How delicious is Wuxi in autumn?

  Accumulated a summer’s drynessJust as the hourglass of timeFade away bit by bit,Wuxi in early autumnCome with the wind,And the delicious taste of exclusive autumn will follow.

  Summer dishes,Even if you can handle a few casually in a supermarket or deli, you must eat well in autumn, because in the next few months, a wave of delicious food will all be served on the table of Wuxi people.

  in autumn

  Wheat cakes are delicious.

  It is the heart of Wuxi people.

  Fresh raw materials from the fields

  After passing through the temperature of the old stove chamber

  Become the indelible taste of Jiangnan people’s tongue.

  People in Wuxi eat carefully

  Even the traditional snack of wheat cake

  It is also divided into various methods such as pushing crisp and frying.

  Pushing crisp wheat cakes made by traditional crafts in Hongshan and Houqiao.

  Adopt the most traditional earthen stove.

  Knead powder, make crisp,Stuffing and molding

  SashangzhiHemp, bake and take out the furnace.

  As soon as the baked wheat cake is opened,

  The aroma of rapeseed oil and lard came to my face.

  Unlike the golden crisp wheat cake.

  Fried wheat cake with fried crust

  The taste is very crispy

  Moderate salty and sweet, not even tired of eating a few pieces.

  Yangshan wheat cake is also famous in Wuxi.

  Also called barley cake, it is very thin.

  Two layers of skins are sandwiched with fillings such as sesame seeds and vegetable lard.

  It tastes hard and crisp.

  It’s really "scratch and crisp"!

  The autumn wind makes the crab’s feet itch.

  It’s time for the whole people to eat hairy crabs again.

  I can feel it at this time.

  How happy it is to live in Jiangnan.

  Delicious crab roe

  Sweet crab meat

  Fat crab paste

  Just look at the saliva has flowed all over the floor.

  Don’t use too complicated cooking methods

  Simple steaming is delicious

  The entrance is extremely delicious.

  Closing your eyes is a sweet aftertaste.

  Have a taste of this autumn crab.

  (of the tongue) click

  A whole year’s wait will be worth it

  Eating crabs is also exquisite.

  Even without eight crabs

  When elegant Wuxi people eat hairy crabs,

  It is also necessary to put the tiny inside the crab.

  Every edge and corner are examined.

  Never be greedy and swallow crabs.

  The taste is the unique sweet aftertaste of hairy crabs.

  High air dryness in autumn

  Lily is the best food.

  And Yixing lily enjoys

  The reputation of "Taihu Ginseng"

  Is the best among lilies.

  Yixing lily

  It’s the essence of a little boiled in the soil.

  White thick petals, slightly bitter taste.

  Records in Old Records of Yixing County compiled during Jiaqing Period of Qing Dynasty

  "Lily produces lakeside, and it produces rocks.

  Hard and delicious, not easy to get. "

  To the effect that:

  Yixing Lily is mainly produced in Hubin Du District.

  Also grows in the mountains.

  The quality is more delicate and the taste is better.

  But it is not easy to get, and it is more precious.

  Fresh lily just dug up.

  Lovely appearance, white color.

  Yixing people usually use lilies to cook porridge or sweet soup.


  Locals will also combine it with Umi.

  Sweet, soft and waxy black rice with slightly bitter lily

  Just like life.

  Bitter in the throat, sweet in the heart

  Although the Mid-Autumn Festival has not yet arrived.

  The competition for moon cakes has been put on the table in advance.

  For Wuxi people,

  Among the many moon cakes of Guangdong, Yunnan and Suzhou styles.

  The most popular is the hot oven fresh meat moon cake.

  Wuxi people love.
  It’s the freshness of making and selling now.
  And a crisp crust with dregs.

  Fresh-baked moon cakes have a soft crust.

  Bite it down and the stuffing will be full of juice.

  Sweet and salty, very delicious.

  The steaming hot air on the stove rises.

  The fragrance drifted slowly in the air.

  This flat, round cake brought it.

  It’s not just the satisfaction of taste

  It also brings together the memories of generations of Wuxi people.

  As soon as I enter autumn

  A delicious food related to water

  It is also the best time to enjoy the taste.

  That is Hong Ling.

  In Yuqi Renjia Village, Meiliang Lake in Taihu Lake

  There are beautiful scenery in which the diamond pickers paddle the diamond barrels to pick the diamonds.

  People in Wuxi eat ling in many ways.

  Water-red skin, broken to eat raw.

  The taste is tender and crisp.

  There is a light sweetness, with the smell of water.

