At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, BYD said that it was looking forward to U7′ s first revolutionary technology, Yunqi-Z.

At the 2024 International Auto Show, a revolutionary technology, Z-direction control technology-Yunqi -Z, was released, and this technology will be the first in the world.


As a matter of fact, last year, BYD released the new energy-specific intelligent body motion control system-Yunqi series technology. The release of this technology also made BYD the first China car company in the industry to master this technology systematically. This year, in auto china, BYD released the revolutionary Z-direction control technology-Yunnian -Z on this basis.


The reason why Yunqi -Z is revolutionary is because it is based on the concept of complete electrification, adopts a highly integrated suspension motor, and realizes a revolutionary breakthrough in Z-direction adjustment speed and accuracy, which will bring unprecedented ultra-stable and ultra-safe experience to users. It also marks that BYD has not only become the only car company in the world in vertical control electrification, but also become the only car company in the world in horizontal and vertical three-way control.


It is worth mentioning that Yunqi -Z has two unprecedented characteristics. The first is the ultra-fast adjustment speed. The adjustment response speed of Yunqi -Z is as fast as 10 milliseconds, which is equivalent to nearly 50 times between opening and closing eyes. This adjustment speed is ten times that of traditional active suspension, just like the speed gap between computer and abacus. The gap is clear at a glance. The second is energy recovery, because it uses the suspension motor to do work directly and removes the oil as the medium, so the energy transmission loss of Yunqi -Z system is smaller. In addition, they can directly generate electricity through the suspension motor, thus realizing energy recovery and charging the battery.


With the blessing of this technology, it means that looking up at U7 will bring the owner the same experience as sitting on a maglev train, which is super stable and super safe.


It is expected that U7 will be officially listed in the second half of this year. What kind of surprise will it bring to us from the combination of Easy Sifang and Yunqi -Z?