It’s better to work hard than to make money as online celebrity. Why do some people believe in "reading is useless"

  Beijing, May 29 (Yuan Xiuyue), the client of Zhongxin. com, "OH MY GOD, it feels too smooth. One duck excrement is green, and the other loses blood. It’s really good to see the explosion. Anyway, buy it! Buy it! Buy it! "

  Because of imitating online celebrity and Li Jiaqi, a child named Tiantian became online celebrity. On Tik Tok, he has more than 700,000 fans, and the short video has more than 4 million likes.

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  In response, Li Jiaqi sent him a complete set of exercise books from elementary school to high school. While laughing, netizens lamented that this year’s children are really a bit different.

  Different from the worry of "going to Tsinghua or Peking University" from the post-80s and post-90s generation, today’s post-90s and post-90s generation seem to be facing a new problem: choose to study hard or choose to be online celebrity?

  Data Map: Female anchors do live product display for e-commerce companies. China News Service reporter Wei Liang photo The picture is irrelevant.

  In 2018, some media had done a graphic illustration of post-90s employment view, in which it was mentioned that 54% of post-90s most aspiring emerging occupations were anchor and online celebrity.

  Tik Tok, Betta, bilibili, Little Red Book … … Emerging short video and live broadcast platforms are helping more and more ordinary people become famous overnight. At the same time, it has also promoted the economic boom in online celebrity. It is not uncommon for online celebrity to earn millions and tens of millions a month, and their ability to "bring goods" is even more comparable to that of stars. Last year’s Double Eleven, Li Jiaqi sold 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes, and was called "Brother Lipstick".

  Video screenshot: The picture shows Li Jiaqi.

  Not only that, short videos and live broadcasts have also been successfully embedded in people’s lives. Brushing Tik Tok, watching live games, becoming a UP master, publishing notes on planting grass in Xiaohongshu, and shooting Vlog anytime and anywhere have become the daily portrayal of young people.

  It seems to be becoming a reality that you can support yourself easily by turning your hobby into work. Therefore, a question arises. If you can make money when you are in online celebrity, why do you spend time studying?

  This is not the first discussion about "the futility of reading". Twenty years ago, 17-year-old Han Han won the first prize of the first national "New Concept Composition Competition" with an article "Peeping at a Man in a Cup". However, he is still in the first year of high school, and he has no interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The next year, he dropped out of school in the name of writing novels.

  Data Map: Han Han meets fans. Photo by Luo Bo

  Can you become a talent without the college entrance examination? This once triggered a discussion on the "reading uselessness" from all walks of life.

  Han Han was not the only one who rebelled at that time. Mao Kankan, Li Xiang and Gao Ran, both born in 1980s, chose another road, IT entrepreneurship. They are in high spirits and have their own company in their early twenties. The media called them "four little IT in Beijing" and "upstart entrepreneurs born after 1980s". Among them, Mao Kankan and Li Xiang have never participated in the college entrance examination.

  Han Han and Mao Kankan have become idols in the minds of teenagers. They are unconventional and run counter to traditional ideas. They are more willing to pursue their own personality than sticking to the rules and studying hard.

  From being a writer, starting a business to being a online celebrity, the changes in young people’s choices also highlight the changes in social and cultural trends of thought in the past 20 years. Today, there are more and more factors affecting young people’s choices. Before they enter the society, the first thing they have to face is the desire to be "fed up".

  Screenshot: Luxury advertisements on social platforms

  From lipstick, liquid foundation and backpacks to cars and home improvement, a slightly extravagant lifestyle is being welcomed by more and more people on the Internet.

  Some time ago, a woman with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan in Hangzhou saved money to buy a 20,000-yuan bag, which was dissatisfied with her husband and caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

  The exquisite life exposed by ordinary people on social networking sites can stimulate consumption desire more than advertisements. "After downloading the little red book, I feel that this day can’t be passed. Why is everyone richer than me, more beautiful than me, and more rich and loving than me?" A netizen lamented.

  Online celebrity has become the object of many young people’s imitation. They care more about the external dress and pursue high value. In Xiaohongshu, there are not a few bloggers who publish cosmetic diaries, and even some students choose to borrow money for cosmetic surgery.

  Screenshot: The experience of netizens drying their own loans for cosmetic surgery.

  In the view of Sun Meng, 28, this is not an acceptable behavior for her. "This is all blinded by the advanced consumption advocated by various marketing numbers, without their own rational judgment, blindly following the trend."

  Chen Hui also often uses little red books to see through the clothes, but many notes advertisements are very strong in nature, and all the clothes are blown to the sky. In her opinion, this may be advocating not to stop buying in buy buy.

  Under the commercial advocacy of the Internet, getting something seems to be equated with happiness.

  Data Map: Junior students try to be network anchors. Cangyan photo is irrelevant.

  "Reading is not as good as being a online celebrity, and the college entrance examination is not as good as plastic surgery." If we look at reading from a pragmatic point of view, it seems that it is not cost-effective, and it requires a family to work hard for more than ten years, including time and money. But the result is not certain. Whether you can find a good job and make a lot of money is unknown.

  But is reading really useless? Han Han, who once bombarded "the composition of the college entrance examination is stupid" and was glad that he didn’t go to college, later changed his mouth. He admitted in Weibo last year that dropping out of school was a failure, which showed that he was incompetent in a challenge and had to quit, which was not worth learning. What is worth learning is always learning the word itself.

  Screenshot: Han Han talks about dropping out of school on Weibo.

  "I heard someone gloating and saying, Han Han, I dropped out of school like you. I don’t understand. What is there to learn from what I have done badly? Why not learn what I do well? " Han Han said.

  Li Xiang also commented below: "If I can get into a good university and find a good job, I won’t start a business. It was because I couldn’t get into a good university and couldn’t find a good job that I started my business. If you can’t find a good job and don’t want to start a business, it’s better to go to school. "

  Cai Lan, who has the title of "One of the Four Great Talents in Hong Kong", has always been concerned about the status of young people. When talking about the discussion about whether online celebrity should make money or bury his head in hard work, he bluntly said: "Reading is a basic skill. If you don’t do it, you won’t last long. You have to read everything."

  Data Map: Cai Lan. China News Service reporter Hong Shaokui photo

  Some netizens expressed a similar view: "online celebrity is easy to get angry, but studying is useful for life." Some people think that online celebrity is not so good, and it is great that these two can do a good job. Some netizens teased that this question was actually boring, because online celebrity couldn’t be a good reader. Just like when I was a child, I struggled to choose Tsinghua or Peking University. When I grew up, I found myself thinking too much.

  Actually, studying hard or being online celebrity is not completely contradictory. The Internet has provided people with more choices, which is a good thing.

  But opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Only by studying hard can you seize them when they pass by. (End)