An exclusive interview with the team of "anchor said network" at the main station: how to inject "new media network sense" into the gold medal column?

  Wen Yiming

  "We must fully change our thinking and innovate our expression, and we can’t just be satisfied with the ‘ between the big screen and the small screen; Porter ’ , also can’t be satisfied with the pinch head to tail, braise in soy sauce in the middle, simply cut into strips. We must strive to create more new media products that make people shine, smell it and put it down. "

  As an important news program of CCTV, News Network has important influence and communication power in the field of radio and television.

  As the "golden signboard" of the news program of the main station, News Network also needs to use more innovative means to reach and attract young users and expand the influence circle of mainstream public opinion. This is a compulsory course and a required question in the process of promoting the media integration in depth by the main station.

  The Party Group of the Central Radio and Television General Station clearly put forward that we should adhere to the development strategy of "paying equal attention to the network, giving priority to the network and the mobile", gathering more human, financial, material and high-quality resources to the new media, giving priority to ensuring that the new media platform becomes the "first information source" of the general station, giving priority to ensuring the first launch of the new media, and paying unprecedented attention to the strategic task of "promoting the in-depth development of media integration".

  The editorial meeting of the general station held several special meetings to discuss in depth the topic of "How to further deepen media integration to attract young audiences".

  "We must fully change our thinking and innovate our expression, and we can’t just be satisfied with the ‘ between the big screen and the small screen; Porter ’ Nor can you be satisfied with cutting your head and tail, braising in the middle, and simply cutting strips. " Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television Station, especially talked about creating new media original content production. To innovate the discourse system and expression, we should not only tell good stories, but also be close to the language characteristics and acceptance habits of young people.






  ■ 主播现场说:首次跟随国内考察同步解读







  ■ 主播便装说:让“严肃新闻”活力十足


  On the morning of the same day, CCTV news also released a video of parents "going to the wall" and actively set the topic to board the hot search.

  On the same day, Guo Zhijian, the anchor on duty of News Network, talked about whether he could go to the scene to shoot a program reflecting the background of "double reduction" and let his "father" also talk about the experience of "going to the wall".

  Guo Zhijian started with "Meng Wa starts school, and the beast returns to the cage", and at the end, he did not forget to say: "Happy study and happy growth! Remember: Enjoy. "

  The netizen couldn’t help but comment: "At the beginning, it was like looking at the parents of the children at the entrance of the kindergarten, and the last Enjoy was too funny."

  Letting the anchor of News Network appear at the school gate in casual clothes is actually a useful exploration for the anchor to trace back to social hotspots.

  Under the background of "double reduction", the social problem of "teachers reducing parents’ addition and turning cute baby into chicken baby" needs attention and more guidance from mainstream media.

  The creative team believes that CCTV news actually forms a closed loop of topics according to the parents’ "going to the wall" on the opening day.

  "When public opinion itself becomes a part of news, what we actually do is to correctly feedback social conditions and public opinion, and let users feel that CCTV news is with them with grounded reports." The person in charge of "The anchor said that the network broadcast" told "Radio and Television Exclusive".

  ■ The anchor rhymes: Make plain language more tense.







  项目越来越完备,on the way!”



  主创团队说,当初在进行服贸会相关节目创意时,想到了用押韵的“三句半”把服贸会的主旨内容以“趣说”的方式表现出来。“每句话的最后一个字都契合平仄和对仗,还用on the way这句英文来表明我们始终在路上,一语双关的同时起到了画龙点睛的作用。”这期《主播说联播》发布后阅读量超过2300万。

  ■ 主播流行说:让“硬新闻”也能出新彩

  On September 3rd, "The anchor said that the broadcast of Zheng Li: The beautiful country was really" not beautiful "in Afghanistan" was released, and it ranked first in the hot search in Weibo. The topic # CCTV anchor said that the beautiful country was really not beautiful # The topic reading volume was 410 million.

  Zheng Li’s "beautiful country" is actually a nickname for the United States by netizens. This kind of irony appears in the mainstream media, which is usually serious, and it is a new media language "feedback".

