The Great Wall Gun Cross-country King Huanxin 23 Cross-country Guns & Cannons officially listed.

  On June 16th, the 2023 off-road gun of "Global Intelligent Luxury Off-road Pickup" and the 2023 gun of "King of the Desert" were officially launched at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show.

  The 2023 off-road guns will not increase the price. The official guide price of gasoline models is 169,800-179,800 yuan, and the official guide price of diesel models is 176,800-186,800 yuan; At the same time, thanks to the support and love of new and old users, the third anniversary of the launch of off-road guns, 23 limited editions of off-road guns were specially launched, with the first batch of 333 sets. The price of gasoline limited edition models was 199,800 yuan, and the price of diesel limited edition models was 206,800 yuan. Car buyers enjoy five major gifts: "financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, service gift and recommendation gift", and 333 limited edition users also enjoy an outdoor camping gift package worth 3,000 yuan. The official guide price of the 2023 artillery is 182,800 yuan, which can be ordered through the Great Wall Artillery APP, enjoying financial gifts and service gifts.

  As an innovative masterpiece of the leisure category off-road pickup truck used by the Great Wall Gun, 2023 off-road guns & guns are all based on the tank platform, the intelligent professional off-road platform of the Great Wall, which embodies the wisdom of the Great Wall Motor pickup truck, and is more intelligent, more luxurious, safer and more off-road, leading the category value of off-road pickup trucks in China to rise again.

  The champion’s strength is advanced. 23 off-road guns lead the all-terrain off-road fashion.

  The Great Wall Gun is the best-selling pickup truck in China. It has been on the market for more than three years, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 33 months, constantly setting a new record for pickup trucks in China. As the first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck in China, the off-road gun is widely trusted by off-road players, ranking first in the sales volume of off-road pickup trucks in China.

  Based on the high standards of off-road vehicles in the new era, 2023 off-road guns have been revived and become professional partners of off-road enthusiasts with the three hard-core strengths of "off-road, off-road heart and more fun".

  Off-road type, super powerful.The 2023 off-road gun breaks consumers’ prejudice and cognition of traditional pickup trucks with its domineering and tough appearance and luxurious technology interior. Leopard-eye dual-lens LED blackened headlights, with sharp eyes and a blackened champion belt net, are strong and powerful, conveying the spirit of conquering and challenging all the time. On both sides of the car body, there are generous black wheel eyebrows and 18-inch all-terrain off-road tires, which show unique tension and the whole car body is full of aggression.

  The interior is covered with a large area of soft, with veneto red color, which is full of advanced feeling. At the same time, the 12.3-inch Zhilian touch screen +7-inch color LCD instrument double suspension design, combined with laser carving process luminous decorative board, is bursting with science and technology. There are also 50 watts of wireless fast charging, heated and ventilated leather seats, leather steering wheel, automatic headlights, electric sunroof, Bluetooth keys and other leapfrog equipment, bringing a new luxury experience of passenger car class.

  Cross-country heart, super strong.2023 off-road gun is equipped with 2.0T+8AT gold power combination, which has strong power and is always online.

  The new car is equipped with 12 fever-grade off-road equipment. The original factory is equipped with hard-core equipment such as K-MAN nitrogen off-road shock absorber, front and rear axle electronically controlled differential lock, Bailuchi KO2 all-terrain tire, winch, wading throat, front and rear iron competitive bars, etc., which can easily cope with all kinds of difficult road conditions; The domestic pickup truck pioneered the crawling mode and tank turning, which greatly reduced the difficulty of off-road and improved driving safety. The original factory of fever-grade off-road equipment is uniformly equipped to ensure worry-free off-road, and to ensure worry-free licensing, worry-free on the road, worry-free annual inspection and worry-free after-sales.

  The 2023 off-road gun is newly upgraded with off-road side pedal, which is directly fixed on the frame, which is solid and reliable; Add 540 panoramic images, upgrade the high-performance cooling system, and match the unique off-road thermal management mode, so that off-road can do whatever you want.

  The off-road gun also has a benchmark safety guarantee and is the safest off-road pickup truck in its class. The whole system comes standard with ESP body stabilization system; Equipped with high-order intelligent driving assistance system, the functions cover ACC adaptive cruise, AEB active braking, collision warning, intelligent dodge, intelligent lane assistance, etc., and use technology to ensure safety. The whole car is equipped with 6 airbags and a high-strength body. The original factory comes standard with 3mm thick chassis metal armor, which is guarded by all-round armor to ensure driving safety and care for every wonderful moment of users.

