Fully explain how AI Baidu marketing will help car companies to play the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show.

  "Looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is approaching." This well-known prose poem is just like releasing the good news of the recovery of the automobile industry in 2023. This year, the recovery of economic consumption has brought a new turn for the automobile market; At the same time, the intensification of "intelligent" competition has also brought new challenges to the full-link marketing of car brands.

How to quickly aim at the "window period" under the new situation?

How to accurately find a marketing method to reduce costs and increase efficiency?

How to reshape the brand structure and start the market breakthrough war?

The market is on the verge of recovery. How can car companies seize the marketing opportunity of auto show?

  There is no doubt that the auto show is the "marketing home" that the automobile industry will compete for in a year. On the one hand, the total number of people in the venue of the auto show that lasts for many days can reach one million times, which is a natural position for car companies to gather high-quality traffic and transform actual clues; On the other hand, online channels are deeply loved by young people, which combine fresh gameplay, technological experience and immersive interaction, and become an important way for car companies to deepen users’ cognition, expand brand private domain and enhance brand influence.

  Judging from the current changes of automobile consumers, young people who pursue fashion expression, advocate self-satisfaction and diversified services have become the mainstream, and their consumption decision-making cycle has been continuously extended. At the same time, according to the insight of Baidu marketing AIA scientific measurement methodology, in all stages of automobile users’ cognition, interest and intention, vigorously arranging content planting and brand knowledge precipitation can significantly improve the asset conversion rate of people. It can be seen that close communication with young people has become a compulsory course for car companies, and the intelligent experience combining efficient display, deep communication and sticky interaction has become the focus of more car users’ content needs.

  When it comes, it is easy to lose, and it is fast to go to the plane. The 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show, which will be held from April 18 to 27, has created an excellent opportunity for major car companies to "early birds sing in spring". At the same time, Baidu, as a pioneer in the AI era, takes the opportunity of the value auto show to provide a marketing platform empowered by AI technology for the majority of car brands, to create a full-chain marketing combination boxing that aggregates AI atmosphere, AI experience, AI application and AI imagination, and to fully release AI capabilities, so as to increase the strength of intelligent marketing of car companies.

  Unique AIGC super experience blessing, how can car companies play intelligent interaction?

  "Getting on the bus" AIGC has become the first choice for enterprise marketing innovation. Based on the ability of AIGC, Baidu Marketing continues to provide power for content production, and continues to extend to the exploration of enterprise marketing and business transformation, further promoting the self-evolution of enterprise marketing chain and realizing enterprise business transformation and long-term development. In the era of intelligent creation, car companies should not only close the physical distance with consumers, but also build a psychological bridge with consumers through high-quality content output. As a new content production method, AIGC improves the efficiency of content creation from multiple dimensions, helping car companies to maximize the release of content productivity and meet the needs of users for multi-modal content presentation.

  AI Scene Creation In order to help the brand shine during the auto show, Baidu Marketing will make smart scenes with cutting-edge technologies such as AIGC and Metauniverse. Baidu’s marketing AIGC innovation and upgrade will link with Xirang mini to create a virtual arena for car companies, reproduce the physical test drive experience, and fully display the brand technology concept; Relying on Baidu’s input method of 100 million users, the interactive scene will be connected to AIGC intelligent dialogue to meet the needs of users’ auto show efficiently and accurately; There is also the practical application of "Flowers all the way" intelligent paddle painting, which can make the brand and users reach interesting interaction and convey the brand concept flexibly; Are you already looking forward to this scene with a sense of future technology?

  What is gratifying about the integration of AI content is that Baidu will invite celebrities with industry influence to show up, and join AIGC to open the first cross-dimensional immersive dialogue of rims, focusing on "the future and reality of automotive technology" and "can automotive design be handed over to AI?" Wait, what kind of "AI sparks" will these high-profile hot topics collide with?

  During the AI Interactive Experience Auto Show, Baidu will also build eye-catching intelligent AI interactive forms, such as digital people’s brand endorsement, digital people’s live interview, meta-universe new product launch conference, auto show blind box collection, etc., to create brand attraction with a sense of technology and immersion AI experience, and help car companies capture the Z generation. Stay tuned … …

Fully explain how AI Baidu marketing will help car companies to play the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show.