  "Beautiful" = "beautiful", what beautiful countries do is not beautiful, so the title of "eye-catching" catches the user’s attention at once.

  The person in charge of "The anchor said that the network broadcast" told "Radio and Television Exclusive" that the main station released a large number of exclusive interviews and the first scene in this Afghanistan report, which became the source of the whole network. If new media want to stand out in such a major event of global concern, they must have different ideas.

  "We have also received many netizens’ feedback and comments on the Afghan situation on Weibo and WeChat platforms. In the title and anchor lead, ‘ Beautiful country ’ This kind of netizen’s nickname is used in the "anchor said network broadcast", which is the most direct interaction with netizens. "

  ■ anchor dialect says: let "contrast Meng" become a part of program creativity.

  On September 14th, the anchor said that the network broadcast released "Shaanxi Wa Yan Yuxin boasted about Bao Xiaofeng’s hometown in a fancy way: the real" Liao Zha Li ".The anchor of the network broadcast Yan Yuxin and Bao Xiaofeng appeared casually again, and even used Shaanxi dialect to" string it up "for the audience at the beginning.

  "At the beginning, we communicated with the anchors. Can we try to use our hometown dialect ‘ Say ’ News, this is really a new attempt for them. Although the broadcast program requires high pronunciation of Putonghua, we have been thinking that the broadcast anchor who speaks dialects has changed the image of the program that sits in danger every day, so ‘ Contrast Meng ’ It may be more concerned by young audiences. "

  "This time, we changed the original reporting time, held the topic selection meeting every morning, and also communicated with the anchors of the network. They also made many suggestions on improving the reporting form and style, and the anchors also wanted to try different broadcasting styles and images."

  The creative team told Radio & TV Exclusive that the topic of "The Anchor Says Network Broadcast" will be finalized at around 16:00 on the same day, and the program of that day will be recorded after the end of "News Network Broadcast", and the anchors of "News Network Broadcast" will also discuss with the creative team to try to be more grounded in language expression.

  Zheng Li, for example, put forward a very good suggestion: whether props can be introduced into "The anchor said the network broadcast". In the report of Sanxingdui that day, Zheng Li vividly imitated the action of Sanxingdui bronze man, holding Sanxingdui model props in his hand, and was also called "too vivid, too vivid!"

  For example, Guo Zhijian suggested that on some topics, the anchor can say without wearing a suit. In the program of the National Games, Guo Zhijian wore a sports suit at the reception desk. "The anchor said that the network broadcast" said today without wearing a suit. " The image of Guo Zhijian’s sportswear is also eye-catching. This issue of the National Games is coming! Guo Zhijian: Burn Your Calories instantly ignites the interaction of netizens: Teacher Guo is still a sportsman!

  The creative team told Radio & TV Exclusive that recent programs have been trying to "explore" ideas to reach young users with different forms and means. "For example, we asked the anchor Li Zimeng to sing" You look good when you smile "for rural students, and quickly won praise from netizens."

  Some netizens commented: "The anchor’s singing may not be professional, but his eyes are all beautiful."

  "On September 10, the important news such as the Chinese and American leaders’ phone calls will also break the regular rhythm, make preparations and designs early, record the preemption in advance at two o’clock in the afternoon, and pass on the important news interpretation information earlier."

  What is more important than "speed" is "grabbing users", so that core competitiveness can be injected into "new media blood"

  "We are pursuing more than just a newsletter for a few minutes and seconds. A report is better than a shoulder victory." The relevant person in charge of the new media center of the news of the reception desk admitted frankly to "Radio and Television Exclusive" that the premise for CCTV news to become a blockbuster is to satisfy users first, and nothing is more important than users and more urgent than innovation in the new media era.

  CCTV news reports need to be fully close to users, instead of always being condescending and reporting by traditional indoctrination, we should adjust the reporting perspective to understand and impress users with more people-friendly perspectives. "The anchor said that the network broadcast provided a new media fulcrum for the news network broadcast, which injected the blood of the new media into this trump card program that entered the year of no doubt, and had the opportunity to communicate with netizens in a friendly and down-to-earth way, which is also the reason why this program can continue to be screened in the public opinion field."

