A YCY, Let Sitcom Welcome to Spring?

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Looking for a job, the 22-year-old graduate (YCY) is in no hurry, but she has a sister Fang Hong (Ada) who is very enterprising and controlling. Not only did she arrange jobs for her, but she also made n pieces of paper, which lasted for a lifetime.

So there is the scene of the interview at the beginning of "Sisters at Home".

HR, played by Xiao Shenyang, talked about his internship experience in a series of directions. "What kind of work experience do I want as an intern alone?" "Where did you get the experience if you don’t let me work?" "You spend the money of an intern and want to find the qualifications of a project manager. How can there be such a cheap thing?"

Even issued a cry from the bottom of my heart: "I am sick! I want to work. "

Facing the HR question, "Can you accept unpaid overtime?" The direction tactfully replied: "Can the company accept labor arbitration?" The answer is self-evident.

She didn’t come here to look for a job at all. Chunchun went to the company to find fault.

However, it should be said that this continuous output of lines accurately tells the voice of the majority of job seekers, and it is a bit cool when it is funny.

After the broadcast time was pushed back and forth, "Sisters at Home" was finally broadcast in the audience’s eagerly awaited. As a way to catch up with "Broadcast! The loyal audience of sitcom will naturally support a wave (find out)!

Looking at the two episodes, the advantages and disadvantages of the series are obvious. If it is purely regarded as a rice drama, "Sisters at Home" is indeed qualified, joyful and decompression, and it is very suitable for the whole family to chase together.

Sisters’ wits are a bit like "Family with Children"

When it comes to "Sisters at Home", we must talk about its prequel "Broadcast! Sitcom is a variety show.

Eight crews were invited to participate in the competition. After the internal test, public test and online test, a "champion drama of the year" was selected, which will be filmed and broadcast on Oriental TV.

Among them, YCY, as the initiator of IP, performed well in the project "Sisters at Home". In the first issue, she beat Shang Jing (the director of "Legend of Wulin") and won the competition, eventually becoming the third place in the program. The incubation of this project was also put on the agenda smoothly.

The drama version "Sisters at Home" continues the setting and relationship between characters in the program, and still tells the direction, the family story between Fang Hong and her father Fang Ming.

After graduating from college, my youngest daughter was busy with her short video career at home all day, which was not understood by her family, so her sister Fang Hong forced her to arrange a front desk job.

There was no compromise in the direction. Under the interference of my sister, I tried to increase the number of fans in my account to prove myself, but with little effect.

Her ideas include but are not limited to singing and dancing, singing and dancing in cotton-padded clothes and trousers, cooking food and professional experience.

Not surprisingly, all this was messed up!

The "culprit" is all the family members headed by her sister Fang Hong. Regarding the "coercion and inducement" piece, my sister Fang Hong accurately grasped all the family members.

When the direction was singing and dancing in cotton-padded clothes, my niece and nephew quietly brought two electric fans and put them beside the direction, which directly fainted people.

When the direction is going to have a barbecue in front of Shang Xiaolang’s coffee shop (Shang Jiuxi), the fire extinguisher in Xiaolang’s hand suddenly blows out the little flame of hope that the direction has just ignited.

Coupled with Fang Hong’s behind-the-scenes help, the short video career in the direction has been ups and downs, and it has plummeted, and it is about to give up.

At the end of the second episode, my sister’s change came suddenly.

Because she saw a monologue before she gave up her direction, she decided to support her sister’s short video career. At the end of this short story, she did not forget to be sensational, and everyone was happy. This trend is really suitable for the whole family to watch together (dog head), and by the way, it can popularize the short video industry to parents and keep up with the times.

YCY: It’s not fall in price to be a sitcom.

On the day of the broadcast, the netizens’ discussion under the topic of # YCY Acting # was enthusiastic, which seemed to be the standard topic of YCY’s new drama broadcast, but different from the past, this positive evaluation prevailed.

Appropriateness, naturalness and agility are the key words that netizens praised YCY’s acting skills.

One of the clips praised by netizens is the story of begging and fortune telling in the direction imagination.

Dressed in rags, I met a small Shenyang passing by. I thought I could beg for ten dollars, but I didn’t think people changed the steel shovel in the iron rice bowl and dragged it away for a few meters. Look at this picture. It’s so hard to survive.

As soon as the picture turned, the direction became a master of "accurate calculation", and his whole body was full of confidence in his ability. When calculating the lottery number for Xiao Shenyang, his face was full of self-satisfaction.

By the way, this string of numbers in the play really guessed the lottery ticket of the day, and YCY is a bit metaphysical! It’s just a pity that I missed a hundred million (crying)!