  After washing, cook in the rice head without any seasoning.

  It also tastes sweet and noodle-like.

  Especially fragrant and sweet.

  Autumn in Wuxi is sweet-scented osmanthus

  After a while.

  The osmanthus trees in Wuxi City are intoxicating.

  When it comes to local taro

  Be sure to mention Mashan.

  Mashan taro has a long reputation.

  Soft and delicateTastebe famous for

  Taro and Osmanthus fragrans

  One was born in the dirt.

  One grows on the branch

  It happened that we had an appointment to mature together in this golden autumn season.

  Wuxi people who love sweets

  Paired into a unique delicacy.

  Especially popular in this season.

  "Mashan annals" records:

  Chen Yuji, a Qing dynasty, has a cloud called Zhuzhi Ci.

  "Mashan taro is as big as a jar, and the texture is delicate and the flavor is very different.

  A mountain man should be a pure rice, and a full moxibustion is worse than a hundred. "

  Mid-Autumn Festival in August and a half every year.

  People in the four townships and eight neighbors all want to buy Mashan taro.

  Boil sugar and burn taro to eat

  This custom has been inherited until now.

  Except Mid-Autumn Festival.

  Sweet Wuxi people have long been

  This sweet-scented osmanthus taro

  Became a daily dessert.

  Sweet-scented osmanthus sugar taro, sweet and good autumn.

  Sweet-scented osmanthus taro is the most memorable autumn flavor.

  A bowl of sweet glutinous sweet osmanthus taro.

  I can’t wait for the table to make people swallow their mouths.

  Taro is delicate and tender.

  The sweetness of brown sugar keeps warm to the heart.

  Sweet-scented osmanthus is refreshing and pleasant in color and taste.

  I can’t help but let people swallow the laurel petals together.

  If every season can be described as fruit.

  Then autumn, there is no doubt that it belongs to oranges
  "A good scene in a year must be remembered, especially when it is orange, yellow and green."
  Every autumn in my memory
  Are filled with the faint fragrance of orange threads.

  Snow waves and Mashan and Yangshan areas in Wuxi.

  It’s a fruit paradise

  Fruits keep coming all year round.


  It’s almost the season when oranges are red

  Late autumn season

  Oranges begin to ripen.

  Orange-yellow fruit

  Covered with green branches

  Become a beautiful scenery

  Moisturizing Lingshan Xiushui

  The taste of oranges is also good.

  let peopleThe magical charm with endless aftertaste

  Thin skin and firm flesh, juicy and watery.

  Take a gentle bite.

  Buccal fluid production

  Bring infinite joy to the tip of your tongue

  Autumn is the season when chestnuts are on the market.

  Autumn wind together

  The streets and alleys of Wuxi began to drift away.

  A smell of sugar-fried chestnuts

  As the saying goes:

  "Carambola in July and hawthorn in August, chestnuts in September laugh."

  And September and October are the freshest time for chestnuts.

  Chestnuts are the best at this time.

  When sugar-fried chestnuts are on the market

  There are many Wuxi people.

  In front of the booth of sugar fried chestnuts

  Cann’t move

  Chestnuts really deserve to be loved.

  It is a boon of autumn.

  It’s a season of depression.

  Rare hot and sweet

  Autumn with chestnuts is not wasted.

  Peel a chestnut just out of the pot and send it to your mouth.

  The lingering fragrance is full of mouth and endless aftertaste.

  Lotus root in spring, lotus seeds in summer.

  Simmer lotus root in autumn and winter until the New Year.

  The season when the lotus flowers gradually failed.

  That crispy and delicious lotus root is on the market.

  Vinegar lotus root slices and lotus root ribs soup

  Cold lotus root box with shredded lotus root and fragrant meat … …

  Wuxi people who love sweets.

  Of course, the favorite is sweet-scented osmanthus sugar lotus root!

  When glutinous rice collides with lotus root

  The taste becomes soft and waxy.

  With a touch of osmanthus fragrance

  Let this sweetness be as continuous as lotus roots ~

  The white fat sugar lotus root is stuffed with glutinous rice

  After cooking for a long time

  As soon as it comes out of the pot, it becomes shy red.

  The pot is bubbling with steam.

  Cut into thick slices and put them neatly on the plate.

  Drizzle with golden sweet-scented osmanthus sugar

  It seems that even the air becomes sweet.

  Although life may not be satisfactory, even after trivial things, the tired body and mind can always draw strength from the lively and warm fireworks, and the regrets in summer can certainly be resolved by the delicious food in autumn. If you can’t have one meal, you can have two!

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