Domestic Tesla has not replaced the 4680 plan for the time being/FF91 login wild racing 9/Yu Chengdong will talk again.

Faraday’s FF91 will be registered in "Wild Racing 9" in the future, and the delivery will have to wait for the rumors about the replacement of 4680 batteries by domestic Tesla. The official response came to the exposure of the next generation Mercedes-Benz E-class renderings, and the small S-class was that it was delivered 51 days after the release of M7. Yu Chengdong said that Tesla’s second AI Day was held on September 30, and the Optimus Prime robot SAIC and OPPO will set up a joint laboratory to pay attention to the ecological interconnection of smart cars.

Faraday FF91 will be registered in "Wild Racing 9" in the future, and the delivery will have to wait.

Faraday will cooperate with Gameloft in the future. FFZERO1 has landed in "Wild Racing 8" and will land in "Wild Racing 9" in late December, and FF 91 Futurist, the first production model of FF, will also land in these two games.

At present, we don’t know whether the delayed FF91 can be delivered in the third quarter as scheduled, but in the wild racing, you can try this work from Jia Yueting.

Boss Jia, I hope FF91 won’t be too expensive in the game.

The official response to the rumor that domestic Tesla replaced the 4680 battery came.

Many waiting parties are expecting domestic Tesla to replace the 4680 battery, and there are also many rumors on the Internet. In this regard, Tesla officially said in Weibo that "Tesla China makes models, and there are no plans to use any new models of batteries, including 4680 batteries.」。

It is understood that the energy density of the 4680 battery is five times that of the 2170 battery, and the cruising range can be increased by 16%. Previously, Musk also said that the 4680 battery saved a total of 86% of the cost and reduced the cost by 69% per kWh. Reducing costs means lowering prices while upgrading, which is why many people want to wait for the party.

Although Tesla has already refuted the rumor, a friend of Dong Chejun recently came over and asked if the entanglement should wait. He still believes that there will still be an update of the configuration at the end of the year, and he is also worried about missing the state subsidy. Dong Chejun’s advice to him is to buy early and enjoy early.

The next generation of Mercedes-Benz E-class renderings is exposed, and the small S-class is it.

According to the report from motor1, the rendering of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class has flowed out on the Internet. It can be seen that it has a smaller grille, slimmer and narrower headlights, and the style of the tail also inherits the design of some S-class models.

This rendering did not reveal the interior. It is expected that the front row will adopt a multi-screen design similar to the S-class, equipped with the latest assisted driving system. In terms of power, it is believed that this is the last generation of E-class equipped with internal combustion engine. Besides light mixing, it will also provide an electrified version of plug-in hybrid.

In a word, the news of this replacement is not too surprising for the time being, and I look forward to the information released later.

The delivery was started 51 days after the release of M7, and Yu Chengdong was cruel at the scene.

On August 24th, the first batch of car owners’ delivery was launched in Chongqing and Shenzhen, and the national delivery will be started one after another in the future. It took only 51 days from release to delivery, which is faster than many new car companies.

Wenjie M7 locates a large SUV, equipped with a HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit and a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender. The rear-drive version of CLTC has a pure battery life of 230km, and the price range is 319,800-379,800 yuan.

Interestingly, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei BG, participated in the delivery ceremony and revealed that his BMW and Porsche were closed, while friends who were going to buy BMW X5, GLS and even Maibakh now asked him to buy M7. In addition, he also said that the upcoming M5 EV is the SUV with the highest value in the world.

Tesla’s second AI Day will be held on September 30th, and Optimus Prime robots will be exhibited.

On August 24th, Tesla officially announced that it would hold the second AI Day in California on September 30th. The official said ".This will be a grand meeting of science and technology and a gathering of AI talents.」。 In addition, the exhibition topics include battery technology and AI technology for self-driving cars.

At the previous investor conference,Musk said that the AI DAY Optimus Prime robot will change the concept of an economy. In the future, it can open a sharing mode for Optimus Prime robots, and the value of cars will not be as good as Optimus Prime robots.

The robot made by the Martian Musk is equipped with eight cameras used in the automatic driving system, and there is a screen on the head to facilitate communication with the outside world. Dong Chejun is curious, how can I wake it up by voice? Anyway, it’s not called little T.

SAIC and OPPO set up a joint laboratory to pay attention to the ecological interconnection of smart cars.

On August 24th, OPPO, SAIC and SAIC Zero Beam set up a joint laboratory, and released the cross-terminal integration solution-ecological domain, which realized "system integration, resource sharing and data mutual trust" between mobile phones and cars, and provided a better interconnection experience in the future.

What company is SAIC Zero Beam? Its full name is Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Zero Beam Software Branch. Simply speaking, it is to provide smart car solutions from software.

I believe that building a car by OPPO is also a topic of concern to everyone. At present, the latest news is that in February 2022, Chen Mingyong said.Smart cars and electric cars must be a direction of transformation in the future, but the value of OPPO in them is limited at present, at least at this stage, the necessity of building cars has not been found.

Apple and Xiaomi build cars, and Huawei is eager to move. I believe OPPO is not far away.

—— Reprinted by authorization from: Ai Faner