Autumn will take everything away.

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Femando pessoa [Portugal]
At a loss in the dusk, a soft cloud floating in the vast sky, and a cold wind waking up in late summer and early autumn all announced the arrival of autumn. Trees haven’t shed their green or their leaves, and they haven’t been vaguely sad to accompany us with any sense of decline and fall about the outside world-this is purely because it reflects our own future decline and fall. Just as the residual energy is gradually exhausted, a certain kind of dormant thing is still trying to make a final move. Ah, these evenings are full of such painful indifference, and autumn begins not in the world but in our hearts.
Every autumn brings us closer to our last autumn, which can also be used in the past spring or summer, but autumn can naturally remind us of the end of everything and the things that are so easy to forget in a beautiful season. It’s not really autumn yet, and there is no yellow leaves in the air or the wet and gloomy weather, and this scene will be left to winter in the end. However, there is a kind of sadness in sight, and some similar sadness is also on the road in people’s sensory nerves. No matter how vague it is, people feel the mixed colors in the world, the strange tones in the wind, the ancient tranquility when the night falls, and the night slowly sneaks into the inevitable moment of the universe.
Yes, we will all die, and everything will die. Nothing can keep a person who wears feelings and gloves and talks about death or local politics. The same glory falls on the saints’ faces and the leggings of passers-by, and the same glory goes out, leaving darkness. All the facts left behind will be completely nothingness, no matter for saints or other leggings wearers. In the huge vortex, the whole world is passively involved, just like the winding of dead leaves, and the seamstress’s work is no different from the whole kingdom in value; Dressing up children is like granting kingship to a symbolized king. Everything is meaningless. In the invisible porch, every open door exposes another closed door behind. Every single thing, big or small, is made for us, and it is the universe in our inner understanding structure. Everything dances under the bondage of the wind, and the wind stirs everything but never lands. It is nothing, just a light mixture of shadow and dust, and there is no voice, only the roaring of the wind. There is not even peace here except when it is calm. Some people are involved in it through the light leaves on the porch, because their own frivolity has gradually lost its foundation and left it outside the weight circle. Others can only distinguish it if they look closely. Like dust, they form an almost invisible layer in the vortex. Others, small tree trunks, are dragged into the vortex and then just abandoned in different corners of the floor. One day, when all the knowledge is over,The back door will be opened, and we, as all this-nothing more than a piece of rubble of soul and stars-will be swept out of the house so that the accumulation can start again.
I have a terrible headache, and it seems that it is no longer mine. My brain tries to put everything it feels into sleep. Yes, autumn has begun, touching the sky and my heart with its equally cold light, filling the fuzzy outline of the clouds at sunset with yellow edges. Yes This is the beginning of autumn. At this calm moment, it is also the beginning of an inexplicable and incomplete clear understanding of everything. Autumn, yes, autumn always seems to be like this: it is a tired expectation in all kinds of actions, and a disillusioned expectation in all kinds of dreams. What hope can I have? In my thinking, I have been walking in the fallen leaves and dust on the porch, and there is nothing in my ignorant eyes. My footsteps have become the only human voice left on the clean platform, and that angular star-I don’t know where it came from-has finally gone out quietly.
Autumn will take away everything, everything I have been thinking or dreaming about, everything I have done or not done, the discarded matches on the floor, the scattered packaging paper, the great emperor, all religions and philosophies, that is, these tricks that children play when they are sleepy in hell. Autumn will take away everything, everything, that is to say, my soul will be brought from the highest ambition to the ordinary house where I live, from the God I once revered to my boss, Mr. V. Autumn will take everything away and sweep everything with its gentle indifference. Autumn will take everything away.
Autumn in the north
[Japan] Michio Hoshino
I am walking on the Yuan Ye in Alaska in September, which is the vast alpine tundra at the foot of Mount McKinley. The autumn scenery in the north is too beautiful to be described in words.
I heard the deep chirping of sandhill cranes from the throat in the distance, and the voice of mutual singing was like a concerto. But looking up at the blue sky, I can’t find the sand dune crane at all. I narrowed my eyes and saw a group of sandhill cranes flying towards me in a V-shape in the northern sky. They flew too high, so I didn’t notice them at first. Now is their autumn migration period. After nesting in the Arctic Circle, they go to the south for the winter.
