

  [Difficult to take a taxi]"Locals local car" demand or nearly half unresponsive

  The data provided by the Didi platform shows that in March this year, the success rate of using express taxis in Beijing was the highest from 10 am to 5 pm, at 83.2%, which is equivalent to one out of every six appointments without a driver taking orders. However, during the night rush from 9 pm to 11 pm, the average success rate was only 54.1%, and almost half of the orders went unanswered.

  [Taxi is expensive]There is a premium during peak periods, which is not cheaper than ordinary rentals.

  Another phenomenon brought about by the difficulty of hailing a taxi is the increase in prices. At around 9:30 pm, the reporter tried to book an online ride-hailing near Financial Street in Beijing’s West Second Ring Road. Since this is the peak ride-hailing period, the fare premium is 1.3 times.

  A few years ago, the large-scale red envelope subsidy has basically disappeared. The price of online car-hailing is no cheaper than that of ordinary taxis, while some high-end special cars are more expensive.

  [Taxi safety]Safety has been greatly improved, and passengers can book a car with greater confidence

  With the implementation of the new policy, online car-hailing seems to be more difficult than before, with higher prices, but there are also advantages. Many passengers believe that the new policy has greatly improved the safety of online car-hailing, which is more reassuring.