The content of the two episodes is not much, but compared with the performance in the variety show, YCY in the play has made visible progress, her lines are fluent, and her characters are also set up. Because of the more changes in the scene, her performance is natural in different situations and will not make people play.

One of the biggest feelings of rambling is that looking at the direction is always a bit like looking at YCY, some remarks about migrant workers, and even the ideas and opinions shown in the program are very similar, and her sense of fit and realism with the role has reached a good balance.

It is no exaggeration to say that the role of direction is tailor-made for YCY.

In other words, once an actor finds a role that suits him, the effect is immediate.

Remember in "Broadcast! In Sitcom, Li Chengru, who has always been strict, gave a high evaluation of YCY’s first attempt at sitcom, saying that she was the hope of sitcom.

There is some exaggeration in this statement. After all, the audience’s memory of sitcoms still stays in The Legend of Wulin and Home with Children more than ten years ago. Can a YCY make sitcoms that have been silent for a long time usher in spring again? It is estimated that few people will believe this.

However, it is undeniable that YCY, who loves beans, really likes comedies as she said, and put it into action to try to perform sitcoms. After all, sitcoms are more difficult and harder to please the audience than idol dramas and Xian Xia dramas.

In the variety show, YCY said through the mouth of the direction: "Playing sitcoms is also very training, and it is not fall in price." Maybe after more young actors think like this, this fertile land of sitcoms may be able to bloom with all kinds of flowers.

As the first person who loves beans to challenge sitcoms, YCY’s performance this time is above the qualified line. Looking at her posture, she may be able to walk out of a comedy road ~

The plot is smooth but the joke is not enough.

Going back to the drama itself, there are some obvious changes in the content of the drama version of "Sisters at Home".

On the stage of variety show, in order to give good feedback on the spot, the content of an episode will be heavily loaded with jokes, and a large number of actors will be used, such as YCY’s singing out of tune and Fan Ming’s image of Xing Catcher.

There is no main line in the theme content of the five episodes of the variety version. If the shooting in the variety version is completely followed, the volume of the 24 episodes will make it difficult for the story to continue to expand, while the drama version has obvious contradictions and main lines of the story.

The design of each character is fuller, the elder sister’s personality is stronger and more controlling, career planning is made for the younger sister, and even the employment countdown is made for the two children, which sets the tone of the conflict between the two, and more chapters can be launched around this point.

Fang Ming has also changed from a troublemaker in the variety version to a "mediator" for his two daughters, and the dilemma between his father and his two daughters has also added many interesting points to the TV series.

Fan Ming’s performance was as stable as ever, and Ada’s sister was given a "fake smiling face" setting, except for the scene of crazy dialect and English, which was a bit awkward.

Having said so many advantages, the shortcomings of the first two episodes of the series are quite obvious.

As a sitcom, it is the most basic requirement to make the audience laugh out loud. After laughing, it will reach the level of getting thinking and philosophy. Of course, this level is a bit difficult, so I don’t want to force it for the time being.

Compared with the variety version, the drama version of "Sisters at Home" is obviously not funny enough, and the burden is not so wonderful.

In the process of watching the play, the only thing that makes you laugh out loud is the direction to make up Fang Ming.

I want to shoot the workplace experience to attract fans. After careful selection, I took a fancy to the unpopular and warm-funeral industry. It is to repair the body of the deceased.

She chose Shang Xiaolang as the "white mouse", but it was replaced by a mistake.

Fang Ming wanted to enjoy the feeling of a daughter making herself up, and they started this professional experience with completely different purposes.

The direction is serious. According to the steps in the funeral manual, Fang Ming is covered with white cloth, bowed, and forced to close his eyes. One is cheerful and the other is sad, which is very comic.

When shirakawa covered his head with white cloth because of the dazzling light, and scared Shang Xiaolang, who arrived late, to the ground, he couldn’t help laughing. It wasn’t that the plot was set up with many clever ideas, but it was Fan Ming’s monk Jiuxi’s performance that got a lot of points, especially Fan Ming’s face that was ho ho in the direction.

The strong supporting cast is also the reason why this drama is worth chasing. Fan Ming, Xiao Shenyang, Shang Jiuxi, Wang Haoxin, Shaobing, Li Lingyu, Zhang greatly, Liang Long, etc., have sitcoms, cross-talk actors and cross-border, but in a word, they all choose interesting actors.

The two episodes of "Sisters at Home" only had time to focus on YCY’s performance, which also paved the way for the beginning of the story of this large family, which may bring us different surprises later.

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