What did 100,000 Great Wall cannons with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units do right in 10 months?

Original title: What did 100,000 Great Wall cannons with a monthly sales of over 10,000 in 10 months do right?

In October, 12,655 units were sold worldwide, and the cumulative sales volume in 16 months has exceeded 10,000! Near the end of the year, the Great Wall Cannon remained full of momentum. While continuing to win the championship of pickup truck sales, it broke through the sales mark of 100,000 units in 10 months and became the first gun in the pickup truck industry with "monthly sales exceeding 10,000".

Let the firing experience be "top-matched" by taking advantage of passengers

The successful password of the Great Wall Gun has been shown as early as the brand’s debut. Among all the instrumental pickups, the Great Wall Gun is different, which initiated the era of pickup truck utilization in China.

The right thing has always been a difficult thing to do. It requires the strength accumulated and the determination that needs time to polish. This can be seen from the fact that the Great Wall Gun boarded the podium of the 2021 China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award. The "Science and Technology Award of China Automobile Industry" is known as the "Nobel Prize" of domestic automobile technology. With the project of "New Technology, Intelligent and Safe Ride, Development and Industrialization of Pickup Truck Great Wall Gun", Great Wall Gun won the Science and Technology Progress Award, showing full technical confidence and bringing consumers a new life of "top-matching" pickup truck.

Realizing the "Ecology" of pickup truck development with users’ co-creation

From business to cross-country, cycling and fishing, the diversification of use scenarios makes users’ expectations for pickup trucks more diverse. Pickup truck enterprises are no longer pure manufacturers, but supply-side integrated platforms that can cooperate across industries and circles to meet users’ needs, which can not only directly grasp users’ needs and even predict them in a forward-looking way, but also meet the needs of brands with rapid response, so as to hold users in their hands.

In the view of Great Wall Gun, ecology will eventually cover products, so it is more important to create a healthy and self-evolving ecology with users. From the opening of the co-creation meeting at the Alashan Heroes’ Meeting, the establishment of pickup truck college, and the launch of the "Recruitment Plan of Thousand Talents for Co-creation Officials", to helping the Shennongjia Savage Pentathlon Bataoyuan Cup Cycling Open, to the city parade of "Let’s Fire and Play Chongqing Great Wall Gun Made in Chongqing" and the holding of the cross-country competition of the Guizhou Brigade of the Artillery Alliance, the Great Wall Gun is no longer a brand under the traditional enterprise and product model, but a new brand paradigm created by users and integrated with products and industries.

The new brand paradigm is also an "amphibious" who opens up online and offline. At present, the number of users of the first exclusive APP in the pickup truck industry, Great Wall Gun App, has exceeded 350,000, and the fully upgraded digital user service concept has kept the pickup truck ecology active.

Based on China, Promote the "Globalization" of the Great Wall Gun

The new ecology of pickup trucks is not limited to China. On the one hand, scientific and technological progress promotes globalization, on the other hand, it is the common voice of consumers all over the world to expect to buy better pickup trucks. The Great Wall Gun conforms to the development of the times and the voice of the people, and plays a leading role in the globalization of pickup trucks.

In October, the Great Wall Gun officially landed in Laos, which not only met the demand of local users for high-quality pickup trucks, but also radiated the Southeast Asian market. Up to now, the Great Wall Gun has landed in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as Australia, Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, etc., and is deeply loved by users everywhere.

Based on passenger utilization, users create life together, and China is recognized by users all over the world. In the full fire, the Great Wall cannon has become a Dream Car for more and more people, and "the whole world fires together" is becoming a reality!

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