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Even if the world stalls, there are still people who insist on walking up.

Four-motor distributed drive

Two gorgeous "U-turns" announced the arrival of the four-motor era.

And 001 FR, one is a hard-core cross-country and the other is a track monster; One uses four motors to realize floating maneuver, and the other uses four motors to exert torque vector.

Electric drive has broken the barrier of front and rear drive of fuel vehicle, and dual motors can easily realize all-wheel drive. The appearance and application of four motors completely released the "decentralization" advantage of electric drive and began to do something that fuel vehicles could not do.

Fully active suspension

From Yunnian -X, which jumped to the world at the beginning of the year, to Tianxing chassis, which performed the miracle of Champagne Tower at the end of the year, the progress of independent brands in the field of full-active suspension was a rare unexpected joy in 2023.

The so-called fully active suspension refers to a suspension system with independent actuating mechanism for each wheel, which can actively and quickly adjust the stroke to adapt to the road surface, such as achieving a "magic carpet" smooth effect.

In BYD’s Yunqi family, Yunqi -X belongs to this category; ClearMotion invested by Weilai applied its achievement CM1 to ET9. In addition, this year’s new generation is also equipped with Porsche Active Ride, a fully active suspension.

Yunnian -P intelligent hydraulic vehicle body

In the Yunqi family, Yunqi -P is also a very special existence. It is not a fully active suspension with independent actuators like Yunqi -X, but it has made more targeted designs for hard-core off-road vehicles. This should be the first hydraulic interconnected suspension in China.

Let the four shock absorbers cross each other, and Yunxiao -P can save the anti-roll bar, realize the amazing maximum wheel difference, and make it easier to explore the wilderness. In this way, Yunqi -P has also realized the innovative functions of multi-level stiffness, flying slope buffering and camping adjustment.

Great Wall Hi4 Intelligent Four-wheel Drive Electric Hybrid

Since the series-parallel DHT quickly unified the rivers and lakes in the past two years, there has been no new surprise in the hybrid field for a long time, and Hi4 launched at the beginning of the year is an exception.

Traditional P1+P3 DHT hybrid, with both motors in the front engine room, requires one more motor if four-wheel drive is needed. Hi4 changed the front engine room motor to P2, and the P3 motor was moved to the rear axle. Under the premise of not increasing the cost and affecting the efficiency, the all-people four-wheel drive was realized with hybrid technology.

Large integral die-casting body

Die casting has always been a hot spot in automobile manufacturing technology in the past two years, but this year, automobile companies have gone further in this respect.

The X9 adopts a front body and a rear body which are integrally cast, and a 9000-ton die casting machine is used. Compared with the integral die casting, the die casting parts of our own brand are larger in size and more in application.

Commuting & no map NOA

The "Kaicheng" tide in the city NOA seems to be coming to an end at the beginning. The new M7 has launched the city NCA(NOA) which does not need high-precision maps, and announced that it will be launched at the end of this year.

Prior to this, Ideal introduced the new function of commuting NOA. In the urban area not covered by NOA, users can learn and memorize the route characteristics through frequent commuting, realize the NOA function on the fixed commuting route first, and accelerate the extended coverage of NOA function in another way.

Level 3 autopilot

L3, which was almost forgotten by people, was suddenly reborn this year. At the end of the year, many brands, such as,, Zhiji, Extreme Fox, and Deep Blue, announced that they had obtained domestic L3-level self-driving road test licenses.

The word games of L2.5, L2.75 and L2.999 have been difficult to continue, especially in the current situation that assisted driving is abused and over-publicized. L3 may not be as magical and life-changing as many people think, but it is the only way for the development of autonomous driving after all.

HUAWEI xPixel headlight

Before the release of M9, a video of playing with headlights suddenly caught fire. The headlights in the video can not only avoid the opposite car, but also project a carpet on the road to indicate the width of the car body, and even project a movie.

This is the HUAWEI xPixel million-pixel headlight mounted on the M9. Up to 2.6 million pixels can achieve the high accuracy of the 100-meter 0.02m-meter shielding range, and the extremely high specifications do reflect the value.

Charging robot

Charging is still the top priority. In addition to the 800V continuous winding speed, the charging experience has also begun to be valued. Ideal and both have released their own charging robots/mechanical arms, which can automatically insert, pull out and settle accounts without getting off the bus when charging.

Of course, this method will not be popularized soon, but for some open-air fast charging stations, it will be a powerful supplement in bad weather, which also means that it is possible to realize unmanned charging of vehicles in the whole process in the future, and car companies have begun to pay attention to some detailed experiences in the charging process.


AR-HUD didn’t appear only this year, but its performance specifications continued to make a big step forward. HUAWEI xHUD, which is mounted on various models, has been able to achieve a projection area of 70 inches at 7.5 meters, so that M9 demonstrated HUD’s stunt of showing movies.

It is equipped with a HUD with a full focal length, which can achieve a 31-inch WHUD at 5 meters and a 120-inch AR-HUD at 15 meters, so that both near and far needs can be met.