BYD released a new car: the pre-sale price is 1.098 million yuan!

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On April 18th, BYD (SZ002594, share price 249.64, market value 726.74 billion yuan), a high-end brand, appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show booth with its products U8 and U9 and its look-up architecture. Look forward to the official pre-sale of U8, and launch two versions, the deluxe version and the off-road player version.The official pre-sale price is 1.098 million yuan..At the same time, look forward to the official unveiling of the new look of U9.

According to the latest official information,It is even longer than Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7, and the wheelbase performance is also excellent in the same class.

In terms of design, U8 has a huge Ding-shaped grille on the front face, dot-matrix LED light sources on both sides, and an electric hidden door handle. The shape of the rear end is tough, the external spare tire is located in the center, and the rear end has an L-shaped and dot-matrix LED light source with great recognition. The top of the new car is equipped with a laser radar.

It is reported that the U8 Deluxe Edition will be officially delivered in September this year, and the U8 Off-Road Player Edition will be delivered later. The conference officially released the look-up architecture, which is an architecture exclusively for high-end new energy vehicles.Looking up, the architecture covers six core technologies.Easy to square and cloud.Blade battery, super body, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving assistance.

In the look-up architecture, these technologies are flexibly combined like a Rubik’s cube to achieve coverage of outdoor cross-country, cities, racetracks and other scenes, so the look-up architecture has the characteristics of ultra-high-energy, borderless and evolvable. Both U8 and U9 models are equipped with look-up architecture.

According to BYD official Weibo,Easy Sifang technology platform is a set of power system with four independent motors as the core, which has been completely reconstructed around the characteristics of new energy vehicles from three dimensions: perception, control and execution, completely subverting the previous power system capability system of fuel vehicles.

Image source: BYD official Weibo

In terms of perception, Yi Sifang took the lead in giving full play to the powerful perception ability of the wheel motor, realizing uninterrupted all-round perception of the vehicle motion state, and combining with the intelligent driving sensing data such as camera, laser radar and millimeter wave radar, thus providing a sensing data basis for subsequent decision-making and implementation.

In the control link, the E-Sifang technology platform is equipped with an electronic and electrical architecture that is highly coordinated with the central computing platform and the domain control architecture. The central controller and each domain controller communicate with each other in real time through high bandwidth, low delay and high security vehicle Ethernet, and realize accurate and diversified control of four motors through high cooperation between controllers and sensors.

It is reported that the maximum horsepower of the electric drive assembly system equipped on the E-Sifang technology platform can exceed 1,100 horsepower, and the maximum rotation speed can reach 20500rpm, leading the industry. At the same time, all models of the easy Sifang technology platform will be equipped with 800V high-voltage SiC electronic control as standard, and the highest efficiency can reach 99.5%.

It is reported that the architecture of the cloud system covers the perception layer, the decision-making layer and the execution layer, and has the characteristics of intelligent perception, accurate decision-making and efficient execution, which can realize the integration of people, vehicles, roads, clouds and systems, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of vehicle signal acquisition, and make the posture of the car body more stable and the drivers in the car more calm.

Image source: BYD

Wang Chuanfu said,Yunqi is the first body system to systematically solve the body control problem in the vertical direction. The system can sense the status of people, vehicles and roads in real time, and can keep the vehicle comfortable under complex road conditions.

According to Weibo, official of BYD Auto, on April 18th, BYD will make its debut at Shanghai Auto Show in Song L concept car and destroyer 07. Song L concept car is a brand-new B-class pure electric SUV of Wangchao, and destroyer 07 is the first B+ class super hybrid car of Haiyang.

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