Great Wall Motor-Haval Xiaolong/Xiaolong MAX Beijing Conference

[Cheyou Headline-Cheyou-Feilin Highway] On May 15th, Beijing, the launch conference of Haval brand new energy night and Haval Xiaolong series was successfully held, and about 800 media friends from all over the country witnessed this important moment, which aroused enthusiastic response from both sides of the public opinion and market.

In the face of the second-half dispute of new energy, Haval brand gave its own answer: with the two "key weapons" of "new strategy+new technology" as the core, it took the lead in blowing the horn of attacking new energy in the second half.

The battle for new energy automobile industry is divided into the first half and the second half.

In the first half, it was the stage of early germination and accelerated electrification. With the spurt growth of new energy market sales and the mushrooming of various car-making forces, there was a chaotic phenomenon of "a hundred schools of thought contend", and all forces showed their magical powers. It seems that anyone can get a slice of the new energy wave.

Nowadays, the competition in the new energy automobile industry has begun to turn to the fierce battle in the second half. Although the battle situation is not as lively as the golden drums and drums in the first half, it is even more intense and cruel, and it is a real knockout stage.

However, the Harvard brand is ready to meet the challenge. The SUV king sails and sails again, and the Haval brand fully impacts the new energy track.

There is no lack of glory in the development of Haval brand.

From June 2005, when Haval’s first product, Saif, opened up the blue ocean of SUV, to the moment when Haval H6 became a national wonder car, Haval brand has been adhering to the focus strategy, constantly maintaining the exploration and pursuit of product technology, and by integrating the advantages of the world’s leading technology and service, handing over outstanding transcripts: China brand SUV ranked first in sales, with an accumulated sales champion of SUV for 101 months and 8 million+users worldwide, truly achieving "the world SUV sees China and China SUV sees Haval."

Facing the surging wave of new energy, Harvard brand adheres to the brand concept of reliability, dedication, guidance and love, and makes full efforts to launch a new energy track, bringing five new initiatives of "new sequences, new channels, new models, new technologies and new products".

New sequence: a brand-new dragon sequence, that is, a brand-new strategic model represented by the Gemini composed of Haval Xiaolong and Haval Xiaolong MAX; New channel: an independent and exclusive Haval new energy sales network, which is clearly separated from traditional fuel stores; New styling: fully apply the styling design of "futuristic, technological and fashionable" to give users a stronger sense of new energy; New technologies: the new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4, the new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, coffee intelligent driving and other cutting-edge technologies are the first to be carried in Haval Xiaolong MAX; New products: In 2023, 6 new cars and 4 redesigned models will be launched, 80% of which are new energy vehicles.