The movie channel may day holiday luxury film list hits the bloody blockbuster and watches it every day.

Special feature of 1905 film network During the May Day holiday, movies will be added.Still struggling with what to watch at home?

The mainstream cinema blockbusters pay tribute to the workers, the bloody action blockbusters are shown in series, the classic series is online every day, the first animation is broadcast to create a special performance in Xiong Haizi, and a strong type of god is with you. Good film time … …The movie channel has prepared a variety of viewing packages for everyone!

Pay tribute to workers, mainstream cinema, large-scale continuous screening

During the prime time of the May Day holiday, the movie channel will show a number of mainstream cinema blockbusters with strong production and excellent reputation. In this festival belonging to workers, we will relive those memories of home and country together.

Once you go to Shangdao, you will defend your country all your life.

On May 1st, the mainstream film of 2021 premiered on the movie channel tells the touching story of Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua’s 32-year stay on the island.

"Keeping the island is keeping the home, and national security can be safe."

Wang Jicai and his wife Wang Shihua took the island as their home, accompanied by loneliness, withstood the wind and waves and held the Kaishan Island, dedicated their beautiful youth to the coastal defense cause of the motherland, explained that "persistence is the longest confession to the motherland", and also shone more heroes who struggled in ordinary posts.

In the magnificent struggle of New China, there are too many China people who push the times forward.

On April 30th, with the story of China’s mountaineering team reaching the summit of Mount Everest twice in 1960 and 1975 as the background, it tells the story that China climbers such as Fang Wuzhou and Qu Songlin gathered on Mount Everest with the purest dreams and shouldered the mission of the times to the top of the world, showing the mountaineering spirit of China people.

The film broadcast on May 1st, taking revolution, construction, reform and opening up and the new era as historical coordinates, tells the struggle course of the fathers with four stories: Riding the Wind, Poem, Duck Prophet and Youth Travel.

Their stories represent the spirit of China people’s hard struggle and hard work in different times.

In the course of China’s hundred years of hard work, young people with lofty ideals who have contributed to the strength of youth are indispensable.

This year, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League in China. On the Youth Day on May 4th, the film channel will broadcast a revolutionary historical film for you, showing the high-spirited youth of your parents and praising the young strugglers.

Please pay attention to the special push prepared for you by the movie channel WeChat official account on May 4th Youth Day.

Hot-blooded action blockbuster hits wonderfully.

On the evening prime time of April 30th, May 2nd and May 3rd, the movie channel will broadcast many exciting action movies.

The first broadcast on May 2nd is another work of climbing the snow mountain after The Climbers.

It costs 100 million yuan to grind a sword in five years.This film consists ofZhang JingchuAnd Japanese old play bonesK?ji YakushoStarring, telling the story of a group of people who were ordered to join the rescue team led by "the legend of mountaineering" and went to the top of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, to find the source of the avalanche.

From Everest base camp to the dead zone, the mountains and vast starry sky in the distance, avalanches and ice caves in the vicinity will bring you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

At the top of the harsh snow-capped mountains, everyone doesn’t know what fate he will face. The precipitous nature and the sinister human nature are the extreme challenges of life and death. 

There are many derivative works on the theme of Journey to the West, and in the movie premiered on May 3rd, you will see the first screen collaboration between true and false the Monkey King.

"The dispute between true and false Monkey King" can be described as a well-known bridge in the westward journey world.

In "The Great Sage of the True and False Monkey King", the director and screenwriter are ingenious, and from the perspective of liu er, who is a demon race, they tell what is the equality of all beings.

Whether it’s in the movies broadcast on April 30, or in the swords and swords, it’s full of loyalty.

Or in May 3rd, and staged a shemale war.

There is always a group of action movie partners who can ignite your passion!

Classic series daily online

Starting from May 2nd, the film channel will broadcast the same series of films in two foreign film slots every day.

May 2 nd, start magic time with.

Love the smell of gold and silver jewelry, cute but powerful birds and snakes, shy and clever tree protectors and other interesting magical creatures, as well as all kinds of wonderful magic, can make you enter the new world of magic like a dream.

