Can it be controlled in milliseconds and generate electricity? Interpretation of BYD Yunqi -Z Technology Specialty!

Opened on April 25, 2024The 18th Beijing Auto ShowIn fact, its high-end brand launched its first positioning.Million-class new energy flagship car looks up to U7..

At the same time as the new car was unveiled, the official social account of Looking Up at the car also uploaded a title."Revolutionary suspension technology-Yunnian -Z"Video of. It indicates that the vehicle equipped with Yunqi -Z technology will bring revolutionary innovation to the automobile industry in suspension technology.

So what exactly is "Yunqi -Z"?

We all know that there are in three-dimensional spaceX、Y、ZThree directions, BYD’sYi Sifang technologysolvedXY axisThe plane problem,Cloud chariot systemIs to solve the problemZ axisThe three-dimensional problem.

Because of the gravity of the earth, the control of Z axis is also the most difficult.

BYD launched before.Yunqi -A and Yunqi -C systemsBy using electromagnetic valve shock absorber and multi-cavity air spring, more accurate suspension adjustment can be realized.

Yunnian -POn this basis, more adjustable suspension items are provided, including four-wheel linkage and single-wheel long stroke, as well as preview function, all of which are to improve the driving texture and handling performance of the vehicle under different road conditions.

The revolutionary nature of Yunqi -Z is that it is based onComplete electrificationThe concept of adoptingHighly integrated suspension motor, realizedZ-direction adjustment speed and accuracyA revolutionary breakthrough.

As the saying goes, "the martial arts in the world are fast and unbreakable"!How fast is the adjustment speed of Yunxiao -Z?

Ten milliseconds!

That is, in the blink of an eye, Yunxiao -Z can be adjusted nearly 50 times!

This adjustment speed is ten times that of traditional active suspension, just like the speed difference between computer and abacus, which is the great technological innovation advantage brought by electrification.

With millisecond-level active adjustment speed and accuracy, it can bring unprecedented ultra-stable and ultra-safe experience to users. With it, everyone will drive a steady batch of tofu to Fujiwara Takumi in the future.

The advent of Yunqi -Z technology indicates that BYD has not only become the only car company in the world in terms of vertical control electrification, but also in terms of vertical and vertical three-way control.

However, do you think that this is all the technological subversion brought by Yunqi -Z?

Cloud -Z can also charge the battery?

Yes, you heard me right!

Different from the traditional hydraulic active suspension, Yunqi -Z uses the suspension motor to do work directly, and oil is removed as the medium, so the energy transmission loss of Yunqi -Z system is smaller. Not only that,It can also generate electricity directly through the suspension motor, realize energy recovery and charge the battery.

According to this logic, the worse you look at U7 in the future, the more electricity you will charge.

It’s worthy to be a professional who started playing with electricity. "Power generation with love" has been played by BYD. Haha.

Think about it. If other friends have such technology, they will have to be on the hot search list for at least half a month.

But if you look at BYD’s ability to make a big announcement, there is really no wave!

On the day when Yunnian -Z came out, Wangwang’s social account also released a video of U7 challenging the snow tires to top Yabuli’s ice and snow platform, and the scene was quite shocking!

In the future, I will be responsible for paddling, dancing and skiing when I look up at U7.

BYD has entered the no-man’s land of new energy vehicle technology, from the hard-core cross-country looking up at U8 equipped with Yunxiao -P, to the super sports car equipped with Yunxiao -X looking up at U9, and now to the flagship car equipped with Yunxiao -Z looking up at U7.

Which car company will launch the high-end brands of these three tracks in the future will inevitably be compared with others. This is the advantage of being a pioneer in the industry.

Poor expression pack-Zhihu

Of course, as a poor B, I also hope that black technology like Yunqi -Z can be put down to some cheap models as soon as possible.

Now BYD has achieved this step of scientific and technological revolution, and the next step should be equal rights in science and technology!