Cattle resell online celebrity food: bread increases by 100 yuan and tea increases by 20 yuan.

  There are two online celebrity food stores in Sanlitun, Chaoyang District. Their reputation attracts a large number of consumers to try them, and the hot scene also gives birth to a group of scalpers. Yesterday, the reporter approached this group of scalpers and visited their business.

  Increase the price by 100 yuan to resell bread.

  Sanlitun has always been regarded as one of Beijing’s fashion landmarks. There are many street brands here, and all the red brands in the road network are clustered here. Recently, the milk tea brands "Xicha" and online celebrity bread "Dirty Bags" have become very popular, attracting a large number of consumers to queue up. The day before yesterday, the reporter came to the online celebrity food "dirty bag" shop and met a number of scalpers outside the bakery. They were observing the queue from a distance, and there were many of their "comrades in arms" in the team.

  At this point, a man who didn’t want to wait in line came over and offered to buy a "dirty bag". "We always sell dirty bags in pairs, and we don’t sell odd numbers, otherwise no one wants the rest."

  According to scalpers, their business is quite easy. "The original price of a pair of 52 yuan, we collected about 150 yuan, and then sold it to 260 yuan for 240, and sold it for more than 50 a day, right?" In fact, what scalpers say is not only to sell, but also to move faster.

  A scalper revealed that in fact, they also need wisdom in this business, and they need to hire people to queue up in a fancy way to avoid the store’s refusal to sell. "We also hire people to line up, one person is fifty or sixty yuan." Cattle said that most of the "queuing specialists" employed were elderly people, and sometimes they went into battle themselves.

  Purchase in different places can send express delivery.

  Taking "dirty bags" as an example, the reporter found that some consumers came from the suburbs of Beijing. A man said, "I live in Yanjiao and came here to buy them for my wife and children. Before, someone in my wife’s circle of friends basked in this. She didn’t, and she was unhappy. I came to buy it for her and try it. " The reporter saw that the first action of many women after the purchase was to take out their mobile phones to take pictures. "I have been waiting for so long, I must send a circle of friends to send Weibo, otherwise it will be a white row." In addition, giving it to family members or partners is also the main purpose of consumers.

  In the scalper sales circle, the age level of consumers is lower, mainly teenagers, and some foreign consumers will also send them by scalper express after purchasing them through WeChat. Local customers in Beijing, scalpers will choose "flash delivery".

  There are also "big brothers" in the scalper Jianghu.

  However, the reporter learned that there is also competition among scalpers. The reporter asked the scalpers who have been engaged in food reselling in online celebrity near Sanlitun. He told the reporter that although there seems to be "Jianghu rules" to restrict them, they also compete with each other privately. "There are twenty or thirty people doing this business in Sanlitun area. The price must be discussed. Dumping at a low price is absolutely not allowed. This is destroying the market." When the reporter said that he had been exposed to the "line price" where the price was lower than theirs, the other party first became alert. "Who? Impossible, you tell me the name? " Immediately said, "Big Brother doesn’t allow it".

  When the reporter then went to the milk tea "Xicha" shop to check the situation, the name of "Big Brother" also appeared many times. As soon as I walked to the front of the tea shop, many scalpers took the drink list and took the initiative to talk. "Want to like tea? A glass of 20 yuan, no need to line up, take it away immediately. " The reporter saw that there were about 40 people in the queue in front of Xicha. After the scalpers queued up repeatedly to buy several cups of milk tea, they sold the milk tea in 20 yuan at an extra price. However, this business doesn’t seem to be as prosperous as "dirty bags", and scalpers take the initiative to sell them to everyone.

  Shopkeepers issue signals and restrict flow to curb scalpers

  The morning before yesterday, the reporter went to the "dirty bag" sales shop. The store manager said that now the store has adopted the method of distributing numbers by time and buying by number to sell "dirty bags". "Every day at 10 am, the number at 1 noon is distributed, and at 2 pm, it is distributed at 5 pm. Come and get the number in advance and come back to get the bread." According to the process of in-store packaging, you have to queue up, which means that to buy a loaf of online celebrity bread, you have to go through three queuing processes, namely, taking the number, taking the bread and packaging, and a notice is clearly posted in the store. From January 15th, each "dirty bag" must be bundled with other goods designated by the store and sold together, and each person is limited to two.

