What is Xiao Ai?

Xiao Ai speaker, whose full name is Xiaomi AI audio, is an artificial intelligence speaker. This speaker is a smart speaker released by Xiaomi on July 26, 2017, and is jointly developed by Xiaomi TV, Xiaomi Brain, and Xiaomi Exploration Lab. Xiao Ai is the wake-up word and second-dimensional character image of the first artificial intelligence (AI) speaker released by Xiaomi on July 26, 2017. The speaker is priced at 299 yuan. It started public beta in August 2017 and officially went on sale on September 26.

As a wake-up word, Xiao Ai has become synonymous with Xiaomi AI speakers. As long as the user says the words "Xiao Ai" into the speaker, the speaker can be awakened and exchanged voice with it to complete a variety of preset skills.

The Xiaomi AI speaker is equipped with a 64-bit quad-core chip and has 6 ring microphone arrays to support 360-degree radio; beamforming technology can effectively block interference and realize long-distance voice control. It can play music, radio on demand, as well as cross talk, novels, talk shows, education and learning, and children’s audiobooks. At the same time, it supports voice interaction, including online music, Internet radio, audiobooks, radio stations, etc., providing news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memos, reminders, time, exchange rate, stocks, line restrictions, arithmetic, mobile phone search, encyclopedia/Q & A, small talk, jokes, recipes, translation and other functions. Inquire in the APP "Xiaomi AI".