Huang Xiaoming admitted to taking a year off to spend time with his family and children in order to help make bad movies.

       A film "The Golden Cicadas Shell 2" brought Huang Xiaoming back to the movie market after nearly a year’s filming. Prior to this, Huang Xiaoming’s last work was "No Questions, West East", which had a double harvest of word of mouth and box office. Many people lamented that Huang Xiaoming’s acting skills were finally refreshing and not greasy, but this praise was not the first time. In the past, Huang Xiaoming produced many excellent works, but there were always some embarrassing works, so the cycle of good and bad, the quality control of works seems to be the difficulty of Huang Xiaoming.

  We talked with Huang Xiaoming about this topic before the release of "The Golden Cicada Shell 2". At that time, we didn’t know the appearance of the film, but Huang Xiaoming cherished it in his speech. However, after the film was released, its reputation was somewhat unsatisfactory.

  Huang Xiaoming once admitted many times that he wanted to learn to say no, and he still said sincerely in this interview: "I made a lot of bad films before, 90% of which were because people asked me for help, and I couldn’t erase this face, or what? I think it was my personality that hurt me to some extent. I can’t be a bad person anymore, and I should refuse. "

  On the day of the interview, Huang Xiaoming chased the ball game for several nights in a row. This kind of relaxed time is rare. The state of not filming has lasted for nearly a year. He said that he wanted to spend it for himself and spend more time with his family quietly. For this state of rest, Huang Xiaoming did not set a time limit for himself.

  Sina Entertainment: Did Brother Xiaoming watch the ball yesterday?

  Huang Xiaoming: I didn’t get enough sleep. (Sina Entertainment: Do you chase every game? ) not really. But it’s often better to have a party late at night. Celebration means sleeping to celebrate. We are a little disappointed these days, and we all play so-so.

  Sina Entertainment: So you have quite a lot of time now?

  Huang Xiaoming: Sort of. I don’t have any plans during this time. I haven’t worked for almost a year, so I deliberately don’t film or make money. I just hope that I can live for myself, be quiet, spend more time with my family and occasionally do film promotion.

  Sina Entertainment: How do you feel that Brother Xiaoming, who is resting, is a little sad?

  Huang Xiaoming: Recently, there is a lot of pressure. In all aspects, there may always be some ups and downs in life. Then tell yourself every day that you must refuel and be strong in your smile. For example, if you take a plane, the plane will also smoke. For example, if you finally make a Hollywood movie, it will be pirated. The pirated resources of "The Golden Cicada Shell 2" are only a rough version of the Philippines.

  Sina Entertainment: Why did you join this film at that time?

  Huang Xiaoming: Because the Golden Cicada is not bad, and then I saw the script, and all of us, including myself, thought it was not bad. Then the role I played also accounted for a relatively large proportion in the script. I once said that the first hope is to cooperate with Hollywood idols and predecessors; Secondly, I hope that in a blockbuster movie, China actors will no longer play soy sauce, and this role has a process of personality change and life change, so I think it is quite good.

  Secondly, I have always liked tough guy movies, so when I heard about this movie, I felt that I had another opportunity to work hard for it, so I was crazy about fitness at the same time. "Langya List 2" was shot first, and "Golden Cicada Shell 2" was shot later. You compare the fat and thin in "Langya List 2", and the difference between the two is only over a month. After that, I made "You are Late for Many Years", and then I took a rest.

  Sina Entertainment: Over the past year or so, there should be many scripts found, right?

  Huang Xiaoming: Of all kinds, I have seen myself make a lot of bad films before, and 90% of them were asked for help. I can’t erase this face, or what? I think my personality has harmed me to some extent. So I don’t think I can be a "bad guy" anymore. I should refuse. But as long as I like the play, my favorite script, my favorite people, mainly my own favorite, and I strive for it myself, it will be very good, but as long as I help and save others, there will always be various problems, which I can’t think of myself. So it can’t be like this. It’s not that there are no good scripts in this year. There are indeed many good scripts in my hand. After that, I always wanted to be quiet and spend more time with my family. Secondly, I thought that it might not be what I wanted most, so I pushed it off.

  Sina Entertainment: Will you offend others?

