Xiaomi SU7 latest official map exposure

A few days ago, Chairman Lei Jun posted the latest official map of Xiaomi SU7 on social media. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi SU7 received many suggestions for revision after the pre-release, and Xiaomi will analyze them one by one. At present, the design of the trailer has been revised, and in addition, Xiaomi SU7 has added an optional carbon fiber rearview mirror.

Judging from the published pictures of the rear of the car, XIAOMI listened to the suggestions of netizens and reduced the size of the "Xiaomi" tail, and the Beijing Xiaomi and SU7 Max signs on the left and right sides were also reduced simultaneously. The modified rear end weakens the visual impact of the logo, making it look more harmonious as a whole, while other parts of the rear end remain unchanged.

Xiaomi SU7 adds optional carbon fiber rearview mirror, which reduces the weight and increases the sense of movement. The latest declaration map of previous exposure shows that Xiaomi SU7 has added a brand-new 21-inch rim (previously 20 inches), and the brake calipers will have different color schemes. In addition, the millet tail at the rear of the car is marked with black and silver.