GAC introduces all-solid-state battery and pure vision intelligent driving technology without drawing.

  China Economic NetApril16A few days ago, Guangzhou Automobile Group launched two technologies, namely, an unmanned pure visual intelligent driving system and a high-safety, large-capacity all-solid-state power battery, on Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day.2026Annual loading. 

  Guangzhou Automobile Group said that it has initially opened up the whole process manufacturing process of all-solid-state batteries, and achieved key technological breakthroughs in mass production of all-solid-state power batteries with high safety and large capacity, with three core advantages of ultra-high energy density, ultra-high safety and large capacity, which are expected to beIn 2026, it was loaded on the Haobo model. 

  It is reported that GAC’s all-solid-state power battery adopts high surface capacity solid anode technology and the third generation sponge silicon negative plate technology (new nano-silicon composite negative plate), and its volume energy density and mass energy density are improved compared with liquid lithium-ion batteries.More than 50%, the cruising range of the whole vehicle can exceed1000km. 

  In terms of safety, GAC all-solid-state power battery adopts high-strength and compact composite electrolyte membrane, which makes the battery in200°CThere is no explosion in the hot box test, and it is difficult to explode when it is needled, cut and below zero.seventy-eight°CDry ice environment,90°CThe performance is stable under extreme conditions such as high temperature and hot water immersion, and thermal runaway does not occur under mechanical abuse conditions such as nailing and cutting. 

  Guangzhou Automobile Group said that the research and development and application of all-solid-state power battery technology will enhance the performance and market competitiveness of Guangzhou Automobile Group’s products, help promote Guangzhou Automobile Group’s scientific and technological innovation and high-quality and sustainable development, and will also have a positive impact on the development of the entire new energy automobile industry. 

  The other technology is the map-free pure visual intelligent driving system. Compared with the current mainstream technical route, it does not need high-precision maps or rely on lidar, but combines visual sensors with the top in the industry.AI algorithm, perceiving the world like a human being, can realize intelligent driving with a wider coverage with a simpler hardware system, so as to "drive with navigation". 

  According to Guangzhou Automobile Group, Guangzhou Automobile Map-free pure visual intelligent driving system has three leading abilities in visual recognition: the ability to understand complex traffic roads, the ability to recognize traffic lights, and the ability to deal with complex and changeable scenes. 

  In terms of decision-making and action, GAC’s map-free pure visual intelligent driving system can accurately predict the behavior of other traffic participants and make reasonable, safe and efficient driving decisions. In the parking scene, this system also shows excellent performance, and the minimum error can be controlled to5cm。 

  In addition, GAC’s map-free pure visual intelligent driving system has the ability of continuous learning and evolution. With the help of self-developed data closed-loop and simulation system, this system can iteratively optimize the algorithm in the simulation test and realize self-improvement and evolution. 

  Guangzhou Automobile Group said that as an important foundation for continuous iteration of autonomous driving, Guangzhou Automobile Group is actively building a data closed loop from multiple dimensions, and has invested in the construction of Guangzhou Automobile Cloud Data Center and the data platform of Guangzhou Automobile Intelligent Network General Assembly. At the same time, it has launched a coverage data labeling platform through Ruqi Travel.ONTIME Data Encoder, high-precision map tool chainONTIME MapNetIntelligent driving simulation platformONTIME NexSimThe autopilot data solutions of the three major sectors, with data as the core, drive the closed-loop iteration of autopilot and help GAC build an industry-leading autopilot engine. 

  Guangzhou Automobile Group has always insisted on promoting high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation, and research and development achievements have emerged continuously. On this science and technology day, Guangzhou Automobile Group also demonstrated a number of advanced technologies and humanized products, including electromagnetic suspension.MBoard2.0 core smart chassis and flying cars, as well as Chuanqi new energy deeply customized and developed for users with mobility difficulties.E9Welfare car. 

  The data shows that,In 2023, GAC invested nearly all year in independent research and development.84100 million yuan, nearly new patent applications.3200Parts, of which invention patents account for about.50%. Up to now, the cumulative investment in independent research and development over the years has exceeded450100 million yuan, apply for a patent about18600Pieces, of which invention patents account for.41%. (Source: Photo courtesy of the enterprise)