Dialogue with the female deputy magistrate of online celebrity after 80s in Anhui: I used Tik Tok, not Tik Tok.

Walking in a long rain lane with an oil-paper umbrella, dancing in front of a grand hall in Hanfu, and incarnating as a woman in the Republic of China, reading quietly by the window … If you don’t pay attention to the account name, it’s hard to imagine that this Tik Tok online celebrity turned out to be a deputy magistrate. Many officials have always been serious and low-key, but you should never underestimate the good online feeling of a female county magistrate born in 1980s.

At the beginning of last year, China National Intellectual Property Administration sent Tang Xiang, an inspector at the level, to serve as the deputy magistrate in Taihu County. During her nearly two years in Taihu County, the post-80s female county magistrate not only skillfully used new media to polish a regional business card for her hometown, but also got to know her hometown in grassroots work.

Tang Xiang is shooting a short video. All the pictures in this article are for the respondents.

"If you brush Tik Tok every day, it is just a toy, but if you use Tik Tok to carry goods and promote government services, it is a tool." On December 8, Wei Xiaoming, secretary of Anqing Municipal Party Committee, presided over a forum for grassroots representatives to listen to their opinions and suggestions on the preparation of the Tenth Five-Year Plan. Tang Xiang was invited to speak at the meeting as "online celebrity, Tik Tok".

Since the opening of Tik Tok account in March this year, and the promotion of investment promotion and cultural tourism for Taihu County, Tang Xiang’s Tik Tok has gained 187,000 fans, and her 400 video works have been praised by netizens for 1.454 million times, which has driven local products to sell more than 10 million yuan online and offline, and all the proceeds from the live broadcast have been used to subsidize poor students from Taihu.

In February next year, she is about to expire. Recently, The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) talked with Tang Xiang, and she shared with reporters her own road of online celebrity cultivation and her experience in grass-roots work.

"Using new media is a compulsory course for officials"

The Paper: Why did you think of using live broadcast and short video for publicity?

Tang Xiang:To tell you the truth, I thought about opening a personal Tik Tok last year to promote the agricultural products and tourism resources of Taihu Lake, but at that time, I was not familiar with the situation when I first came to work, so I was mainly doing a survey and research. During this year’s epidemic, everyone can’t go out, and many officials took to the stage of live broadcast with goods. Our county magistrate has a strong awareness of new media and e-commerce, so he proposed that the other three deputy county magistrates form a "county magistrate’s day group" together, and make a live broadcast in April to bring goods to promote our landmark products among the mountains and rivers of Taihu Lake. In March, I launched my Tik Tok "Tangxian County loves Taihu Lake" to warm up the live broadcast.

The Paper: Did you encounter any difficulties when you first became a new media?

Tang Xiang:At the beginning, it was actually very uneasy, because many colleagues in the system were still relatively conservative about using new media. If the leader doesn’t approve, he is a high-profile alien in the system. So from the beginning, many colleagues reminded me of my political future, fearing that I would cause negative public opinion. I told them that we were upright and not afraid of negative comments. Moreover, from the perspective of work, it is conducive to the local poverty alleviation. The county secretary and county magistrate are very supportive of me. I feel that I have really done something right in the past two years, which is beneficial to the local area and has also driven the people to increase their income, so I don’t care too much about other aspects.

The Paper: How do you understand the relationship between new media communication and government work?

Tang Xiang:Some netizens said that the goods in the market are mixed, and I only buy the goods from the county magistrate, because the county magistrate endorsed them with his own political future and government credit, but after all, the county magistrate’s live broadcast only plays an exemplary role, and more importantly, the all-round development of e-commerce in the county. At this time, it is particularly important to build regional public brands, which on the one hand shows the brand quality and on the other hand avoids vicious competition among homogeneous enterprises in the county.

I have always believed that live broadcast is not necessarily a standard for officials, but it is a compulsory course for officials to use new media and deal with online public opinion. This year’s "426th World Intellectual Property Day", affected by the epidemic, people can’t gather offline. I used the live broadcast of Lianmai and the intellectual property experts in Beijing to popularize intellectual property knowledge for everyone, and tens of thousands of netizens watched the live broadcast. There are also public service projects such as medical insurance, old-age care, and subsistence allowances involving the masses. Usually, everyone can only see regular policy propaganda. I tried to shoot a short video to promote medical insurance for urban and rural residents. On that day, there were more than 300,000 broadcasts and readings, and the cumulative number of hits was more than 3 million, which was affirmed by netizens.

The Paper: How does the promotion of live broadcast with goods promote the sales of agricultural products in Taihu County?

Tang Xiang:Sales are good now. I may be different from other county magistrates. My focus is not on bringing goods. My role is to set an example and promote Taihu County in all directions. However, in this case, my sales in Tik Tok are also more than 3 million. Many people broadcast live and shoot short videos to introduce goods directly, which may sell faster. However, I have a product window on the homepage of Tik Tok account. If you are interested in my video, you will go to the window and choose something to place an order. I mainly focus on promoting county public brands and tourism investment resources to expand the overall influence.

