Millions of toads ashore in Anxian County, Sichuan Province are worried that it is a precursor to the earthquake (Figure)

Toad climbed to the corner outside the house.

Toad climbed into the corner of the room.

Toads crawl around.

  Sichuan News Network reported on May 7,The day before yesterday morning, Xi Xingguo, who lives in Group 4 of Xiangxi Village, Sangzao Town, Anxian County, Mianyang City, opened the door, and was instantly stunned by the scene before him: at first glance, as far as the line of sight could reach, there were a lot of little toads on the ground, which were the size of little fingers and were dark, and there was no way to get out. Looking again, I saw that the yard, the road and the neighborhood houses were surrounded by millions of toads. Such an abnormal phenomenon, the villagers are worried that it is a precursor to the earthquake, and the relevant departments are further investigating.

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Ten Numbers of the First Anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12 —— Those feelings in the disaster area

    On May 12th, 2008, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. The unexpected earthquake destroyed houses, but it didn’t destroy people’s will. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, "one party is in trouble, and all parties support it". Now, all the work of post-disaster reconstruction is being carried out in an orderly and effective manner. It’s the first anniversary of the earthquake. Looking back on May 12th, the heavens and the earth shared the same sorrow and the mountains and rivers shared the same tears. Now, looking at the orderly life in the disaster area, we believe that tomorrow will be better!  > > > Details

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Earthquake celebrities are tired of winning prizes or promoting the majority.

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