Ask the world for three consecutive KO ideals, but the "April shock" is coming.

In the past March, there was a lot of movement in the car circle. Everyone said "together", but this was not the case in the open and closed. They were all testing each other, even tearing it apart, and the competition was fierce. If the competition for which plate is the most "red sea", it must be the SUV here. The world and the ideal have started hand-to-hand combat. From last year to now, it seems that people have vaguely seen the end. …..

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According to the data released by various companies, the industry delivered 31,727 new cars in March, winning the sales champion of domestic new car-making forces for three consecutive months, and it was also the only new car company with sales exceeding 30,000 vehicles in that month. Among them, the new M7 delivered 24,598 vehicles, and the cumulative delivery volume since listing has exceeded 120,000 vehicles; 6,243 vehicles were delivered, and the cumulative delivery volume exceeded 11,000 vehicles.

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Ideally, 28,984 new cars were delivered in March, up 39.2% year-on-year and 43.1% quarter-on-quarter. However, the number of specific models has not been announced. It is estimated that L7 is the majority, and the actual sales of L8 and L9 are not as good as expected because of their higher prices. It is worth mentioning that although the ideal delivery volume in March is not bad, it is not far from the expected one. Li Xiang himself said, "Before, too much attention was paid to sales volume and competition, which would reduce the sales expectation."

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A few are happy and a few are sad. If the sales of car companies soar, the sales of car companies will be dim. This trade-off relationship, even if there are more complicated reasons, is simply that the market capacity is limited, and the status of rivers and lakes will inevitably experience the replacement of the iron throne. If the Pandora’s box of medium and large hybrid SUVs is opened, then the car system is to throw a catalyst into the box and let the market roll up completely.

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With lower price and more comprehensive configuration, the new M7 in the world has tasted the sweetness. Up to now, the M7 car has suppressed its ideal for three consecutive months, and many people are curious. Is the ideal "Wang Ba Qi" over? Actually, it’s not. The market changes every day. No one can always sit firmly in the first place, and no one is willing to be the second child in the Millennium.

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A node that may change is the listing of. The positioning of this car is lower than that, and the price is reported to start at 250,000 yuan. It will be the car with the lowest ideal starting price, and it is also the first product of the M7 car series with the same price. It can also be said that the ideal L6 will be a strategic opportunity to make a comeback. Whether the ideal can be reversed in 2024 may depend on this life-saving straw.

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However, there are a lot of 100,000 people in the world, and it is impossible to watch the ideal L6 rise to the top. At present, the price of the new M7 car has been reduced by up to 20,000 yuan, which is a tentative active attack. However, let’s not forget that the car series M7 in the car industry itself won by means of "low price+dislocation", which means that after the release of the ideal L6, it is very likely that the car industry will launch an SUV with a lower price, such as the car industry M6, for example, starting at 200,000 yuan, and gaining an advantage with a high quality and price ratio again.

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The win of the literary circle is not "far ahead"; The ideal loss is not "losing underwear" at all. In the future, the hand-to-hand combat between the two families will definitely continue. It is hard to say when the attack and defense will change. Then we will wait and see if this "April shock" will really come.