The Paper: How do netizens approve of your live broadcast and short video?

Tang Xiang:When I first started doing it, some people thought I was putting on a show and wanted to be famous. Some people commented that how did you get up there at such a young age? I didn’t delete it. I replied that you are welcome to come to Taihu County, Anhui Province to see thousands of mountains and lakes and taste our organic agricultural products. You can also be younger. Later, netizens saw that I insisted on doing it, and the recognition was getting higher and higher. At first, the people who quarreled with me turned black into powder. Now, occasionally, people who don’t understand the situation are arguing in the comments, and netizens will jump out to help me explain that this is her job and is promoting and promoting poverty-stricken counties.

The Paper: After becoming popular on the Internet, have more people come to you to reflect their problems?

Tang Xiang:I basically read comments and private letters, but I may not have time to answer them one by one. This channel can also help people solve some problems. For example, many times, when people encounter problems, they don’t know which department to consult and reflect. What I know will be answered directly in comments and private letters. If I don’t know, I will provide them with the phone number of the corresponding department.

The Paper: Many officials live broadcast the goods and shoot short videos, which may just be a taste. Why do you insist on it until now?

Tang Xiang:On the one hand, I’ve always had this idea, and it’s just that the wind has come, and I think we should seize it. On the other hand, in April, our "county magistrate group" broadcast live with goods, and the online and offline sales revenue in two days and three games was more than 5 million. I saw the business opportunities brought by new media and felt that this was a way to go, so I insisted on it later.

Not only live broadcast with goods, but also tourism and investment promotion, as well as the interaction between the government and the people, the effect is also very good. For example, in terms of investment promotion, there is a 400 million yuan project in the county that is introduced by fans and is currently being docked. There are also investments including some homestays, and people are constantly consulting me about policies.

The Paper: What do you think of the current cadres in online celebrity?

Tang Xiang:Popularity is an accidental event, but promotion is a process of accumulation. You can’t think of getting rich overnight, but you will definitely get something in the end if you stick to it, and you will naturally get rid of many misunderstandings and gain everyone’s understanding later. From the beginning, I only drove the Tik Tok for work reasons, but now it should be said that making short videos has become a part of my spare time. I don’t like the name online celebrity very much. I don’t want to be online celebrity myself. I hope my hometown will become the punching place of online celebrity after getting rid of poverty.

Create a local e-commerce live broadcast team

The Paper: Is there a team behind you to help you make short videos? What is the current update frequency?

Tang Xiang:Without a team, I do all the short videos myself. I started sending short videos in March, and now I send one or two short videos every day on average, and there are 400 short videos in total. Because I can’t have time to shoot every day. If it’s convenient, I will shoot more and save it. Half an hour is enough for a week or two. Sometimes when you go to the countryside, you can shoot it and send it. When there is nothing to send, you will edit a section of inventory to send it. I did it all by myself from planning, editing and dubbing. The main types include cultural tourism promotion, investment promotion, agricultural products with goods, and daily life and political and civil interaction.

At first, there were not many short-sightedness, and I didn’t know what to present. After several live broadcasts, this number was really started. There was another unexpected opportunity. During the epidemic, no one could go out, so I sent a video of me in the rape field, which was taken with the help of a photographer. As a result, this video was reprinted by many media. The title they gave was "The county magistrate takes you on a cloud tour", and my account suddenly became popular.

Tang Xiang is bringing goods live. 

The Paper: After making so many short videos, have you summarized the experience of new media operation?

Tang Xiang:Whether it’s a live video or a short video, I always use my personal rest time and work gap to do it. Without a budget, I wonder what kind of video can get more traffic and what is the best release time. Slowly, I found out that lunch and evening meal time are the peak of traffic. From the backstage of Tik Tok, I found that my fans are the most active at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, so I usually send videos around six o’clock in the evening. After the push of the algorithm, the number of likes will obviously increase after eight o’clock.

Big data is very powerful, and it can be automatically pushed to the corresponding interest groups according to the keywords of different video contents. Last time I checked the distribution of fans’ locations, although there are many in Anhui Province, 70% are outside Taihu Lake, which is still considerable. I also pay attention to choosing different topics every time I write a copy, and use different ideas to promote it in all directions, which will also make the push more accurate.

For a long time, I have accumulated 186,000 fans in half a year, which is certainly not much compared with those online celebrity stars, but it is already the highest number of fans among county-level leaders in the province.

The Paper: I’m concerned that you will also do some e-commerce live training for the county. What’s the effect at present?

Tang Xiang:The live e-commerce industry has only emerged in recent years. Taihu county’s e-commerce transaction volume was less than 100 million four years ago, but it exceeded 1.5 billion yuan last year. The local e-commerce live broadcast team should not only expand the scale but also improve the quality. I have been working hard to build such a team for Taihu Lake. There was a poverty alleviation workshop in the county that didn’t do very well. Later, a girl started to make live broadcasts and sell sweet potatoes, rice and sugar. At first, there were not many viewers in the live broadcast room. Later, she insisted on doing it and began to explode. Now she has also introduced equipment of 800,000 yuan, and a small rice and sugar industry has grown. Taihu County has a post-90s youth with cerebral palsy. We set up an e-commerce site for him. He relied on a finger to type words and sold special products to support himself through the new media platform. In the case of e-commerce live broadcast in full bloom, we should encourage the expansion of e-commerce broadcasters, focus on building live broadcast bases, and seize new sales platforms. At the same time, it is also necessary to train talents in an all-round and systematic way and improve their professional quality.