  But in this way, it did not stop the high enthusiasm of consumers. Within three minutes of the reporter’s inquiry, as many as ten customers came to buy the "dirty bag" by name. After learning that there was no spot, they did not leave, but chose to stay in the store and wait for the number in the afternoon.

  By about 12: 30, there were nearly 100 customers in the store who came to get the number to pick up the goods and wait for the next round of numbering. The long queue almost surrounded the store from head to tail. For this method, the store manager said that it was to curb the phenomenon of scalpers. "The way of issuing numbers can effectively reduce crowd gathering, and bundling sales objectively increases the cost of scalpers."

  The store changed the rules and the scalper was affected.

  The reporter observed that the practice of the "dirty bag" store did have a certain impact on the yellow cattle. For the cattle in Sanlitun area, "like tea" is not the main source of income, but "dirty bag" is. Now, scalpers are complaining.

  The low threshold and high income have become the reasons why scalpers persist. But now, with the launch of the strategy of bundling the "dirty bags" stores, the scalpers are also anxious to get angry, which means that the cost has been greatly increased. And because this plan is too sudden, the scalpers are very hesitant about the purchase and sale price of bread. "We don’t dare to advertise in the circle of friends, otherwise people will find that your price has increased when they ask, and they think you are black-hearted, so they won’t buy it from you." For scalpers, the last two days belong to the "adaptation period of market transformation". "Now everyone doesn’t know the new regulations of the store, and if they know, they will understand our price increase."

  The release of the new regulations has temporarily squeezed the profit margin of scalpers, but "this business must be done, even if it doesn’t earn much". A scalper said that if he no longer sells this popular food, it will appear that they have no access to goods, as if it is not the "core" in the scalper circle, and it is very faceless. "It is also to maintain the source of customers and let others think of us immediately if they want to buy anything."

  Cao Yannan, a live journalist of Beijing Morning Post, and a clue: Mr. Chen

  Lawyer’s statement

  Whether to disturb the market order depends on the situation.

  Zhang Xinnian, a lawyer at Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that scalpers normally buy goods from commodity operators and then sell them at different prices, which is a means of market operation. Whether it disrupts the market order depends on the situation. If scalpers raise their prices appropriately according to the market supply and demand situation and their own costs, it does not belong to the behavior of "buying, selling goods or providing services by means of raising the level or lowering the level, raising or lowering the price in disguise" as stipulated in the Price Law, but is a normal market operation means. For example, when a star sells his personal goods, the price may be high because of its special significance, and the buyer makes a purchase based on the specific attributes of the goods, which is still a normal market transaction behavior and belongs to the category of citizens’ autonomy in the private sphere.

  If scalpers raise the prices of commodities to an unreasonable level and engage in such buying and selling behavior on a large scale, the behavior is suspected of disturbing the market order, and commodity operators and buyers can report to the industrial and commercial departments and price management departments according to relevant administrative regulations. If the behavior of scalpers seriously disturbs the market order, it may violate the criminal law.

  For certain commodities, such as "online celebrity food", because it can meet people’s psychology of showing off consumption and a certain degree of scarcity, scalpers sell to customers at an appropriately raised price after buying. If customers buy it voluntarily, it can be considered as a normal trading behavior in the market. If the price is unreasonable, the price management department can intervene in the investigation, and if there is any illegal act, it should be investigated and dealt with according to law. At the level of market operation, if scalpers seriously disturb the market order, the administrative department for industry and commerce will investigate, and if the situation is true, corresponding administrative penalties will be imposed. In addition, in the conflict of interests between scalpers and merchants, if the merchants who operate "online celebrity Food" think that scalpers have infringed their relevant rights and interests in the market competition, they can defend their rights according to relevant laws.