  From September 1st to now, the column "The anchor says simulcast" has successively launched "On the first day of school, the anchor Guo Zhijian is also" on the wall "… … "China Team’s Strength Deduces a Ride (qi)", "CCTV anchor’s serial rhyming anecdote service trade fair", "CCTV anchor reveals where China team’s brave strength comes from" and "Kang Hui sends good news to these 10 people" and other programs.

  Because of the innovation in form, netizens are waiting for the update of "The anchor said the network broadcast" every day, just like chasing dramas. Sometimes, because of the different release time, netizens will respond enthusiastically: "Today," The anchor said that the network broadcast "came early!" It can be described as full of interaction.

  "Love is moved by truth, and we have been trying to use a more cordial way to let the anchors get out of the state of News Network ‘ Remove a little ’ Chew the authoritative information in "News Network" to users in the language of new media. "

  According to the relevant person in charge of the news new media center of the general station, hundreds of thousands of messages poured into the live broadcast room of CCTV news on the day when 109 volunteers from Korea returned to China, so simple feelings needed a window to show.

  "On the day’s program, we invited Kang Hui to stand and broadcast, and read some comments from netizens on the spot, which were called by netizens ‘ Break the defense ’ The topic of the program was also on the hot search. This has narrowed the distance between the host and netizens, which will be of great help to improve the communication power and brand affinity of the column. "

  "Radio and TV Exclusive" observed that on the same day, Weibo topic # Kang Hui read these netizens’ messages and instantly broke the defense # The total reading volume exceeded 280 million, ranking second in the hot search list; Aauto Quicker’s broadcast volume exceeded 15 million.

  Kang Hui, the anchor of the main station, said: "It has been more than two years since the anchor said that the network broadcast was launched. For new media products, it is time to update and iterate. From material selection to design to presentation, a new wave of upsurge has been set off recently. Facts have proved that ‘ New ’ Always from ‘ Break ’ Zhong ‘ Li ’ Get up, get out of inertia and be comfortable, it’s not so uncomfortable, or it won’t be uncomfortable for long. "

  The innovation of "The anchor said that the network broadcast" is still on the premise of being correct. The first thing to stick to is the hot spots captured by "News Network", and the angle, viewpoint and emotion should all be part of "the country’s greatest" in "News Network". "The anchor said that the network broadcast" should also be unified on this basis, so that individuality can serve as a common service.

  The anchors are full of affection when they praise heroes, open and aboveboard when they promote righteousness, and humorous or hit the nail on the head when they comment.

  When "envy, jealousy and hate" and "Ollie gives" are uttered from Kang Hui’s mouth, the authoritative media and the vivid language on the Internet are combined, and the spread of the program is more grounded.

  Since its launch, the anchor said that the network broadcast has launched more than 700 issues, and the topic reading of Weibo has exceeded 9.6 billion, effectively driving the average daily growth of young TV viewers by 17%.

  With the frequency of day-to-day work and light and concise language, Anchor Talk Network has narrowed the distance with new media users by using the way of vertical screen youth and "net talk", so that ace news programs can obtain "traffic passwords" on the Internet. Its success not only lies in the continuation of the authority of News Network, but also reflects the innovative guidance of new media in the main station and the integration drive with user experience as the core, which really makes it "alive" and "spiritual".

  ▍ Taking column innovation as the incision, speeding up the new revision and upgrading of CCTV news.

  "We must pay close attention to high-quality development, revision, upgrading and upgrading, and change one program at a time, one detail at a time, so that the big-screen programs are high-end and the small-screen programs are exquisite and delicate." Shen Haixiong specifically talked about the high-quality development of the reception desk, and made efforts to create more new media products that make people shine at the moment, make people feel excited and fondle admiringly, and strive to make more than 80% of the program columns of the reception desk into high-quality products in three to five years, so as to maximize the all-media influence of the reception desk.