  Huang Xiaoming: What’s wrong with being a sinner? say no when it’s time. Always calm down and give you time to think. I think it’s like "the golden cicada is out of its shell", and there is always a painful process of letting go of transformation. A wise man knows what he wants, and a wise man knows what he doesn’t want. Although I don’t think I’m stupid enough for a wise man, I should learn to let go.

  Sina Entertainment: Are actors still quite passive in film creation?

  Huang Xiaoming: Actors are actually very passive, but when they come out, they are basically the first to be scolded. So sometimes this is really helpless, because the success of a thing is really not the result of one person, it is the common presentation of all departments, not the credit of a certain department. Of course, the director occupies the most important position because the director is the most important element to control these things. But if you put it in a Hollywood blockbuster, for example, I find that there are also many elements that the director can’t control, so it’s really hard to say. In fact, every department is very important, from producer to director, from costume to art, lighting to actors. Any department is not good at all, so the success of a film sometimes depends on luck. And you have to choose the right one, and these people can really do what they want. Finally, choose a suitable schedule or get stuck in a suitable node.

  Sina Entertainment: Now Brother Xiaoming also has the identity of producer of The Last Night on Earth.

  Huang Xiaoming: I especially like the play directed by Bi Gan. It is an experimental and commercial play. After I watched the film, I told director Bi Gan, I said that no matter what the result is, no matter whether you win the prize or not, no matter what the box office is like, you have won.

  Sina Entertainment: Have you ever thought about playing the role of Huang Jue?

  Huang Xiaoming: Of course I think about it when I watch movies, because every actor has a sense of substitution. I really hope to cooperate with the director of art films, but after watching this film, I want to play the role of my brother-in-law, which is very interesting. I think he is very powerful.

  Sina Entertainment: Is this the charm of non-professional actors?

  Huang Xiaoming: Yes, so sometimes we really have to break our own box intentionally or unintentionally. As we often say, you should never act like animals and children, because there is nothing you can do about their naturalness and agility. Because you are a professional, you will subconsciously have a little routine or style you want, and you will lean on it.

  Sina Entertainment: But now the audience always says that Brother Xiaoming is getting more and more relaxed. Does Brother Xiaoming feel that he has never been relaxed?

  Huang Xiaoming: You mean greasy? If you want to say it, just say it. It doesn’t matter. I don’t shy away from these questions. Maybe everyone has such a process, just when you have finished a work, others will see that everything is right for you. But you may not have any good works recently, or when nothing good comes out, no matter what you do, no matter how good and serious you do, everyone will think, alas, this is not good, this difference is too far, how can you be so stupid, how can he be like this? So you can never change other people’s ideas about you. The only thing you can do is to do your own work and what you are doing well.

  You have done one or two wrong things, and you may have to make up for it with three or five. You can only do it hard. There is no other way, and it is useless for you to explain. Just like when others decide that you are not tall, you really wear socks, and others say that you will put insoles in your socks. I once thought how uncomfortable it was to put insoles in socks.

  Sometimes I am in a WeChat group, but I don’t talk. Many people don’t know that I am in it. After a press conference, one person will say that I heard that every pair of shoes in Huang Xiaoming is specially made. I thought to myself, Oh, my God, but I couldn’t help it that day. I argued with him a little. I rarely do this, but I really couldn’t help it that day, because in a group with so many friends here, it was a bit, and I really couldn’t help it, even if I could stand it again.

  Sina Entertainment: Brother Xiaoming’s works are always like this. Basically, there is a very, very good one, and then there may be a few mediocre ones, and then there is a very good one, and then it will follow the word of mouth.

  Huang Xiaoming: I want to ask, which actor’s work is always perfect? Every time is especially good?

  Sina Entertainment: Do you have an idol? Does your idol have any failed works or something?

  Huang Xiaoming: I didn’t say it was a failure either, but there must be something ordinary or not paid much attention to. Because often when you succeed, everyone will sum it up, and it is usually the best work. So it’s not really about actors. I think everyone actually has their ups and downs. I don’t believe everyone only goes up, not down. So for me, I really can’t predict the future. I can only do it well every time. Even if you think the result may not be good, you should work hard in this direction.