Hongqi limousine and BYD’s first pickup truck are exposed, and domestic new cars are getting more and more expensive?

In the past two years, there have been many highlights of domestic new cars. Last year, we saw the Cyberster, which will turn around in the same place and be close to the people. It is known as "the best SUV within 10 million".

This year, domestic new cars continue to roll in, and another wave of heavy models are about to enter the market.For example, the L-series new car that is hard to buy, the L that is scheduled to explode, and the pickup truck that may become the "enemy of life" and so on.

At present, only spy photos of these new cars have been released, focusing on "mystery", but Cafe also uses various relationships to understand their latest information. Let’s interpret the highlights of these new cars and their future market prospects.

Red flag L-class new car focus:

1, money may not buy

2. When will the new car be?

Although many independent brands claim to be "",when it comes to domestic high-end, I’m afraid no one dares to say two. Although we have put down our bodies and launched many people-friendly models in recent years, the Hongqi L series has not stopped updating, and now it will usher in a new car.

A few days ago, the big coffee got a set of test spy photos of the new L-class models of Hongqi. As can be seen from the spy photos, the new car uses an exaggerated straight waterfall net, which can be inferred that the power is fuel or mixed. In addition, the new car has long lines.The body length has a high probability of more than 5 meters..

The new car is equipped with a retro headlight group. Unlike the round lamp design, the new headlight group seems to be horseshoe-shaped, with high recognition.

Many netizens compare the Red Flag L series to "domestically-built",this actually has some truth. On the one hand, this series is expensive,The prices are all over one million.. On the other hand, customers who buy this series need to pass the political examination, and they can’t buy it if they have money. The owners are not ordinary people. Therefore, this red flag L-class new car has attracted a lot of attention.

At present, Rolls-Royce has also kept pace with the times, using a large-size touch screen on its first pure electric model.

Therefore, as a "domestic Rolls-Royce", Daka speculated that the new red flag L-class new car.There will also be improvements in intelligence and driving assistance.Let this have more highlights besides brand belief.

In the eyes of netizens, the design of this new car is still controversial, but everyone’s views on the status of Hongqi L series are still very consistent, that is, "domestic Rolls-Royce" and "domestic", and netizens have a strong mentality of eating melons.

Big coffee inquired with insiders of Hongqi several times, and got the news: At present, this car is in a confidential stage, and the time to market, price and configuration are mysteries! This means that we may not get a glimpse of the new car.

BYD Qin L Focus:

1, BYD 100,000 yuan explosion king

2, the wheelbase is close

3. How long is the cruising range?

BYD is now in the limelight, and it is the DM-i system that makes BYD successful. After the launch of the model in 2021, its sales volume also took off in the wind. Now, after a lapse of three years, the series has launched a new car, which is a higher positioning.

A few days ago, Qin L’s undisguised spy photos were also exposed on the Internet. The design of the new car still maintains BYD’s style, andThe wheelbase of 2790mm is also close to the size of a B-class car.The interior is mainly simple.

However, the most concerned place of the new car is the power system. There have been many media reports that Qin L will adopt the fifth-generation DM-i system.

butDM5.0 was released in May.And Qin L will be launched at the Beijing Auto Show at the end of April, so the big coffee infers thatQin L may only launch a version equipped with the fourth generation DM-i system in the early stage.. After the second half of the year, the fifth-generation DM-i system will begin to be extended to various models of BYD, and then we may see the so-called "Endurance 2000km"Qin L.

After Qin PLUS DM-i fell to "798", BYD’s car market in the range of 100,000-130,000 yuan has been in a blank, and Qin L should fill this blank range. Big coffee is expected to start.The price is about 100,000-130,000 yuan. If the price of the new car is strong enough, I am afraid that there will be a situation of "Qin Wang sweeping Liuhe" in the future.

In front of the red flag L series new car, everyone is eating melons, but for Qin L, the attitude of netizens is a lot more serious, because this car is within the budget of many people. Judging from the comments, everyone is most concerned about the price and whether the "2000 km cruising range" is bragging.

BYD’s new energy pickup truck focus:

1, with the same platform to build

2. The comprehensive cruising range reaches 1200km.

Compared with being unique in China, BYD’s overseas presence is relatively general, even worse than that of other groups. However, BYD also intends to hit overseas markets this year, and has also launched a brand-new model for overseas markets. This model is a bit special. It’s a hybrid pickup truck.

This brand new hybrid pickup truckThe length of the bus is estimated to be more than 5.4 meters.It is expected to surpass Toyota Hilux. In addition, the car is built on the same platform as Equation Leopard, that is to say, the car can not only accelerate to 4 seconds, but alsoIt is possible to carry a cloud system.. It is reported that the comprehensive fuel consumption of the new car is only 7.8L/100km.The comprehensive cruising range has reached 1200km.. And the new car will also be equipped with advanced functions such as streaming rearview mirror and Huawei AR-HUD.

In the past two years, BYD has broken through many market segments, such as high-end MPV and hard-core off-road SUV. The new energy pickup truck has just started now, and there is still a lot of potential to be tapped. BYD’s time to enter the market is also very appropriate. However, the domestic pickup market is more limited, so BYD pickup also chooses to focus on overseas.This will help BYD to enhance its popularity overseas..

Judging from netizens’ comments, many people are still optimistic about this new car, but they are also worried about the current pickup truck leader Great Wall Motor. After seizing part of the off-road SUV market, this pickup truck is estimated to be the same.Threaten the pickup truck market.. However, this car is currently being tested overseas, and BYD is not interested in the domestic pickup market for the time being, so it will not compete with Great Wall Motor in China.

Link ZERO focus:

1, the first pure electric vehicle.

2, it can realize the functions of tank turning around and crab walking mode.

Around 2017, domestic traditional self-owned brand car enterprise groups have launched high-end brands, such as,,, and, from the results, Lectra is a relatively successful one. In the past two years, Lectra has gradually adjusted its strategy. It has already launched plug-in hybrid models, and now the first pure electric model is coming soon.

According to the news, the length of the car is expected to exceed 5 meters, the width is about 2 meters and the wheelbase is about 3 meters. In terms of configuration, the new car is also expected to be equipped with wheel-side electric drive.It can realize the functions of tank turning around and crab walking mode.. In addition, the new car will be equipped with the latest E05 cockpit platform and global 800V technology.

Not surprisingly, the Lectra ZERO will be built with the same vast structure of SEA, so it is guaranteed in terms of driving quality. As the pioneering work of lectra pure electricity, and in order to prevent our own people from hitting our own people, Daka thinks that the price of lectra Zero will be slightly lower than that of 001.It is estimated that the starting price will be around 220,000 yuan..

001,,, Lingke ZERO, there are many pure electric high-end cars at present. And netizens are worried about so many similar models.Will the positioning between them overlap?. Therefore, in the future, Lectra ZERO may be more independent and highlight its advantages in handling, so as to create a more personalized style.

Big coffee summary

From the introduction of the above new cars, it is not difficult to see that many new cars that can surprise everyone now are self-owned brand models. From the perspective of product strength, these domestically produced cars with bright technology are really eye-catching, which is more eye-catching than brand-new and brand-new.

However, these new cars are still in spy photos. Whether they are really powerful or painting, we have to wait for their press conference to argue the authenticity.