Fully explain how AI Baidu marketing will help car companies to play the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show.

  Multi-venue multi-path global linkage, how can car companies directly reach the user’s mind?

  AIGC immersive interaction can create high-quality content assets for car companies, but it should be noted that in the face of diverse and scattered media contacts, car companies need to make accurate decisions at every key node of user behavior, capture high-potential users and achieve the precipitation of crowd assets. So, how can car companies leverage Baidu’s marketing chain?

  Main venue+sub-venue It is reported that Baidu will give full play to the platform data resources and technical advantages, and will build a main venue for auto show search, a driving sub-venue and a Baidu map sub-venue to help brands link target groups. The user can lock the attention C position for the brand by searching the keyword multi-entry trigger in the main search venue; The driving sub-venue gathers a wealth of automobile professional information, which can help the brand reach the riders with one click. Baidu Map Sub-venue can help brands reach hundreds of millions of potential users by covering a wide range of travel scenes by car.

  In addition, from the first contact to the full link, Baidu will also provide special strong exposure hard and wide resources for the auto show, linking the styles of super screen opening, power screen opening, screen opening+search box, brand Solo, information flow GD Plus, etc., to realize multi-content interconnection, immerse and interpret the highlights of the car in the same frequency, and strengthen the user’s "first visual" perception. Users can directly reach the virtual position of Xirang brand through five paths: Baidu screen opening, information flow GD, dazzling sports specialty, specialty head card+bubble, and Xirang mini brand exhibition hall, forming a smooth service experience and achieving full-link brand influence and mental penetration.

  Super Product Specialist 3.0 has a strong boost. How can car companies play with the product and win-win situation?

  After consolidating the content and crowd base, how to realize the transformation of retaining capital has become the key to the success of car companies’ marketing. Because users’ search demand for professional vertical content is increasing day by day, active search behavior reflects users’ high consumption will, which creates conditions for car companies to connect with accurate people. How can car companies rely on the absolute "home" advantage of Baidu’s 6 billion search traffic pool to further change the amount of traffic?

  Intelligent management position Baidu is based on the search scene, and the newly upgraded Super Product 3.0 will become a strong assist for car companies to achieve a win-win situation in the auto show. Based on AI intelligent delivery technology, Super Specialty 3.0 builds an intelligent business position integrating brand core stable exhibition area, intelligent card group area and brand self-selection area, where car companies can realize the comprehensive upgrade from single exposure to brand online content field, social field and business field, effectively improve user clicks and obtain the transformation of incremental clue assistance effect.

  OGC+PGC+UGC will co-create the transformation of planting grass in the content, and Baidu will also co-build OGC+PGC+UGC to create high-quality vertical content such as popular science micro-variety, digital person interview and evaluation, and deeply penetrate the vertical car circle, which will help the car enterprises to achieve a qualitative leap in the conversion rate of weeding. Come and unlock fancy play … …

Fully explain how AI Baidu marketing will help car companies to play the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show.

  To sum up, is the fancy marketing game that makes the rim "burst" exciting? It can be seen that Baidu marketing should not only create an auto show marketing for car companies, but also build a one-stop "AI extreme intelligence" marketing scene covering pre-heating, drainage, mid-detonating and post-transformation operation based on the hard-core advantages of AI data resources, AI technical capabilities and AI product matrix.

  As an AIGC marketing demonstration zone, Baidu Marketing is continuously accelerating the technical iteration and commercial application of AIGC, while reshaping the content production mode, laying a solid foundation for the evolution of enterprise marketing and management, and opening the AIGC marketing era. At the same time, relying on the advantages of technology, products and platforms, Baidu Marketing, with an open and win-win attitude, will join hands with more partners to create more intelligent models and forward-looking gameplay, continue to explore and broaden the application boundaries of AIGC, and jointly promote intergenerational changes in marketing.

  I believe that many car brands will firmly grasp the upcoming auto show marketing opportunities, and insert "AI wings" with the help of Baidu marketing AIGC, and make great strides in the market and achieve fruitful results. For more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to Baidu Marketing 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show.