Is the performance of BYD Tang fuel engine reliable?

The performance of BYD Tang fuel engine is very reliable. It adopts the second-generation 2.0T engine, with dual variable valve timing technology and direct injection in cylinder, which can improve combustion efficiency, and also adopts the dual balance shaft technology, which makes the engine vibrate less at high speed. In addition, the cylinder block and cylinder head of the engine are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, with a maximum power of 151 kW and 205 HP, a peak torque of 320 Nm and a fuel number of 92. BYD Tang gasoline version of the 2.0T engine uses an all-aluminum engine, which not only meets the lightweight standards, but also uses a variety of technologies. The maximum power speed is 5500rpm and the peak torque speed is 1750-4500rpm. Compared with competing products, its performance belongs to the medium level.