Huawei asks the black technology of M9-"Silencer": or it is exclusively produced by Guoguang Electric!

Wenjie M9 is the heaviest model of Huawei automobile, and its black technology has become the most beautiful direction in the market, and it will probably become an important configuration in the automobile in the future, which will greatly benefit the industrial chain.

What is the "silencer" of M9 black technology?

I don’t know if you have ever encountered this situation. When driving in go on road trip, the whole family was chatting happily. Only you were still driving intently, and you just wanted to hear the navigation clearly. As a result, the conversation in the back row was covered up. In the end, you not only missed the gate, but also got scolded by your family.

But if you have a M9, you can avoid this problem perfectly.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with a brand-new Huawei Sound audio, which not only has better sound quality, but also leads the way in noise reduction.

Chatting in the back row, Huawei Sound directly blocked all the sounds for you. You know someone is chatting in the back row, but what are they talking about? You can’t hear a word, there is no physical mask.

Ask M9 to help you block all the sounds that affect your driving.

Just ask, have you ever seen such an outrageous function?

Except Huawei, you really can’t imagine who can come up with such a genius.

Lao Yu:This functionVery important, very meaningfulI have experienced our things, such as this one in our back row, this one in the back row of passengers, and the bosses who often sit in the back row make phone calls, and the drivers can hear clearly.

But today, we use our technology, the boss makes a phone call, and this, this is talking about something, and the two leaders behind us say something that can be heard by the driver, so that the driver can not hear it. The driver hears the people behind him, but he doesn’t know what to say.

This, this is our leading technology, weIt’s already done.This is now, and I have already experienced it. This is not yet commercialized, and we can realize four sound zones. ThisIndependent and not disturbing each other.

As you all know, we are on Aite N, J, M5 and M7, and we have realized the first-class speaker. This first-class box and the first-class box’s answering phone navigation will not interfere with passengers, right? But that’s not enough. We want everyone to be isolated, right? We are talking in the back row now, this, this driver can hear clearly, right?

We let him, we hope that our new technology will not only make him inaudible, but also make him audible, inaudible, visible and invisible.This new technology,I believe these technologies will be brought to you on the street M9.(Source: Public Information)

These are basically hammered, and this "silencer" black technology of M9 is awesome.

"Silencer" black technology is the exclusive OEM production of Guoguang Electric?

Guoguang electrics (002045)

1. Guoguang Electric Appliance: Huawei is one of the company’s customers, and the two sides have more cooperation in acoustic products.

2. The M9 is equipped with Huawei Sound speakers. According to the information from the quality certification network, Huawei Sound speakers are manufactured by Guoguang Electric.

3. This speaker is exclusively manufactured by Guoguang Electric.

According to the data, Guoguang Electric has reached a whole machine cooperation relationship with Huawei since the beginning of 2021, and undertook several audio projects of Huawei. Under the requirements of high quality and high delivery time of Huawei, Guoguang Electric completed the project on time with good quality and quantity, which timely supported the peak market demand. With the deepening cooperation between Guoguang Electric and Huawei, Sound Joy, Huawei’s first portable smart speaker equipped with HarmonyOS, was deeply involved in the research and development design by Guoguang Electric, and was exclusively produced by Guoguang Electric.

Many of Huawei’s concept stocks have doubled and risen sharply, but the real hammer of Guoguang Electric is still at the bottom. The release of M9 is just around the corner, and news about black technology will break out at any time … "Muffler "is equipped for each seat, in increments (increased dosage)."Silencer" black technology is of great benefit to Guoguang Electric, and Huawei’s industrial chain is the most clear main line.

Everybody, how valuable is this "silencer"? Or the value of Huali Chuangtong and Oufeiguang?