"Returning home to work is the beginning of my real understanding of my hometown."

The Paper: Taihu Lake is your hometown. Why did you come to Taihu County to work?

Tang Xiang:Taihu Lake is a national key county for poverty alleviation and development, and China National Intellectual Property Administration also attaches great importance to poverty alleviation. At that time, the county lacked talents in intellectual property, so it asked China National Intellectual Property Administration through provinces and cities, hoping to send someone to support it. I have done macro-intellectual property protection work in the bureau, and I have experience in organ work and technical experience in patent examination. Moreover, I am a local, and I know more or less about the situation, so I can adapt better and get into work faster. Although I am from Taihu County, I am not the main leader, which is in line with the principle of avoidance.

I lived in Taihu Lake all the time before I went to college, but I found that coming back to work this time was the beginning of my real understanding of my hometown. In the past, my understanding of my hometown was still superficial, and I knew only a few roads in the county and some specialties of my hometown. After coming back this time, I found that Taihu County has changed a lot, which also made me really deeply realize how strong the country is in helping the poor. Just talking about the urban and rural construction of Taihu Lake, in fact, it has changed a lot in the past five years. I have to navigate in the county seat, otherwise I can’t find the way.

Tang Xiang is shooting a short video. 

The Paper: After you returned to your hometown, you also met many grassroots poverty alleviation cadres. What impressed you?

Tang Xiang:Poverty alleviation cadres are very hard, and the first secretary is rooted in the front line and lives with the masses in the village. Especially Taihu County is located in Dabie Mountain area, and poverty alleviation cadres have to go to the countryside for a long time. Since last year, I have basically traveled to 174 villages in Taihu Lake, visited many poor students’ homes to learn about their situation, identified students with difficulties, and then asked my friends for one-on-one funding, and docked some enterprises to set up scholarships. In this process, the poverty alleviation cadres at the grassroots level have always been with me, because they are also very familiar with the situation of poor households, and they are all empathetic to them.

The Paper: Taihu County has lifted its hat from poverty this year. What expectations do you have on the road to rural revitalization in the future?

Tang Xiang:We don’t want to get rid of poverty in our hometown, but to get rid of poverty in our hometown. Everyone hopes that Taihu Lake will develop better and better, but this cannot be solved by just one or two officials. It requires the joint efforts of 580,000 people in Taihu Lake, and everyone should do their best to contribute.

The natural resources of Taihu Lake are really good, and thousands of mountains are shining, but how to turn the green mountains guarded by ordinary people into Jinshan Yinshan needs to find a feasible transformation path. Good mountains and good water produce good goods. Taihu County is also a national agricultural product quality and safety county, with nearly 200 kinds of organic agricultural products. I think the combination of rural tourism and agricultural products is a better point, and farmers’ income should be increased through the creation of public brands of agricultural products.

There are many tourists coming to Taihu Lake now, but they may leave after playing. How to keep the guests is a problem. The next step is to do a good job in tourism services and enrich the tourist experience. At present, a large-scale real-life light and shadow drama "A New Biography of Fairy Match" has been opened in the scenic spot of the 5,000-year-old Wenbo Garden in Taihu Lake. The performance is wonderful, which is equivalent to developing the night tour economy, retaining some people to stay here and further promoting consumption. We have many good agricultural products and specialties, and tourists can fill the trunk when they leave.

Taihu County has a profound cultural heritage, including Zen culture, opera culture and red culture. How to connect these points with natural scenery such as Huating Lake is also the direction we should work hard in the next step.

The Paper: Can you talk about your family life?

Tang Xiang:After I came to work, I brought my son to Taihu Lake. He is now attending a kindergarten in the county. My wife works in other places. If I am not in Beijing, the child will be left unattended. I have to keep him by my side. My son was also impressed. One day, he suddenly chanted, "Taihu County, Anhui Province has beautiful scenery and excellent air, which is worth punching in …". That was a video recorded by me to promote Taihu Lake tourism, and my son will do it now.

The Paper: Will the Tik Tok continue to be updated after you leave Taihu Lake next year? Or will you look for a successor?

Tang Xiang:As a temporary cadre, my term of office is limited. But my term as a Taihu person is infinite, and I will continue to use this number to promote Taihu Lake. When I return to my original unit, I will continue to update my account with the consent of the leader. Of course, I may also reduce the frequency of live broadcast and do more short videos. This in itself is also a positive thing for rural revitalization, and I will stick to it. In addition, I have left a team of e-commerce broadcasters in Taihu County, and they are also an important force in the development of Taihu Lake.