A number of enterprises from Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town appeared at Shanghai Auto Show.

  Cctv news On April 19th, Shen Yiming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town, Jiangsu Province, led a team to the site of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show to investigate the exhibitors of Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town on the spot and experience the latest products and R&D technologies of the enterprises. As a highland for the development of intelligent networked automobile industry, many enterprises from Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town participated in the exhibition, covering autonomous driving solutions, lidar, new energy, high-precision maps and other fields.

  This year is the first time that Innovusion (booth: 6A12), a new high-speed rail enterprise in Suzhou, made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Falcon Falcon platform of the image-level super-telephoto lidar has attracted the attention of many professionals.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the company, on the first day of the auto show, the company signed a strategic contract with DeepWay, a new force of intelligent new energy trucks, to empower the high-speed trunk logistics freight scene with high-performance lidar and jointly create a new era of smart freight; On the second day of the auto show, the company officially reached a cooperation with Fuyao Group, one of the largest professional suppliers of automotive glass in the world, and will work together for the innovative development and productization of lidar integration solutions in the future.

  According to the person in charge of Heduo Technology (booth: 7A12), this auto show shows two latest "soft and hard integrated" intelligent driving schemes, namely, the intelligent driving domain controller HoloArk and the intelligent forward-looking camera HoloIFC, which are independently developed by the company, and intelligent driving experience activities are held in the surrounding area of the exhibition hall to fully demonstrate the powerful functions and excellent experience of the "parking and parking integrated" intelligent driving system.

  As an "old player" who has participated in many competitions, canoe Zhihang (booth: 6B12) will bring new surprises to the participating guests every time. At this auto show, the company released the industry’s first high-speed NOA version of the 6V1R vision scheme based on a panoramic camera, realized the landing experience, broke through the venue restrictions, and opened up two one-way 10km trial rides in a specific area around the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, challenging the more complicated and diverse traffic scenes during the auto show.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, this scheme can not only successfully realize the full function of high-speed NOA+L2, but also improve the hardware use efficiency and further reduce the hardware cost of high-speed NOA by reusing traditional parking sensors.