Lynk & Co 08 listed 208,800 yuan, the first choice for new energy intelligent luxury SUV

  After a long time of warm-up and pre-sale, this year’s most anticipated new energy SUV "Immortal" has finally arrived!

  On September 8, Lynk & Co 08 Luxury Smart Super SUV was officially launched, with a total of 5 models: 120 long battery life Pro priced at 208,800 yuan, 120 long battery life Halo priced at 215,800 yuan, 245 long battery life Halo priced at 235,800 yuan, 220 four-wheel drive performance Halo priced at 261,800 yuan, time limited edition 288,000 yuan.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  As the first new product based on the CMA Evo architecture of Lynk & Co Automobile, Lynk & Co 08 has created a number of industry-leading products, including China’s first self-developed car-grade 7nm mass-produced chip, EM-P world’s strongest hybrid-worry-free solution, and the industry-leading Flyme Link handcar interconnection ecosystem. It is also equipped with a million luxury car-grade Harman Card 23 speaker luxury audio and the largest mass-produced 92-inch unbounded AR-HUD two major technology configurations, bringing the luxury experience of the new energy era to a new height.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  Extreme pursuit of luxury details, all staff enjoy the third space comfortably

  Lynk & Co 08 is a new evolution of the Lynk & Co brand to accelerate the transformation of new energy. Its obsession with innovation has created a refreshing first-class atmosphere of technological luxury for users.

  As the first production car after the evolution of urban oppositional aesthetics, Lynk & Co 08 is fully integrated into the four design elements of "Dare to be different, proud of technology, high-end advanced, and rich experience", showing a high degree of originality everywhere.

  On the side of the Lynk & Co 08, the water-cut built-in solution with independent intellectual property rights is applied, and the elegant bezel-less door and bezel-less rearview mirror make the luxury design of millions of supercars accessible.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  The designers of Lynk & Co 08 also collected the sounds of traditional musical instruments and processed them through electronic sound mixing technology to create a new tone that blends traditional and modern, bringing users a full-sensory luxury experience.

  As a smart luxury SUV built for the family, Lynk & Co 08 has a body size of 4820/1915/1685mm, a leapfrog wheelbase of 2848mm, and 935mm rear legroom. The highest in-car space in the same class has a room rate of 71%. It is comparable to the L-class extended model of the head luxury brand, and all employees can enjoy a comfortable experience.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  Based on this, Lynk & Co 08 has created a space experience that enjoys equal rights. The whole vehicle is equipped with Nappa leather seats, adopts 7-layer zero-pressure comfortable design, and has a unique front and rear four-seat massage of the same class. At the same time, it is equipped with a million luxury car-class Harman Card 23 Yang luxury audio, with 1600 watts of super-large speaker power, 7.1.4 channels. Use the super peer 3 times to complete the adjustment, which can bring QLI 3D stereo surround sound technology, four virtual venue modes, and realize one-click Karaoke, switch private, driving and sharing modes.

  It can be said that the cockpit of Lynk & Co 08 brings the ultimate VIP experience to all members of the family, and such a "third space" is comparable to a BBA-level comfortable experience.

  The smart cockpit starts from the ceiling, providing an immersive and intelligent experience

  Lynk & Co 08 is the first to ride China’s first self-developed car-grade 7-nanometer mass-produced chip – "No. 1". These two chips are integrated into the Antola 1000Pro computing platform, with an NPU computing power of up to 16TOPS, and various processing capabilities are at the leading level in the industry, fully meeting various intelligent needs of the cockpit.

  On this basis, Lynk & Co 08 first took the new smart car LYNK Flyme Auto, which is an intelligent cockpit car system created by the deep integration of Lynk & Co and Meizu. It is developed around multi-end point, full scene and immersive experience, and is committed to creating the best human-machine interaction experience. It has strong multi-end point interconnection capabilities.

  LYNK Flyme Auto not only realizes the smooth operation of the system like a flagship mobile phone, but also realizes the original design of many industries such as Ruran air conditioning, one mirror to the end, small window mode, and intelligent navigation bar. It also takes the lead in launching the industry-leading "non-sensory" to unlock the car, "non-sensory" navigation flow, and "non-sensory" application cross-border and other three non-sensory experiences. It has developed four industry-leading functions such as non-sensory connection, unbounded desktop, hardware sharing, and Inter-App communications. It can also realize one-click setting of intelligent scenes for different car scenarios, fully meeting all the needs of users for intelligent experience.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  In addition to that, Lynk & Co 08 also took the first ride on the industry-leading mobile phone car-machine interconnection solution – Flyme Link, which allows users to enjoy the silky experience of non-sensory connection of the handcar, realize the full sharing of mobile phone and car-machine applications, as well as the flexible call of software and hardware, and has an operation interface with thousands of people.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  Lynk & Co 08 is also equipped with the largest 92-inch unbounded AR-HUD in the production car, which is not only unique in the same class, but also has no rival even if it leaps over the level. It has 2K definition, which can be called the best resolution for pixel and line-of-sight matching. It can automatically adjust the screen height through eye tracking linkage with the TOF camera. It also has an AR-HUD with an imaging distance of 10 meters. It will never get dizzy when turning on all-round road navigation, and can be transformed into the largest car AR screen. The movement can be immersed in the driver’s cabin, and the silence can be a giant screen theater.

