Ask M5 to launch surprise preferential rights, which is a step closer to enjoying Huawei’s intelligent technology.

After entering 2024, the competition in the new energy automobile industry has intensified, and various automobile companies have come up with their own preferential measures. On March 2nd, AITO Auto official and other channels announced that the series models launched limited-time car purchase rights, with a maximum discount of 57,000 yuan. At the same time, a new version of M5 Smart Drive Edition will be launched soon.

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Super-rich car purchase rights and interests, ask the world M5 to usher in the best car purchase time.

At present, the latest limited-time car purchase rights given by the cash M5 can be described as extremely strong: you can enjoy a maximum discount of 57,000 yuan when you buy the M5 in a limited time, including 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration, 15,000 yuan for technology enjoyment package, and 20,000 yuan for NCA smart driving package in Huawei ADS2.0 urban area. Moreover, the official in the industry said that the current specific model can be delivered within 1-4 weeks, which is full of sincerity.

It should be noted that the new version of Wujie M5 Zhijia Edition will not be delivered until May. From the past market experience, there will be no preferential measures for new cars in the short term, not to mention that Wujie M5 has always been known for its solid materials and high intelligence, and it is even more impossible for the new version to have room for price reduction in a short period of time. On the other hand, the new limited-time preferential activities launched at present further lower the threshold for car purchase. In particular, the standard version of the M5 not only enjoys the right to buy a car, but also has no official update plan for the M5 for the time being. This is undoubtedly the best time to buy a car.

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For a long time, the brand in the world of inquiry has been famous for its advanced level of intelligence. With its unique HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and the advantages of HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, it has demonstrated its leading position in intelligence. As the first model to explore the market, the M5 not only shows its leading strength in intelligence, but also is famous for its solid materials. Next, let’s take a look at what are the unique features of the M5.

Super intelligent driving assistance, bringing the experience of an old driver.

Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system. In the field of intelligent driving assistance, this system can be described as the "ceiling level" of today’s intelligent driving system. For example, when encountering a big truck, many drivers will feel a sense of fear from the bottom of their hearts. However, when encountering a big car driving at a low speed ahead, the M5 version of Zhijie will be able to do it with ease. First, it will slow down to predict, and when it is recognized that the big car has no actions such as merging and changing lanes, it will speed up appropriately and start the overtaking action of changing lanes. In the process of overtaking, when the big car approaches or presses the line, the M5 version of Zhijie is still driving as far away from the big car as possible in the opposite direction, thus realizing the maximum safety guarantee.

In addition to avoiding big cars, Wujie M5 Smart Driving Edition can easily cope with the scene of going up and down the ramp during the rush hour. For example, before merging off the ramp, we need to observe the right rear in advance. If the right rear is "aggressive", many novice drivers may be afraid to merge. On the other hand, after the intelligent driving system is turned on, the M5 intelligent driving version can not only accurately predict the overtaking of the right vehicle and the coming of the left vehicle from the rear at the same time, but also complete the parallel movement as the old driver controls the car under the premise of ensuring safety, and the whole process is in one go. In addition, the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition also supports the functions of intelligent autonomous lane change, dealing with various complex intersections, and flexibly avoiding detours, which brings users a more intelligent driving experience.

It is worth mentioning that, at present, the M5 version of Zhijie has taken the lead in realizing the high-speed and urban NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance system that does not depend on high-precision maps, significantly expanding the use range of intelligent driving, and realizing the characteristics that the whole country can drive more and more, which can be said to be like an experienced "old driver", truly making high-level intelligent driving popular.

Super security configuration, giving all-round protection.

In addition to the excellent performance in the intelligent driving system, the world has also made great efforts in the safety configuration. Its overall development is based on the high safety standards of the industry, and the high-strength steel of the car body accounts for over 60%, of which the hot-formed steel accounts for 19%. Together with the cage-type safety car body, the passive safety performance of the whole car is ensured. More importantly, the data shows that the torsional stiffness of the car body of the M5 is as much as 1.5 times, which is enough to show the solidity of its materials. In addition to the reasonable application of materials, the torsional rigidity of the vehicle is improved, and the safety of the vehicle is further improved by the reasonable cage body structure and force transmission path, which ensures that the cockpit is not deformed after the collision and ensures the living space of the drivers and passengers.

Of course, battery safety is one of the main reasons why many users are afraid to order new energy vehicles. In this regard, Wenjie M5 adopts top suppliers in battery, and the battery core adopts cathode material with high thermal stability and diaphragm fire-proof coating technology. At the same time, a variety of sensors are built into the battery pack, which realizes stronger protection through full-dimensional BMS strategy management. When the battery temperature is too high, the early warning signal can be reported within 5s, ensuring that there is no heat diffusion inside the battery pack and no external open flame after the thermal runaway of a single battery cell. Really think what the user thinks, and completely eliminate the user’s car purchase concerns.

Write at the end:

Looking at the whole new energy market, no matter from the advanced level of intelligence or the materials used for the whole vehicle, there are very few products that can surpass the M5. The brand-new preferential rights given by the government this time have brought the price/performance ratio and the intelligence/price ratio of M5 to a brand-new height. Interested friends can go to Huawei offline stores to experience the test drive and seize this opportunity.

I believe that this limited-time car purchase preferential activity will also make more users feel the excellent driving experience and intelligent charm brought by the M5, and let the world continue to lead in the field of intelligence.