Nokia once again broke the "battery door" original mobile phone time-varying bomb.

  The mobile phone battery model involved in this "battery door" is BP-6M, which is suitable for many Nokia models, including N73, N93, 3250, 6233, 6280, 9300 and 9300i mobile phones.

  "battery door"

  Nokia, the global mobile phone leader, broke the battery problem again. Some Hong Kong media reported that a Nokia battery may explode at any time. Nokia responded that it was uncertain whether the battery was Nokia’s original battery. Just last year, Nokia recalled 46 million batteries around the world.

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  Yesterday, according to Hong Kong media reports, the original Nokia mobile phone model BP-6M is prone to battery swelling when charging. After experts checked the problem battery, they found that this original battery may explode at any time. There are seven mobile phone models involved in this model battery.

  Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. told this reporter yesterday that it is impossible to confirm that the mobile phone battery reported by the media is Nokia’s original battery, and so far, there has been no similar report in the Mainland.

  In August last year, Nokia took the initiative to recall 46 million pieces of Nokia mobile phone batteries produced by Matsushita, but some consumers complained that Nokia had been replacing mobile phone batteries for free for too long and had not received the new batteries.

  The "problem" battery is suitable for many models.

  It is understood that this model of mobile phone battery is BP-6M, which is suitable for many Nokia models, including N73, N93, 3250, 6233, 6280, 9300 and 9300i mobile phones. A related person from Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that at present, Nokia does not produce its own mobile phone batteries, and all the original Nokia batteries are manufactured by a third-party company. At present, it is impossible to determine which company produces the same type of mobile phone batteries.

  Consumers can make detection queries.

  Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. sent a statement to our reporter yesterday, saying that all original Nokia products (mobile phones and accessories) meet domestic and international safety standards, and consumers can use them with confidence. At the same time, Nokia said that because the reporter of the Hong Kong newspaper refused to provide the battery samples mentioned in the report, Nokia could not carry out professional testing, so it was impossible to determine that the exposed mobile phone battery was original Nokia, and it was also difficult to determine the specific reason for the "expansion" of the battery.

  A related person from Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that at present, Nokia has not received a similar report of battery swelling in the mainland market. If consumers have questions about their batteries, they can go to Nokia authorized service centers for testing and inquiry. If the original Nokia battery is found to be "swollen", as long as the consumer can provide the purchase certificate of the original battery, Nokia will provide free replacement, even if the battery has exceeded the warranty period.

  According to Hong Kong media reports, a consumer started to use the 6280 mobile phone more than a year ago, and has been using the original charger to charge normally. However, a few months ago, he began to find that the original mobile phone battery was "swollen" and the mobile phone case was difficult to close. After being examined by an associate professor named Zhong from the Department of Physics and Materials Science of the City University of Hong Kong, he found that the swelling degree of the battery was "absolutely unacceptable" because it was visible to the naked eye that both sides of the battery were swollen and could be rotated on the desktop at any time.

  In August last year, due to the possibility of overheating during charging, Nokia announced that it would replace 46 million mobile phone batteries worldwide for free, involving more than 50 mobile phone models. It is understood that the model of the mobile phone battery that caused the largest number of battery replacement in the history of mobile phones is "BL-5C", which is made by Matsushita Electric. At that time, Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that it was not necessary to go to Nokia’s sales outlets or service centers to change users, but only qualified users would be sent to the address left by users by express delivery.

  However, as of yesterday, the reporter received a number of complaints, saying that it has been 10 months and still has not received the mobile phone battery replaced by Nokia for free. To this end, Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. told this reporter that it would follow up the complaints of these consumers.

Editor: Wang Xu