Can Tengshi N7 replicate the success of D9 and create another "myth"?

"Turn the unpopular into the popular, turn the impossible into the possible", which is a perfect sentence to describe Tengshi automobile. At the beginning, Tengshi Automobile was betting on the new energy MPV market, and all walks of life were not optimistic. After all, Lantu Dreamers did not make much waves when they entered the market three months earlier than Tengshi D9. But today, Tengshi D9 can challenge the status of Buick GL8, a scene that no one dared to think about a year ago.

Nowadays, Tengshi N7, the second product of Tengshi Automobile, is on the market, with a guiding price of 301,800-379,800 yuan, and the price is directly inserted into the most competitive high-end new energy market of 300,000-400,000 yuan. So for Tengshi N7, can it replicate the success of D9 and create another "myth"?

First, the odds of Tengshi N7

"Enjoy the cool under the big tree", Tengshi Automobile has its present market position under the leadership of BYD, and Tengshi D9 integrates various technologies of BYD, so it can stand out in the same class and become the only way to challenge the status of Buick GL8.

1. Yunqi -A Blessing

The Tengshi N7 will also be equipped with BYD’s self-developed Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system, but the entry-level two models are not equipped with this system. Thanks to the blessing of cloud technology, Tengshi N7 has excellent performance in comfort and handling.

It is worth mentioning that Tengshi N7 will also be equipped with "iADC intelligent drift control system", which can make the vehicle "float" easily, and even Xiaobai can drive this car to drift easily. Therefore, Tengshi N7 has also become a "drift artifact".

2, "double gun fast charge" get on the bus

In the way of replenishing energy, Tengshi N7 is equipped with the unique "double gun fast charging" technology in the industry. The maximum charging power of this fast charging technology is 230kW. Combined with intelligent pulse self-heating technology, it can recharge 350km in 15 minutes and 100km in 4 minutes.

3. "Eye of God" advanced intelligent driving system

In addition, Tengshi N7 is also equipped with BYD’s "Eye of God" advanced intelligent driving system. It is worth mentioning that "Eye of God" is the world’s first high-order intelligent driving system designed and produced by the whole automobile factory. In terms of hardware, it is equipped with 33 sensors including high-perception dual lidar, high-precision millimeter-wave radar and two 8 million forward-looking cameras.

However, the Tengshi N7 delivered in the initial stage only has the standard version of L2-class assisted driving, including high-speed ACC, lighting and lane changing, etc. Until the fourth quarter of this year, the high-speed NOA function will not land, and the city NOA will not get on the bus until the first quarter of next year.

Of course, Tengshi N7 not only has these bright spots, but also has BYD e platform 3.0 and CTB battery body integration technology, and also has French Divare audio, six-screen, and high-grade NAPPA leather blessing, which makes Tengshi N7 have certain competitive strength in the same level.

Second, Tengshi N7 miscalculation

1. Hunting SUV or dragging your feet

For the design of Tengshi N7, there are two extremes in the market, and the voices of approval and denial coexist. But it is true that the design style of the hunting SUV is slightly "niche" at the moment.

Although it is called "hunting run", it is actually a "coupe". Judging from the overall design scheme of Tengshi N7, there is nothing wrong with calling it a coupe SUV. After all, it has a slip-back shape, and the specific name is just an official title. However, both the hunting SUV and the coupe SUV are niche models in the market. From BMW X4 to Mercedes-Benz GLA, from Mazda CX-4 to Geely Xingyue S, they are all well-known coupe SUVs, but the results of each model are the same-"the sales volume is bleak".

Therefore, Tengshi N7, which locates the hunting and running SUV, did not choose the mainstream track, and its future also made people sweat.

2. Challenge BBA?

As said at the beginning, compared with the high-end MPV market where Tengshi D9 is relatively "niche", Tengshi N7 will face the most competitive price range of 300,000-400,000 yuan, and the competitive situation it faces is far from the same.

According to Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Sales Division, he wants to be the first car company to challenge BBA. Tengshi N7 will challenge BBA models in the future, and its main competitors are Mercedes-Benz EQC, BMW iX3 and Audi Q5L. However, we can see that, except for the Audi Q5L, the other two models have lost their market competitiveness, and it is not meaningful to designate them as competitors, so Zhao Changjiang’s idea is established but unrealistic.

In fact, Tengshi N7′ s real opponent is not BBA, but a new force to build a car. Nowadays, if consumers want to buy luxury new energy vehicles, the first choice must be to build new brands, such as Weilai, Ideality or Tucki, and of course Tesla. BBA’s new energy vehicles are believed to be unable to enter the selection list at all.

When Tengshi N7 faces Weilai ES6, Ideal L7, Tucki G9 and Tesla Model Y, how much chance does it have?

Write it at the end

Everything has its pros and cons. For Tengshi N7, success and failure exist at the same time. However, Tengshi has its own style of play, just like Tengshi D9. At first, many people thought it was impossible to succeed, but now it has hit countless people in the face. Maybe Tengshi N7 is the same, and it will be "faithful wife" in the future, but compared with Tengshi D9, every step it takes is very difficult.