Volvo XC60: It may not be my favorite, but it is the most suitable | Hundred Miles Challenge.

The model that participated in the Hundred Miles Challenge this time should be an alternative model that has puzzled many consumers-Volvo XC60 (parameter picture). In the luxury brand medium-sized SUV camp, besides GLC, X3 and Q5L, how to choose Volvo XC60 and Cadillac XT5 is the most discussed. In the past, JIASHI has done the Hundred Miles Challenge of Cadillac XT5. So today, let’s take a look at the fuel consumption and other aspects of the B5 version XC60 with a new powertrain and a 48V light mixing system.

After last year’s change, Volvo repeatedly stressed that compared with T4 and T5, the B4 and B5 series power systems have added a 48V light mixing system, which mainly plays a role in improving fuel consumption, improving the starting and initial acceleration ride comfort.

From the parameter point of view, the maximum power of B5 model is 250 Ps, and the maximum torque is 350 Nm, which makes it easy and enjoyable to drive the XC60 body. Except that the noise of the engine is still slightly rough, the dynamic feeling of the new B5 will neither appear Buddhist nor make you feel too passionate.

This 48V light mixing system has indeed brought better dynamic response and starting speed-up experience to the new XC60-thanks to the addition of the motor, it can provide an additional 10kW power and 40N·m torque, and it also has a clear sense of advanced driving quality.

In addition, the redesigned XC60 "quietly" canceled the choice of "driving mode", which may make many consumers put a question mark. In fact, Volvo has further optimized the response of this Aisin 8AT gearbox and the response of the throttle opening, and has also made adjustments to the gearbox ECU, "different driving modes can be realized only by the action of the driver’s right foot". AT gearbox can always understand the driver’s intention, without the lazy feeling of slow speed increase and slight stall of the old models. The upshift is very positive, and the whole power output feels very light.

Previously, Volvo’s start-stop system was not perfect, and the experience was not satisfactory. In particular, many Volvo owners reported that the start-stop system started to work when the vehicle did not stop completely. This time Volvo has repeatedly stressed that the 48V light mixing system optimizes the logic of the start-stop function.

After just driving for a while, I found that this set of 48V has little influence on the overall power, but it has obviously improved the start-stop effect. The vehicle really starts more smoothly, and at the same time it also improves the turbine lag problem in the low-speed area, making the output mode of the power system more advanced.

We have just tried the response of the start-stop system repeatedly, and the cooperation between automatic parking and start-stop is quite in place. In addition to the sound of ignition when starting, there is only one feeling in the connection between vibration and parking release-smoothness.

In addition, this 48V system has added kinetic energy recovery function. Officially, it can save up to 8% fuel on XC 60 B5 four-wheel drive version, and the fuel consumption data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been reduced from 7.9L to 7.3L.. Today, our "Hundred Miles Challenge" is to see the real energy consumption of XC60 B5 model in daily use environment.

Of course, the focus of the reform and upgrade is also reflected in the safety performance. Its main intelligent navigation assistance system and City Safety? urban intelligent safety system mainly add emergency parking assistance, ready to leave notice and automatic braking backwards. These other brands’ functions, which are only standard in the top models, are treated equally in the new XC60, and the owners of the low-priced B4 version also have a more secure car experience.

It should be noted that today’s version of B5, which is used for the Hundred Miles Challenge, costs 425,900 yuan, and this car is also quite bright in configuration. Among them, the drifting wood decorative board and the crystal electronic gear handle are the two configurations that best reflect the texture, which are also the main reasons why many consumers are willing to choose the luxury version instead of the sports version. For a Volvo, what can improve the interior texture better than the crystal gear handle operated by the top Swedish crystal brand?

In fact, many of these decorative pieces are put down from the old top T8 model, no matter which XC60 you buy, the interior texture will be obviously improved. Users of mid-low models will never see the "dull" Nordic abstinence interior again, and there is no lack of textured taste in the low-key.

However, I am not satisfied with the fact that the Baohua Weijian audio system with 15 speakers and 1100kW power needs to be installed (the top model also needs to be installed), and today’s Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition is not equipped with an entry-level audio system like Harman Kardon as a middle model. In fact, I have always felt that Volvo’s audio system is competitive with other luxury brand models, but this most popular Chinese version has no brand audio, which will really make consumers complain a little.

Of course, there are more favorable comments. For example, this mid-range model is also equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 9-inch central control touch screen. The display effect of the full LCD instrument is obviously improved and the resolution is finer. At the same time, Volvo finally supports the full-screen map navigation of the instrument. However, the biggest change of the new XC60 is this 9-inch built-in native Android car system-this Android car version has been optimized, which is more convenient for actual operation during driving in terms of interface design and use logic, and basically has no difference with Android phones in terms of user experience.

It is also worth mentioning that the software used in XC60, such as Gaode Map, Huawei Application Market and Iflytek Voice Function, are all tailored for Volvo. Whether it is the response speed after the software is started, the display interface design and operation logic, the cooperation with this 9-inch pressure-sensitive central control touch screen is quite tacit. However, when running the high-tech map in the background, there will still be occasional interface switching jams.

Summary of driving:

After using the 48V light mixing system B series power system, Volvo finally brought a "power luxury" experience. The power response of the new XC60 is obviously faster, and it can just fill the power "vacancy" before the turbine is fully pressurized, making up for a shortcoming of the previous Volvo model. At the same time, the brand-new Android car and the decentralization of the interior of high-profile models also make it difficult for consumers to pick holes in all aspects. Although the upgrade of XC60 is a little slow, it is not late.

Finally, we will announce the measured fuel consumption of this XC60 at the end of the video.

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