Will the finalization of Avatar: The Way of Water open the next milestone?

Special feature of 1905 film network Finally, the film official announced that China Mainland would be set for December 16th.It has been 4706 days since it premiered in China on January 4, 2010.

Since the creation of this sequel, fog bombs have been released from time to time, and all kinds of Schrodinger schedules have been changed again and again. Even so, any information can arouse everyone’s curiosity.

The movie released the ultimate trailer, but this 190-minute movie still didn’t reveal too much plot. It still shows the audience the scene of Pandora and the story line of how the Nami people protect their families.As mentioned in the trailer, enjoy the visual feast.

The outside world’s expectations for Avatar, and even for director Cameron, the innovation of film technology seems to be put in the first place. After all, "Avatar" set off a frenzy and revolution of 3D movies in the world movie market, which made this once-unrecognized and optimistic movie technology spur the development of the movie industry, and achieved a surge in the number of movie screens and the innovation of cinemas in China market alone.

Almost everyone is looking forward to whether Avatar 2 can open the next milestone for the world film market.


When Avatar was shown again, many post-90s and post-00s may wonder why many people were shocked by this movie in the past.After all, when China’s film industry has become a key word repeatedly mentioned, looking back at this film seems to lack some special magic, but it cannot be ignored that it has been 13 years since Avatar was born.

For China filmmakers at that time, there appeared a "coordinate axis" for reference.

I once mentioned in my propaganda that I once visited Cameron’s crew. "I have been filming for 52 years, just like a student. The middle of the studio is empty, and both sides are full of staff. They are operating with remote controls."

For Jackie Chan, who has always insisted on real-life shooting since he started filming, he also feels the innovation of film technology with a learning attitude when facing Hollywood industry. Later, Jackie Chan’s "Zodiac" was a work to meet the audience in IMAX 3D. In addition, in the movie starring Big Brother, the innovation of film technology also provided great help.

In addition to Jackie Chan, his good friend, film director and martial arts instructor, released a 3D movie in the same year as Avatar.

In his view, movies are constantly improving, and the shooting techniques used to be different from those now. All aspects of science and technology, photography skills and action arrangement are different from before.

3D movies have a long history, but there is always a lack of a work that goes down in history. When preparing for Su Qier, Yuan Heping already knew that Cameron would create 3D Avatar. "I started to study how to design actions in 3D very early, and it was really difficult to find several experts to study. But I think we should also shoot some 3D movies in China, at least not to lag behind others too much. "

Whether it is the use of 3D technology or the virtual shooting Jackie Chan saw on Cameron’s studio, it has become the key point for many young filmmakers to constantly break through when creating movies.

In recent years, filmmakers who have been praising the film industry and virtual shooting have compared Avatar more than once. Its partner — — Xu Jian, the visual effects director of the series, is even more blunt. When watching this movie that year, "everyone was shocked."

"The movie is a too comprehensive thing. Because our visual effects industry is a very special industry, it has the intensity of artistic creation, technological innovation and manpower. "Avatar" is the integration of talents from all over the world and is completed by the top companies in the world, so I think the gap is still relatively large in terms of resources that can be mobilized. "

With the development of film special effects technology in China in recent years and the admiration for the film industry, more and more films are comparable in technology.

In the interview, the director said frankly that his technology can benchmark Avatar. In addition, both the director and the director are the same.

Before the film was released, Cameron had come to China to promote it. At that time, the film The Wandering Earth was harvesting the box office in the cinema.

Although Guo Fanqian said that the visual effects technology at that time was far from Hollywood, Cameron bluntly said, "At present, the visual effects in China have developed to a certain height with the passage of time, which can compete with other visual effects companies around the world and is ready to meet any imaginary sci-fi blockbuster."


Technology can be learned, but for the creation of a work, there is more behind it.

When the filmmakers were talking about the technology and imagination of Avatar, they specifically mentioned that technology provided a processing process for the film. In 2010, with the economic globalization, the global processing of the film has become a form, and even many Hollywood animated films were completed by outsourcing teams in China."Technology can be used directly, and creativity is more important (behind the movie)."

Frant Gwo, the director who revisited Avatar and regarded Cameron as an idol, marveled at the movie worldview constructed by the other party, which made him feel even more difficult when he was in the process of creation. "The script of Wandering Earth 2 will involve more human society, which shows that it is particularly difficult to construct the worldview itself."

From technology to story creation, most China filmmakers find nutrients in Avatar to promote their own development.

At that time, after the director watched Avatar in the cinema, he bluntly said on his blog, "We should be ashamed of the purity of Avatar."

At that time, many film creations followed the example of commercial blockbusters, lacking humanistic care. However, we can also see that there are many warm and realistic works in China’s films today, especially in the creative expression of visual effect blockbusters such as The Wandering Earth and A Writer’s Odyssey, the story line involving family feelings has finally become the sublimation point of the story.

This kind of creative emotion is mutual.When the movie Avatar was shown again in China, Cameron talked about the common feelings of the story in an interview, and even mentioned it in particular.Jia LingDirected filmHi, Mom, "I think every story, whether it is science fiction or modern, or happened in the 80 s, like Hi, Mom’s story, it is closed.whathumanYes, and people are emotionally connected with each other. "

From imagination to world outlook, to emotional construction, Avatar is not achieved overnight.

It has been 12 years since Avatar, and no other works of Cameron have been published. For such a director, he naturally does not lack opportunities, but only focuses on creation, which leads to perfection.

There is a 13-year gap between Avatar and Avatar 2. Except for the producer film Alita and the restoration of Titanic, Cameron has never done any other directing work.

Repeatedly jumping tickets still makes the outside world have some doubts about the director’s talent. It was not until recently that he revealed in an interview that he hoped that the story of Avatar 2 would make the audience feel three levels, but the script did not meet his requirements at that time, so he overturned it.

Looking back at the current creators, there are naturally creative filmmakers. But more filmmakers need to know how to embrace purity. Before the film enters the market, it is not a commodity, but a feeling and an ideal. One-sided pursuit of commercial value will eventually lose both benefits and word of mouth.

It is exaggerated to grind a sword for more than ten years, but what needs to be learned behind it is the creator’s mind about the film. After all, making movies is not only a skill, but also a craft.