Andy Lau served as the love ambassador of the Disabled Persons’ Federation, and became a sprinter in the cold winter (Photo)


  Andy Lau shoots ads with athletes


  Andy Lau becomes a famous sprinter

  Tencent Entertainment News March 20, 2008, a few days ago, Andy Lau, ambassador of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, made a special trip to Beijing to shoot a theme public service advertisement. Andy Lau’s song "Everyone Is No. 1" for the Olympic Games moved people’s hearts and inspired more disabled athletes to welcome the 2008 Paralympic Games with confidence. To this end, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (referred to as the China Disabled Persons’ Federation) used this song as a background to invite Andy to shoot a public service advertisement for the Paralympic Games, hoping to use Andy’s healthy image to appeal to more people to join, help and value disabled athletes. The advertisement will be broadcast on CCTV and local TV stations in the near future. Liu Dehua and other famous domestic and foreign artists will also participate in the cultural evening held in Qingdao on May 16.

  Retired athlete plays opposite Andy

  The Paralympic Games public service advertisement was filmed at the indoor track and field field in the Beijing-Shunyi Chinese Paralympic Training Base. On the day of filming, the director team introduced the disabled athlete who played the opposite role to Andy, and this protagonist has a lot of background. It turned out that he was the record holder of the 200m 25.3 in the 1996-2004 National Paralympic Games, and Song Chentao, a sports athlete who just retired from the sports field last year. Regarding his retirement from his favorite sports field, he said: I originally felt very sorry that I could not participate in the Paralympic Games in Beijing, but I was very pleased to have the opportunity to shoot public service advertisements for the Paralympic Committee with Andy Lau, and to help the Paralympic Committee to let more people understand the fighting spirit of the disabled. During the joke, Andy, who was asked about the 100-meter record, said: My 100-meter record is 11.3 seconds. After listening, everyone said in unison: Wow! That’s very good. Andy quickly said: That was 20 years ago, and now it is about 13 seconds. As soon as he finished speaking, Andy did not forget to turn his head and say to Song Chentao in a joking tone: Wait a minute, don’t run too fast.

  Song Chentao lost his right calf due to a railway accident, and spent 13 years competing in the Paralympic Games. Looking back on these training processes, he often practiced until he took off the prosthetic limb at night, which was full of blood, and he couldn’t sleep at night because he didn’t have enough funds to buy professional sports prostheses at that time, so he could only use ordinary prostheses for training. During this training competition, the prostheses broke again and again. The most dangerous one was when the prostheses suddenly broke during the competition, causing him to fall heavily on the track. The athletes behind him didn’t have time to dodge and stepped on him, and he was also left with scars from spikes.

  Andy acts as a translator on site to help the director communicate

  In order to make people all over the world pay attention to disabled athletes, the director also found some foreigners ** different races (white, black, yellow) to act as actors. Although there are translators on the scene, they are not pr**essional actors. Sometimes they still don’t understand the way the director wants to perform. At this time, Andy, who has more experience in acting, immediately acts as a translator to tell them what the director needs. Also because ** the lighting effect in the room, the shooting has to wait until dark to start. Even in the ****** ** early March, the lowest temperature in ******* is still around zero to minus two degrees, so the more you shoot at night, the colder it is. Even if you run back and forth on the field several times, Andy and the main actors in sports vests and shorts have to quickly wrap up their down jackets to keep out the cold. The filming ended after 2 a.m., and all the crew and actors hoped to take a group photo with Andy, but as the cold air kept rushing in, everyone changed into coats and coats, which formed a strong contrast with the scene ** the actors’ shorts and shorts during the shooting. In this advertisement, Andy no longer plays a disabled person, but runs on the sports field with disabled athletes, so as to tell that disabled people and able-bodied people are the same, and the Olympics are as exciting as the Paralympics.

  Disabled athletes are heroes in Andy’s heart

  As early as more than a decade ago, when Andy began to have the opportunity to come into contact with disabled athletes in Hong Kong, he began to sponsor the Hong Kong disabled sports delegation to participate in the Olympic Games. As long as time allows, Andy will come to the stadium to cheer for the players. When it comes to those competition scenes, Andy is always moved and excited like a child: Awesome, amazing, amazing. And Andy, who is regarded as an idol by many people, also has his own heroes. These heroes are those disabled athletes who work hard. Andy is particularly impressed by a swimmer from the mainland, the armless frog king – He Junquan. Andy said: I always can’t forget the scene of the Athens Paralympic Committee competition. At that session of the Paralympic Committee, the referees and commentators didn’t notice him at first, but they were petrified at the final sprint, and then they forgot about the other athletes, and the commentators kept introducing He Junquan. Because he was so difficult, he had no arms, he had to be much faster than others to win, he always had to hit the pool wall with his head to return and continue swimming, I adore him… In the end, he won four gold medals. When the award cup was given to him at the conference, he could only receive it with his head and shoulders, so the next one would fall off, but he still smiled so cheerfully… Every time he talked about this scene, Andy would always forget to stand up and perform for everyone. From his eyes, it could be seen that he was deeply moved by these disabled athletes. There was even a time when he was explaining the hard work of these disabled athletes on the sports field. The staff looked at his eyes that gradually filled with tears, and he could only say: Alas! I can’t help it when I talk about this…

  Andy wants to bring fans to cheer on Paralympic athletes

  Regarding being invited to shoot for this advertisement, Andy said: This time I can do a public welfare activity in the Paralympic Games and become their love ambassador. I hope I can do more different things for them. Before, I helped them write a song "Everyone Is No. 1" and made a MV to play a disabled person. This time I want to accompany them to run. I was just chatting with all the staff and found that one thing was very strange. The director wanted to find some athletes on the field to participate in the filming of this advertisement, but they were also training for the upcoming Paralympic Games, so it was difficult to find them to shoot. I couldn’t find a very suitable person to run with me all the time. When everyone was nervous, he suddenly appeared. I think this is when you do some charity and do some good deeds, you will encounter a smooth process. Just like today, when you filmed for a long time, you had to wait for dark to start filming for the lighting effect. Today, the day was very long. It took more than an hour to get dark. None of the actors playing the audience were unhappy, and everyone was still so devoted. I think people who do charity will be more handsome and more beautiful, Andy said with a smile. After filming this public service advertisement, Andy will first work on filming. Andy also revealed that he hopes to bring members of the fan club to Beijing in September to cheer on the Paralympic athletes.

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