  "Radio and Television Exclusive" has learned that in October 2021, CCTV news client will be completely revised and upgraded, which will greatly supplement the tools "weapons" necessary for new media, including "5G big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence", and promote the formation of a modern new media operation platform that can be released, tracked and interacted by users, especially in the means of user portrait and deep cultivation of users.

  "We have been working hard to speed up the construction of CCTV news’s own platform. Only by building our own platform can we achieve the development of the sea and the sea. The goal of CCTV news client has always been to build its own user platform that can be traced, analyzed and interacted, so as to meet the needs of users as the pursuit of innovation ‘ Methodology ’ 。” The relevant person in charge of CCTV news client told Radio and Television Exclusive.

  "Radio and Television Exclusive" learned that at present, the main station is making every effort to promote the "iterative upgrade of CCTV news client platform". The new version of CCTV news client will rely on an efficient intelligent production system to fully enhance the user experience, and create a "CCTV" convergence platform by one-click interaction between large and small screens.

  It is understood that the CCTV news client has invited nearly a thousand mainstream media and institutions to settle in the CCTV platform, including the local main station of the main station, the famous brand column of the main station, the local authoritative media and the new government media of the national ministries and commissions, which will supplement CCTV news with more high-quality media resources with heat, temperature and depth.

  "In the new version of the client, we will open up ‘ Direct focus interview ’ Such a section establishes a new media entrance for public opinion supervision, standardizes the format of users’ reports, collects the content of reports efficiently, and is equipped with a dedicated management background for columns. The exclusive value and advantage of CCTV news lies in its ability to connect with the big screen, connect with the news channel, interact with the big screen through the small screen, dispel doubts and dispel rumors, so as to strengthen the influence of mainstream media in the emerging mainstream public opinion field. "

  The relevant person in charge of CCTV news client revealed to Radio and Television Exclusive that the new version of CCTV news client will attract the needs of young users in the main ways of information authority, rich content, pooling resources, building communities, etc., and build a flagship platform of new media for the main station that meets the mainstream value, and open up the interconnection between netizens’ feedback and big-screen programs, forming a two-way mutual integration and drainage of large and small screens.

  ▍ Starting from the word "integration" and creating "innovation", let media integration move from "quantitative change" to "qualitative change"

  Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of the general station. The party group of the general station has repeatedly pointed out that it is necessary to embrace the Internet and create all-media with the spirit of "elephants should also learn to dance street dance", and try boldly, boldly and boldly, and practice more "unique skills" to continuously expand their influence and enhance their soft power in innovation.

  The starting point is integrity, and the end result is innovation. The word "innovation" runs through the process of media integration and development at the reception desk.

  Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, it was reported that the total number of people reached by the platforms under the Headquarters exceeded 3 billion, among which the total broadcast volume of new media live broadcast was the highest among the eight platforms. Three topics hosted by CCTV news Weibo topped the hot search list, with a reading volume of over 11.6 billion.

  The brand power of "watch CCTV if something big happens" is further highlighted.

  During the Tokyo Olympic Games, the reception desk sent 800 people to cover the team, and conducted 500 TV broadcasts and over 7,000 live broadcasts of new media events in 17 days. All the 38 gold medals won by the China delegation were first launched by CCTV news clients, and the reception desk watched 47.9 billion times on the all-media platform, setting a new record for the number of sports events in the past decade.

  Directly attacking the situation in Afghanistan, relying on the overseas reporting sites of the main station and the external communication platforms in 44 languages, 1,599 overseas TV stations quoted and broadcast the pictures of the main station, and the total number of cross-media contacts exceeded 7.333 billion. Among them, the number of views of CCTV news on the whole platform exceeded 1.389 billion, and nearly 90% of the hot search topics of new media came from the general station report.

  Standing at the forefront of the development of media integration, mainstream media should fully explore the forms of new media editing and editing, think broadly and do it in a down-to-earth manner, turn the biggest variable of the Internet into the biggest increment of mainstream public opinion, act according to the situation, take the initiative, start with the word "integration" and create "innovation", let media integration move from "quantitative change" to "qualitative change" and answer "how to promote the development of media integration in depth"