How much is the price of Mercedes-Benz E300?

  The good news is that Xiaobian recently visited the Mercedes-Benz dealers in Beijing and learned that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars in the store are on sale, and the colors are relatively complete. In terms of selling price, the current cash discount for car purchase is 100,000-100,000 yuan, and there is still a chance to get more cash discounts when you go to the store for details. Interested friends can go to the store to enjoy the car test drive. Now there are enough cars in the store, with complete colors, which are sold all over the country, without regional restrictions, and complete procedures (certificate of conformity, vehicle conformity certificate, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual and three-guarantee certificate). You can settle in all parts of the country, and you are guaranteed by the whole country to provide pick-up service. All procedures follow the car, and there are no additional conditions for buying a car in the store. Welcome all riders to the store to discuss in detail! [Check the sales consultation telephone number of 4S shop at the bottom of the news]

  Tips: Call the car hotline during the event to get a (20,000) decorative gift package sponsored by the manufacturer. Considering that foreign customers have a long way to buy a car in Beijing, our store can reimburse the one-way toll (limited to 2000 yuan) [train ticket, high-speed rail ticket, plane ticket (limited to two people)] considering that foreign customers are unfamiliar with the road conditions. There is a free shuttle bus. Welcome to the store to buy a car.

21 Mercedes-Benz E-Class prices and pictures Mercedes-Benz E300 distinguished latest offer.

  In terms of appearance, the new generation E-class Mercedes-Benz coupe adopts the classic coupe outline, and the leap lines outline the charming golden body proportion. The front face adopts a single banner "flash drill" front grille, and the headlight group is more exquisite, especially the LED daytime running lights with the internal "boomerang" shape are highly recognizable. The newly designed "Feng Mei Hao Mu" headlights add a dynamic temperament with a flat shape, and the internal structure is exquisite and unique. Long-range geometric multi-beam LED headlamps each have 84 independent LED light sources, which bring refined beam distribution and provide an illumination range of nearly 650 meters.

21 Mercedes-Benz E-Class prices and pictures Mercedes-Benz E300 distinguished latest offer.

  In terms of interior, the overall design of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class in the car has not changed much, such as the double 12.3-inch large screen that enhances the technical texture. In terms of details, compared with the current models, the design of the steering wheel buttons of the new car has been adjusted, and the sports steering wheel has become more radical, and more paint materials have been incorporated, which is more tasteful.

21 Mercedes-Benz E-Class prices and pictures Mercedes-Benz E300 distinguished latest offer.

  In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system, and it can use natural voice, touch and gesture to control the relevant settings and services in the car. There is also an "intelligent induction assistant" that can preset and identify the hand movements of the driver and the front passenger, and distinguish the main and co-pilot positions, so as to turn on corresponding functions such as reading lights according to gestures.

  Six guarantees for car purchase in our store:

  The first guarantee: the original regular commodity car ensures that the car is repaired without accident. Specific offers are subject to signing a car purchase contract by phone or at the store.

  The second guarantee: ensure the quality. Make sure that every car has been professionally tested before leaving the factory, and you can drive home on the same day.

  The third guarantee: to ensure that the vehicles sold can be settled in the country normally, and the national six emission standards.

  The fourth guarantee: provide goods on the day of car purchase.

  Fifth guarantee: the vehicles sold can be guaranteed in specialty stores all over the country.

  Sixth guarantee: due to the purchase restriction policy, the company is now fully developing the foreign market, and the company can reimburse the travel expenses for the successful purchase of cars by foreign friends. (Reimbursement of one-way fare for two people with valid bills) All staff welcome you! Serve you wholeheartedly! All the staff in our shop are looking forward to your visit, and your satisfaction is the purpose of our service!

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