On May 3rd, and let’s come to Japan from the wizarding world to enjoy the noisy but extremely peaceful daily life of the Tokyo family.

Directors who have been filming for more than 60 years have always been fond of filming the daily life of ordinary people, and a series of films have led us to feel Japanese warm family comedies.

Everyone in this big family has their own small faults, small thoughts and small calculations, but they are so kind. The joys, sorrows, joys and sorrows of the big family are wrapped in the daily temperature similar to ours, and this warmth makes us resonate with laughter and tears.

On May 4th, Harmony took us to the dangerous game world and started an adventure.

The contrast brought by funny+fantasy will definitely make you laugh, and the core of entertaining will also make you think about the meaning of growth while laughing.

Premiere animation baby-coaxing artifact

How can there be no such thing as an animated movie during the holiday?On April 30th, the movie channel premiered, adapted from the game of the same name.

This time, it is no longer a game of pigs and birds. In addition to the old face MengMeng’s fat red, darts yellow, bomb black and green pig Leonard, many new characters have been added to tell the story of the birds uniting against the Snow Queen from Eagle Island.

Angry Birds 2 restores the characteristics of every bird in the game and adds many network stalks. The combination of cold humor and nonsense makes people laugh.

This animated film of Xian Yi, young and old, will surely make you laugh with your children!


Friends who like Marvel Comics movies can’t miss the premiere on May 1st.

The best animated feature film in the 91st Academy Awards, the best animated feature film in the 76th Golden Globe Awards, and the high score of Douban 8.6 … …

The form of animation completely releases the potential of the multiverse, showing more imagination and expressiveness than live-action movies.

The original comic book and the creator’s eggs are buried in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If you like Spider-Man, you will be able to feast your eyes!

Known as the animal version of Hamlet, many people love it. The Lion King, which premiered on May 1st, brings you full memories again.

Let’s recall the road of the lion king returning to glory the earth!


Strong-typed masterpiece killed!

An eye-catching and unique masterpiece is a unique dish on the May Day screen, which allows you to feel the artistic charm of movies from different countries without leaving home!

On the afternoon of April 30th, "Shadow Man 1+1", two representative works of Spanish new generation directors took us to explore Argentine secret language.

Under the absurd and exaggerated image tone of "Outstanding Citizen", we followed the novelist Daniel (decoration) on the journey of returning home alone to explore the haze under the background of special times.

The fugitive painter, which also focuses on intellectuals, tells the unique feelings of painters and gallery owners in the conflict of interests.

On April 30 th, there was an appointment for a good film, and the British personality director made his debut on the screen with a full-fledged British action comedy.

Matthew Vaughn, who is good at combining the cold humor of British Fan with the cracking action scene, will continue to write what surprises in the second Kingsman?

Not only action comedies, but also romantic comedies, fantasy comedies and gangster comedies … … They will all form a strong happy atmosphere group for your holiday.

Movie guide

Saturday, April 30th

 Angry Birds 2 (Finland) ☆

Distinguished Citizen (Argentina)

The Great Desperado Painter (Argentina)

Tai chi zhang sanfeng.

The Climbers

Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle (USA) ☆

Sunday, May 1st

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (USA) ☆.

Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle (USA)

Island keeper ☆

Me and my parents

The Lion King (USA/France) ☆

Monday, 2 May

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (USA)

Ice Storm ☆

Ghost Story ☆

Fantastic Animals: The Crime of Grindelwald (USA)

Tuesday, 3 May

Family Suffering 2 (Japan)

Big shot 2019

Order to serve the gods

The Great Sage of the True and False Monkey King ☆

Family Suffering 3 (Japan)

Wednesday, 4 May

Song of youth (up and down)

Game of the Brave: Battle of the Jungle (USA)

Forever a teenager

The Sacrifice

The Pioneer

Jumanji: The Next Level (USA) ☆.

Mark ☆ as the premiere film

The specific broadcast time is subject to the program preview of the day.