12 collective shooting spy wars, courage is quite big and ability is average.

Under the wave of short plays, many types of plays have tried short plays.

Spy war+short play, there has not been a successful case.

The spy war dramas familiar to the audience before were basically 30 episodes. The Great Miss D was the first one to eat crabs, with only 12 episodes.

Unfortunately, although there is a good lineup and monk’s production, this spy war short playDid not play the superposition effect of the two..

The foundation itself is very weak, and because of the limited space, we can only omit the necessary plot transition and characterization, but make it a spy war drama without spy war plot.

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Talk about spy war from a female perspective, with some production.

A large number of spy war dramas are launched from a male perspective, with the growth of male protagonists as the main narrative line.

The great miss dHighlighting the female perspective.

At the beginning of 1930, in Shanghai, various forces were surging and the society was in turmoil.

Ding Yiqing (Zhang Jingyi), the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Ningbo, came to Shanghai alone. By chance, she met Lin Mosheng (Junfeng Niu), Dong Hongyu (Ceng Li), Du Ying (Lang Yueting) and other underground workers of our party.

On the one hand, the drama shows the changes in Shanghai from 1930 to 1940, while depicting the growth of Ding Yiqing.

Although she didn’t know much about the revolution at first, she received a new education and was open-minded.

After contacting progressives and learning that his second brother, whom he was looking for, had died for the revolution, Ding Yiqing was attracted by the progressive concept and eventually grew into a staunch communist fighter, and made use of the huge chamber of commerce to contribute to the underground work of our party.

Many people think the title of the play is a bit strange.This "Miss D" not only refers to Ding Yiqing, but also refers to "Miss D" such as Dong Hongyu and Du Ying, and even represents thousands of women in Qian Qian on the anti-Japanese and national salvation front.

It is somewhat innovative to talk about spy war from a female perspective.

Liu Zhenyun is the chief planner of the play. It is not known how much he has planned, or maybe it is just a nominal one.

In production, the play is not sloppy.

As we all know, the profit space of short plays is much less than that of long plays. For example, the same scenery, shooting 12 episodes is also shooting, shooting 30 episodes is also shooting, but the cost of setting scenery is the same. Doing short plays, the greater the risk of losing money.

"The Great Miss D" has not been discounted. Although most of the scenes were shot in the film and television city, the details of the scenery are still very suitable for different people and different identity characteristics.

In the plot of spy war, although there was no gunfight scene in the first six episodes, a chase scene with certain shooting difficulty and rich visibility was arranged.

Judging from the cast, it is at least a medium-sized production team.

In addition to Zhang Jingyi and Junfeng Niu, there are many powerful actors such as Guanhua Liang, Ceng Li, Lang Yueting, Jiao Gang, Hao Ping, Yuan Hui Luan and Feng Hui.

So, regardless of the script, The Great Miss DNot that kind of shoddy work.

Wonderful degree "shortage"

The script creation of spy war drama itself is not difficult. In the volume of short drama, it needs to be "more concentrated and reversed with higher energy", which is even more challenging for screenwriters.

For example, can you find a small starting point and tell a spy war that happened in a few days instead of involving more than 10 years of historical background?

Unfortunately, "The Great Miss D" takes the traditional spy war drama path:I want everything, but I can’t tell anything clearly.

Just like a story that was originally 30 episodes, it was compressed into 12 episodes, and many of them became a synopsis.

For example, Dong Hongyu, played by Ceng Li, is the leader of underground work in Shanghai. Before the sacrifice, her biggest function was to tell Lin Mosheng, the downline, that our contact point was destroyed by the enemy and we had to move quickly.

Why is it that our party’s contact point is so easily destroyed? How was it destroyed? Nothing is presented in the play.

Spy warfare is a struggle with high IQ, which requires very high rigor of logic and any flaws will appear.Quite dazzling.

The Great Miss D didn’t fail at this point.

For example, Lin Mosheng wanted to meet with Comrade No.3 of our party and found that No.3 was arrested. Lin Mosheng needs to leave Shanghai immediately in case of mutiny on the 3rd.

Lin Mosheng wants to go home and get important documents, but he is afraid of an ambush nearby. He dressed up as a rickshaw driver, pulled Ding Yiqing and asked Ding Yiqing to go home and help him get it. Lin Mosheng is waiting downstairs for Ding Yiqing …

This bridge is really eye-popping.

Lin Mosheng found that No.3 was arrested, so he should go home and get the documents as soon as possible, because it takes some time to extort a confession, and Lin Mosheng has always been convinced that No.3 will not defect.

If No.3 defected, wouldn’t it put Ding Yiqing in danger if he asked Ding Yiqing to get it?

This document is so important that he and Ding Yiqing have known each other for a long time, so why don’t you trust Ding Yiqing with such an important task?

He lives there, and the neighbors know him. He wears a hat and pulls a rickshaw, so the neighbors don’t recognize him?

Similar plotCompletely unable to withstand scrutiny.In addition to adding scenes to the interaction between the hero and heroine, all the tension is mystifying.

Because the space has been reduced, the plot of "revolution+love" and "fake husband and wife" in traditional spy war dramas can only be presented in a hurry.

Ding Yiqing and Lin Mosheng’s emotional progress is like.Fly a rocket.After meeting a few times, I was "happy and I don’t know."

The first time we met to learn English, it was also naive enough.

Ding Yiqing seems to be "growing up", but many of her operations are in a strict spy war drama and can’t survive an episode.

For example, she didn’t know the relationship between Dong Hongyu and Lin Mosheng at first. Now Dong Hongyu tells her that she is a communist (Dong Hongyu has a high level).She told Lin Mosheng instead and asked if Lin Mosheng was a communist..

God, if Lin Mosheng is an enemy agent, isn’t Ding Yiqing exposing himself?

Four years later, they met again. Lin Mosheng and Du Ying were fake couples, and Lin Mosheng was an agent with a triple identity. Du Ying was bold enough to tell Ding Yiqing who had met three times.

So in The Great Miss D, the only reason why our agents can go on underground work is that"the protagonist’s aura"Otherwise, you won’t live an episode at all.

Ding Yiqing didn’t let people see where she was "amazing" at all.

She is like Zhang Jingyi’s incarnation of the Republic of China: beauty is beautiful, and she has always been "not deeply involved in the world"; Xiaojiabiyu is never like an underground worker.

As soon as Lin Mosheng appeared, the audience knew what he was doing, lacking hierarchy, and Junfeng Niu also played a more "holding" role.

Several villains, from Kuomintang agents to traitors serving Japan, are also tool people.When a character sees the villain at a glance, there is no "wisdom" but only "quick fight".

The number of episodes is short, and the wonderful spy war dramas are also "short".

The explosion of spy war+short play can only be expected next time.

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