  The comprehensive configuration of software and hardware of Lynk & Co 08 breaks the boundary between mobile phones and cars with its powerful multi-end point interconnection capability, and advances the upper limit of in-vehicle intelligence by an order of magnitude. There is no obvious distinction between user life and in-car scene perception. Such a "smart and sensory" digital smart cockpit experience, together with the luxury technology aesthetic and practical design, forms the core differentiation advantage of Lynk & Co 08, bringing users a high-value intelligent travel experience that is beyond expectations.

  EM-P is the strongest electric hybrid, a power solution more suitable for Chinese users

  Focusing on the user’s high-end experience, Lynk & Co’s CMA architecture has ushered in a new evolution, which is a new starting point for Lynk & Co’s new energy architecture – CMA Evo, Lynk & Co 08 is the first strategic model born under the CMA Evo architecture, equipped with EM-P super-range electric solution, redefining the luxury super-electric driving feeling.

  With the EM-P super range-extended electric solution, Lynk & Co 08 has three industry-leading advantages: super performance, super battery life, and super energy. The intuitive feeling for users is: reliable real battery life, visible real energy saving, and cool driving real performance. Lynk & Co 08 can be described as a car that appeals to the whole family. Super range-extended electric not only solves the anxiety of battery life, but also solves the pain points of high-speed energy consumption of conventional range-extended electric vehicles on the market.

  The Lynk & Co 08 system has a power of 436 kW and a peak torque of 905 Nm, supporting a three-motor four-wheel drive configuration. The P1 motor is mainly used for power generation, and it also participates in making up for torsion during urgent acceleration needs. The P3 and P4 main drive motors are combined with the parallel drive of the engine. With the advanced technology of 1.5T four-cylinder electric hybrid engine, it has stronger acceleration performance and power loss performance than ordinary range-extending cars. Compared with single-gear hybrid products, it has a smoother and more energy-saving driving control.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  As an advanced family car in China, the Lynk & Co 08 ultra-long battery life version has a range of up to 1400 kilometers, even the standard battery model can reach 1200 kilometers, and with 85kW charging capacity, it can charge the power from 30% to 80% in only 28 minutes. Not only that, the WLTC power loss fuel consumption of the Lynk & Co 08 two-wheel drive version is as low as 5.5L, which is better than the competing products of the same level, and the fuel consumption is also very economical.

  Lynk & Co 08 can also generate continuous power through the electric hybrid engine. When fully charged, the vehicle can have a 228-degree power reserve, which can meet various electricity needs for self-driving travel and outdoor camping.

  8 major security advancements, adhering to global security quality standards

  Lynk & Co 08 is built based on the 5-star standard, and the rigidity of the body is deeply integrated with the safety of the structure. Under the cage body structure, the high-strength steel and aluminum alloy of Lynk & Co 08 body in white account for 75%. The anti-collision beam made of aerospace grade 7 series aluminum alloy material is used. The integrated thermoformed boron steel door ring on the side is formed by one-time stamping of 1.50 quadrillion Pa ultra-high-strength thermoformed boron steel. The door anti-collision beam is made of industry-leading 2 quadrillion Pa thermoformed steel material, which improves the anti-collision performance of Lynk & Co 08 in all aspects.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  In terms of air quality, Lynk & Co 08 adheres to the "three zero" standard of zero harmful solvents, zero miscellaneous cotton, and zero asphalt, insists on eliminating VOC volatile organic compounds, and is equipped with an active cockpit cleaning system to effectively ensure cockpit air quality. In addition, Lynk & Co 08 is equipped with industry-leading 28 high-sensing intelligent hardware, with a front radar detection distance of 280m, and a 8 million-pixel forward-looking camera. It integrates high-precision maps and supports 30 intelligent driving functions of L2 + level. Some functions will be opened OTA one after another.

  In response to the new energy era, users are most concerned about the safety of three electricity, and Lynk & Co has made double efforts! The battery pack configured by Lynk & Co 08 has the highest IP68 waterproof and dustproof grade in the industry, and has applied safety technologies such as high-voltage power technology for internal break after 50ms collision, integrated BMS system for vehicles and clouds, industry-first DP1180 bottom guard plate and explosion-proof valve pressure relief. At the same time, it has also passed 42 strict tests higher than national safety standards to further ensure the safety of battery cells.

From 208,800 yuan, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 is officially listed

  Not only that, the exterior of the Lynk & Co 08 battery pack also adopts the patented technology of four vertical and four horizontal integrated frame beams, as well as the frame structure of the submarine-grade "Tian" type battery reinforced beam. When encountering side collisions, it can be effectively conducted and resolved through the strengthened side beams. The exclusive "Clover" force transmission path patented solution can effectively disperse the impact in the face of a frontal collision, minimizing the impact. The protection of this series of patented technologies provides exclusive double insurance for the battery.

  Since the brand was founded in 2016, Lynk & Co has been adhering to the concept of "challenging convention" and providing high-value products with leapfrog experience in various market segments. Now, Lynk & Co is about to become the first high-end Chinese brand to achieve million sales.

  Under the iterative innovation of performance, handling, safety genes and new wave, Lynk & Co 08 represents Lynk & Co’s new expression of "intelligent luxury" in the new energy era. It not only uses visible configuration to create leapfrog luxury strength, but also uses invisible polishing to achieve a comprehensive transcendence of luxury experience and form a closer value resonance with users. It can be called the first choice for intelligent luxury SUVs in the new energy era. (Text: Wu Yue, Photo: Lynk & Co Auto)