Who moved the star’s face? Shocking cosmetic injuries in entertainment circle



Xu Ruo?



Xu Ruo?



Brad Pitt


    Xu Ruo? The suspicion of facial paralysis caused by excessive injection of Botox has not yet subsided. Recently, Brad Pitt, the newly-appointed "Venice winner", was exposed to anti-wrinkle injections, which failed to pass the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. Although its agent strongly denied it, the "cosmetic injury" of the stars still opened the tip of the iceberg. And many senior people in the plastic surgery industry disclosed the shocking "plastic surgery injury" in the entertainment circle when interviewed by reporters yesterday.


  Peter is in danger of being disfigured


  China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign entertainment circles can be described as the hardest hit areas of "cosmetic injuries". Recently, Xu Ruo? The "facial paralysis" storm has made new progress, and it is reported that Xu Ruo? The "facial paralysis" is suspected to be caused by excessive injection of Botox.


  Coincidentally, Brad Pitt, a popular Hollywood teenager, was also reported to have undergone a $1, 500 anti-wrinkle needle Restylane injection cosmetic surgery to resist wrinkles. However, Restylane anti-wrinkle injection introduced from Sweden was not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and this anti-wrinkle substance would have side effects, including blocking blood vessels and fading the injection site. A 35-year-old male patient who was "recruited" showed a purple-blue color between his nose and eyebrows a few minutes after the injection, and his nose began to fester, only to recover several weeks later. And Brad Pitt is in danger of being disfigured by injecting the same injection.


  A talent show singer can’t open his mouth


  Star cosmetic surgery is not news, but the "cosmetic injury" caused by star cosmetic surgery has not been concerned by the outside world. Yesterday, a well-known broker disclosed to reporters the first entertainment circle in the Mainland.


  A very sensational "cosmetic injury." A female singer who stood out in the draft in recent years had a face-lifting operation in order to pursue her ap pearance, but after the operation, she found that she couldn’t sing "Oh" with her mouth open, and her new album and subsequent performances had to be cancelled. In desperation, the singer had to undergo another operation to enlarge her mouth, and the pain during the operation was beyond ordinary people’s imagination, and such frequent cosmetic surgery would also cause great damage to her facial muscles. The agent said that "cosmetic injury" has been associated with drug abuse, gambling and other major cancers known as entertainment circles.


  Doctors call on stars to love beauty scientifically.


  Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of senior people in the cosmetic industry, some of whom personally witnessed several "cosmetic injuries" of stars. A senior cosmetic doctor in Chengdu told reporters that Botox injection to rem ove wrinkles is a favorite of stars, but if the dosage of injection is not well mastered, it will cause muscle paralysis.


  A plastic surgeon in Beijing told the reporter that he had breast augmentation surgery for a folk song actress, but the actress had the sequelae of redness and inflammation and had to go to the hospital for emergency treatment to recover. A doctor in Chengdu who went to Korea to study plastic surgery once witnessed an actress who starred in Korean KBS multi-file idol drama series go to the hospital for emergen cy help, because the implant was displaced during her rhinoplasty in middle school, which made the skin of her nose sunken and diseased. These cosmetic surgeons all appeal to the stars not to blindly perform cosmetic surgery in order t o be radiant in a short time, but to pursue beauty more rationally and scientifically. Reporter/Hu Xiao Intern/Yu Chen

Editor: Liu Liyan