Test drive tank 700Hi4

When I visited the store before, the huge body and luxurious interior of the tank 700 Hi4-T really attracted my attention, but I have always been curious about the driving experience and off-road performance of this most expensive, largest and hardest SUV on the Great Wall.

Because from the positioning point of view, the tank 700 Hi4-T is similar to the Warrior 917 that I have tested before, looking up at U8, but in fact their power systems are very different, so after the in-depth experience, let’s share with you the real performance of the tank 700Hi4-T.


Driving texture of oil truck

First of all, Warrior 917 and Wangwang U8 are new hard-core SUVs with more "electric drive". They generate electricity through the "engine", and the motor outputs huge instantaneous torque support, which is explosive and feels like an electric car in driving.

However, the tank 700Hi4-T is different. It is mainly based on the self-developed 3.0T V6 engine and 9 HAT gearbox, and the P2 motor only plays an auxiliary role. Therefore, although this power system can also achieve the maximum power of 385kW and the maximum torque of 800 N m, the explosiveness of the tank 700 Hi4-T is not as exaggerated as expected at the start or the initial driving.

In normal mode, after you step on the floor oil, the gearbox needs about 0.5 seconds of reaction time, and you will feel strong power support after the engine speed is raised. However, if you switch to sports mode, the overall dynamic response will be faster, and it is not a big problem to break the hundred in about 6 seconds.

Breaking a hundred in six seconds seems to be fast, but in fact it is nothing compared with the new energy hard-core SUV. After all, looking up to U8, Warrior 917 and Leopard 5 can easily break a hundred in three or four seconds. The reason why the Great Wall is equipped with this "oil drive" power system on the tank 700 Hi4-T is mainly because it will not sacrifice off-road performance. Because P2 motor plays an auxiliary role, there is no need to worry about the high-temperature torque limitation caused by the continuous peak output of the motor. It will be safer and more reliable when the owner drives the tank 700 Hi4-T to play with sand, get out of trouble, climb and other extreme off-road activities.


Suspension blessing, high ride comfort

Although the tank 700 Hi4-T is a hard-core SUV with girders, as a luxury SUV of about 500,000, the Great Wall has equipped it with a combination of air springs and electromagnetic shock absorbers. You can adjust the height of the car body-up to 70mm and down to 50mm, which makes it easier to get on the bus after descending, and can improve the passability after ascending.

Then, the whole set of suspension is also adjustable in hardness, so when driving on asphalt roads, you won’t feel that the tank 700 Hi4-T drives like a boat, but when running on unpaved roads, especially when the jungle crosses that bad road, it can filter and absorb most bumps, which makes you feel like you are on the ground, and the comfort is more comfortable than ordinary hard-core SUVs.

At the same time, this time I also specially experienced the comfort of the tank 700 Hi4-T in the back row. Its most interesting configuration is that the angle of the rear seat can be adjusted, which is particularly wide. If you are tired, you can even lie down and rest, and then turn on the massage function, which is very comfortable.

However, it is a pity that the room rate in the back row is not high, and the leg space performance is relatively average.


Off-road configuration top, with hard strength.

As the flagship SUV of the tank brand, the off-road configuration of the tank 700 Hi4-T is really top-notch. In addition to the 3.0T V6+ motor+suspension, it also has three locks, electronically detachable stabilizer bars, 12 driving/all-terrain modes, 540 panoramic images, tank U-turn and other off-road hard configurations.

And crucially, these functions can be opened by the physical buttons on the center console, which is quite convenient to use and will reduce the misoperation when driving.

Among them, the electronic detachable stabilizer bar is more interesting. When the front wheel loses adhesion, you can choose to turn on this function. It can disconnect the stabilizer bar and increase the stroke of the front wheel to contact the ground, so that all four tires have adhesion, so that it is easier to pass some extreme off-road conditions.

At the same time, although the tank 700 Hi4-T has three locks, in fact, even the off-road white can handle most off-road road conditions easily after opening the middle lock and the corresponding driving mode.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the tank 700 Hi4-T has a unique small detail in the off-road experience. In addition to navigation, its HUD can also display the current altitude, air pressure, direction and other information of the vehicle, and the off-road atmosphere is relatively high.

In fact, for most consumers, the use frequency of deep off-road is not very high, but there are more light off-road scenes such as outdoor camping on weekends. Therefore, under this demand, the 37.1kWh battery pack of the tank 700 Hi4-T can not only support 100km pure battery life, but also has the function of 3.3kW external discharge, which has little problem in driving common electrical appliances such as electric ovens and electric heaters for camping.

In addition, the tank 700 Hi4-T has the qualification of electric trailer hook +2.5T towing, so it will be more convenient for friends with RV or motorboat.


Summary of driving an official

Generally speaking, as the flagship hard-core SUV of Great Wall Motor, Tank 700 Hi4-T has similarities and differences with other domestic top hard-core SUVs.

The convergence lies in: the body is made big and the gas field is full; The interior is luxurious and the configuration is high; The space in the back row is relatively "not so good".

The difference is that under the background of new energy, other car companies take the power route of "mainly electric drive", while tank 700 Hi4-T prefers "oil drive". They have their own advantages and shortcomings. However, in contrast, for friends who like deep cross-country often, the tank 700 Hi4-T has virtually no rival in China brand. Compared with those legendary cross-country models, the comprehensive ability can be regarded as the pearl at the tip of the pyramid of off-road vehicles in China, both in terms of cost performance and the experience and strength accumulated by the Great Wall in off-road vehicles for many years.

After all, in the off-road scene, the sense of trust that the product transmits to people is the most important. There is no doubt that the tank 700 Hi4-T is a model worthy of entrusting.