  The more wild, the more fun.The off-road gun is the first pickup truck in China that provides six driving modes: snow, mud, sand, 2H, 4H and 4L. The same level takes the lead in developing off-road expert mode, which can automatically turn off ESP and other electronic auxiliary systems, so that experienced players can enjoy pure off-road fun. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a comprehensive display function of off-road information, which can display information such as altitude, air pressure, slope, compass, etc., and enhance the safety and driving pleasure in driving.

  It is worth mentioning that the new car has several modified harnesses and switches, and the original factory has its own towing qualification and trailer anti-swing function, which makes the traction more legal and safer.

  In terms of after-sales service, off-road guns also have the most convenient pickup truck sales service network in China, with over 2,000 outlets and an average service radius of less than 50km, so that you can enjoy fast and convenient service even in remote places.

  Extremely equipped with 23 high-energy off-road guns to build a desert off-road king car

  As the first personalized off-road modified product of the Great Wall Gun "Cannonball Project", since the birth of the gun, climbing Mount Everest, wearing Yunnan and Tibet, and protecting scientific research have demonstrated the off-road spirit without fear of challenges with flexible and powerful strength, creating a legend of the charm of single-row off-road pickup trucks. At this year’s Alashan Desert Heroes’ Meeting, double artillery successfully challenged Bilutu Peak, which is known as the "Desert Everest". Only 1 minute and 35 seconds, a mirror to the end, glory to the top, showing extraordinary off-road strength.

  The 2023 artillery is strong and rejuvenated. It strives to build product competitiveness from three aspects: "hard core platform, extreme equipment and unlimited expansion" and becomes the "king of the desert" preferred by cool play, cross-country and competitive people.

  Hard-core platform, born strong.The 2023 artillery is based on the Great Wall intelligent professional off-road platform-tank platform, which is born with intelligent off-road and high reliability genes; Equipped with the perfect power combination of 2.0T China Top Ten Engine and ZF 8AT transmission, the performance is further improved. The maximum power of the engine reaches 160kW, and the peak torque reaches 380N·m, with hard-core power escort and no fear of rough journey.

  Equipped with Borgwarner part-time 4wd system, the technology is mature and reliable, and it can handle both extreme cross-country and outdoor crossing. In addition, the new car is equipped with the unique forged aluminum alloy front suspension upper arm at the same level, which has the advantages of light weight, high manufacturing accuracy and high strength, which significantly improves the safety and stability of the vehicle, galloping in the wild and being spontaneous.

  The artillery has a wheelbase of 2745mm, a golden ratio and a single-row structure, which makes the body more maneuverable, and the minimum turning radius is as low as 5.6 meters, so it can flexibly pass through narrow road conditions. At the same time, the original chassis was designed to be raised, and the minimum ground clearance was raised to 237 mm. With the leading passing performance of the same level, the artillery was brave enough to take the lead in cross-country.

  Extreme equipment, all-round travel.On the basis of inheriting the off-road equipment of off-road guns, the 2023 artillery was advanced again. New car driving control upgrade, providing six all-terrain driving modes, adding crawling mode, tank turning and comprehensive display of off-road information; Optional 540 panoramic image, 8-segment adjustable shock absorber, more powerful terrain adaptability, driving comfort and off-road handling, allowing users to feel the hearty over the mountains.

  Unlimited expansion and full of fun.It is safer and more convenient to reserve a number of modification interfaces in the original artillery factory and an electrical switch in the modification position. At the same time, the original factory has its own towing qualification, and the trailer device and the trailer power outlet are standard, which infinitely expands the use scenarios and allows users to travel easily.

  At present, the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks and the upgrading of consumption have promoted pickup trucks to enter thousands of cities and thousands of households, and the off-road fashion of pickup trucks has gradually become popular, which has attracted more and more people’s yearning and admiration. I believe that under the blessing of 2023 off-road guns and 2023 artillery all-terrain off-road high-energy strength, every user who is far away and explores the unknown can bravely and calmly embark on a journey and start an unimaginable off-road journey.