Taiwanese enterprises in Kunshan: Returning to work and resuming production "walking in the spring"

  Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone is full of spring.

  Image provided by Kunshan Development Zone.

  Workers are busy in the production workshop of Wistron Group, a Taiwanese enterprise in Kunshan.

  Image provided by Kunshan Development Zone.

  Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province recently held the first salon for Taiwan enterprises this year, aiming at the urgent financing needs of Taiwan-funded enterprises, increasing financial support and injecting momentum into the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises. 32 Taiwan-funded enterprises collectively signed "comprehensive risk pool" products, with a total amount of 184 million yuan.

  Holding a salon for Taiwanese enterprises is a concrete measure for Kunshan to continuously polish the "golden signboard" of local services. With the support of Huitai’s policy of benefiting enterprises, the existing industrial enterprises with Taiwan capital above designated size in Kunshan have fully resumed work in late February. Up to now, local Taiwanese enterprises have basically reached full production, and the production capacity of leading Taiwanese enterprises such as Compal and Wistron has exceeded the same period last year.

  The business environment is favored

  Kunshan is one of the regions with the most active Taiwanese investment, the densest Taiwan-funded enterprises and the most frequent cross-strait economic, trade and cultural exchanges. It is known as "Little Taipei", and about 100,000 Taiwan compatriots live and work in Sri Lanka.

  The Taiwan Affairs Office of Kunshan City told this reporter that in the first quarter of this year, Kunshan City newly approved 30 Taiwan-funded projects and 14 capital increase projects. By the end of March, the city had approved 5,226 Taiwan-funded projects, including 2,465 capital increase projects, with a total investment of 63.102 billion US dollars and a registered capital of 32.378 billion US dollars.

  While implementing the relevant policies of Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City, Kunshan City has formulated 15 policies and measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises to tide over the difficulties together and 20 service measures to support enterprises to develop, and increased support for enterprises in Kunming such as Taiwan enterprises.

  "Kunshan and enterprises have overcome the difficulties together. Not only has the resumption of work progressed smoothly, but many new projects are accelerating." Chen Yuyuan, deputy director of the representative office of Taiwan Province Electrical and Electronic Industry Association in Kunshan, said, "We will give full play to our professional advantages, promote the transformation, upgrading, innovation and development of Taiwanese enterprises in the city, and contribute to improving the regional industrial development level and enterprise competitiveness."

  Chen Zhiwei, general manager of Youde Precision Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and Taiwanese businessman, said that Kunshan’s excellent service and business environment enable enterprises to operate with peace of mind and thrive rapidly. "Youde will take Kunshan as its headquarters base, radiate the global operation base, and create better income, better welfare and a safer and more environmentally friendly production and operation site."

  "Policy red envelope" adds benefits

  Wistron Group, a Taiwanese enterprise in Kunshan, ranks among the top three in the province in terms of total import and export, with an industrial output value of 60.67 billion yuan last year. Weixin Zitong Company, a subsidiary of the group, received a large order at the beginning of the year, and it is urgent to carry out comprehensive transformation of the existing second-phase factory building. Affected by the epidemic, the project construction was once at a standstill.

  "We not only face the risk of losing orders, but also may be liable for breach of contract." The relevant person in charge of Weixin Zitong said that fortunately, their concerns were quickly resolved smoothly with the concerted efforts of relevant departments in Kunshan Development Zone.

  Knowing that Weixin Zitong Company encountered difficulties, the Economic Promotion Bureau of Kunshan Development Zone immediately contacted the administrative examination and approval department. The administrative examination and approval department rushed to the scene at the first time to discuss with the enterprise to understand the situation. "Then, we reversed the project schedule according to the requirements of enterprise orders and guided them through online ‘ Do not meet ’ Approval and submission of materials as soon as possible. " The relevant person in charge of the administrative examination and approval bureau of the development zone introduced. With the concerted efforts of the planning, housing and construction departments of the development zone, the enterprise finally successfully completed the renovation of the factory building and successfully won the order.

  Lin Dayi, general manager of Huanhong Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and a Taiwanese businessman, said that in the face of the sudden epidemic, Huanhong Electronics, with the guidance and support of the Kunshan Municipal Government, worked overtime during the Spring Festival and was allowed to become the first batch of enterprises to officially resume work and expand production. The original production target was successfully achieved in the first quarter.

  In March this year, Kunshan issued 28 new measures to promote the re-optimization of the business environment and build a "Kunruyi" business service brand. “‘ Kun Ruyi ’ — — The activity of "helping enterprises to warm up their businesses" is aimed at key Taiwanese enterprises to resume work and production, coordinate and solve the development difficulties of enterprises, and issue "policy red envelopes" on the spot.

  A series of new measures have given Taiwanese businessmen a thumbs-up and given them more motivation to deepen the development of Kunshan.

  Innovation and development have sufficient momentum.

  Chunhua Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese enterprise, mainly develops and manufactures flexible printed circuit boards and 5G communication modules. The demand of customers in the company’s industrial chain is relatively strong, and orders are sufficient in the first half of this year.

  During the epidemic period, Kunshan City introduced preferential measures such as enterprise employment assistance, job security subsidies, and halving social security premiums, and Chunhua Technology was also a beneficiary. Cai Qifeng, the company’s chief operating officer and Taiwanese businessman, said that today, when the overall economic environment in Kunshan is more challenging than in previous years, these assistance measures include various concessions, exemptions and subsidies, which have greatly helped the development of enterprises.

  Kunshan comprehensive risk fund pool was established in 2018, which has solved financing needs for 25 Taiwanese enterprises and reduced financing costs by over 2.5 million yuan. Among them, the fund pool of the recently launched "Kuntairong" project totals 50 million yuan, and cooperative banks can carry out the "Kuntairong" credit business within the scope of magnification not higher than 10 times, further increase financial support and solve the financing problems of Taiwanese businessmen and enterprises, especially small and medium-sized Taiwanese enterprises.

  Confidence is boosted and motivation is more abundant. Some Taiwanese enterprises in Kunshan spontaneously take advantage of the mainland’s economic resilience, sufficient potential and large room for maneuver to accelerate innovation and development in new technologies, new industries and new formats. Recently, a number of high-quality Taiwan-funded projects have been signed up for construction. Taiwanese companies such as Jialianyi Technology, Songyang Electronics and Taiphotoelectron have also seized opportunities in new infrastructure areas and made great efforts in 5G projects, which has also made Kunshan, a Taiwan-funded highland, glow with great development vitality.