I stood on the endless hill and saw that the distant northern mountains were already covered with a new layer of snow. The breeze brought a faint smell of winter, which reduced the body temperature that had oozed sweat, and I felt refreshed. I took off my heavy backpack and took a rest in the Woods of the tundra. Suddenly, a bird with a bright red beak appeared in front of me. I approached it slowly, trying to see what bird it was, only to find that the bright red turned out to be cranberry fruit in the bird’s mouth.
When the leaves of poplar and birch trees turn yellow gradually, and the lichens in the tundra are dyed wine red, the short autumn in Alaska officially begins.
The hustle and bustle of lush new green summer is fleeting, and the bright red maple leaves in autumn only last for one day. The autumn colors on the Yuan Ye are getting richer and richer day by day, and all kinds of plants are collaging colorful colors like mosaics on the tundra, which is so beautiful.
I believe you may have had such an experience. After continuous fine weather, on the morning of the next night when the temperature dropped sharply, you will find that the surrounding trees and flowers have changed slightly. Here, after the north wind swept across the far north like a brush, it transformed the scenery of late autumn overnight.
The fruits of blueberries and cranberries are ripe. In order to prepare for a long journey to the south, migratory birds and bears keep eating fruits to store fat. The biological chain bred by nature in the north is slightly different from that in the south.
It is a tense atmosphere in which everything condenses vitality at the same time in extremely harsh environment, and then branches and leaves are scattered in an instant, as if racing against time.
"Is the blueberry fruit growing well this year?"
Every season, this sentence becomes the first greeting for Alaska residents when they meet. Not only animals, but also human beings should harvest autumn food and prepare for winter.
I continue to walk in the mountains in autumn and eat blueberry fruit when I am tired. Clusters of blueberry fruits can be seen everywhere in the Woods around you. When you walk unconsciously and pick the blueberries within your reach, you will find that you have walked several meters forward. And every time after eating, I found that this year’s pants were dyed red or blue as in previous years.
At this time of year, local residents in Alaska remind blueberry pickers to "be careful not to bump their heads with bears". This sentence is definitely not a joke. Because bears, like people picking blueberries, are all eating hard and are not in the mood to look up. Sometimes I suddenly wake up to this and immediately look around and pay attention to what’s going on around me.
At this time, I will think of the picture book "Sasha Picking Berries", which tells the story of a mother taking her daughter to the mountains to pick blueberries in an autumn. Daughter Sasha followed her mother who concentrated on picking blueberries, but she accidentally got lost; In the same mountain, there was a mother bear picking blueberries with her baby bear, and as a result, the baby bear lost her mother who was absorbed in eating blueberries. Finally, Sasha follows mother bear, and baby bear follows mother Sasha. Although it is a fictional story, it is likely to happen in real life in Alaska.
I walked through the steep slope between the valleys and heard a lovely beep and beep in the distance. Looking around carefully, I found a pika sitting on a big rock with its mouth full of hay.
As soon as the pika saw me, she started to run. I followed closely and saw a rock it might be hiding. So I squatted down to look at it and found that it was neatly covered with a thick layer of hay, which looked like a bed. It seems that pikas are also preparing for the coming long winter.
I stood on the hill and stared intently, and found a group of caribou at the foot of the hill in the distance. I guess they should go to the southern forest for the winter. The baby reindeer born in spring has grown up now, closely following the mother reindeer. The long journey is coming to an end.
I met a moose mother and baby at the sunset lake, but there was only one baby. Generally speaking, a mother moose will give birth to two babies per child, and within one month after the baby is born, it is easy to become the prey of gray wolves or bears. Because it is difficult for a mother moose to protect two babies at the same time, in most cases, she will lose one of them, so it is difficult to see a picture of a mother moose with two babies in autumn.
Every day, the sandhill crane flies over my head, and its figure disappears into the blue sky in the south. After the aurora began to fly in the clear night sky, the autumn colors gradually faded. In the next week, winter will surely come. It’s the most beautiful time to dye this maple leaf in Yuan Ye as brilliant red.
Autumn is so beautiful, why does it always make people anxious? Maybe it’s because the summer in the extreme north is too short. Or is it because the long and gloomy winter is coming? However, as long as the first snow falls, people will be psychologically prepared and feel more and more calm … I like the autumn breath here.
The ever-changing seasons make me truly feel the flow of time passing away towards the endless distance, and I can’t help but marvel at the exact accuracy of nature’s running time.
Year after year, countless encounters and separations have left infinite feelings. Every time I count such experiences, it seems that I can better understand the short life as ephemera.
Autumn in Alaska is such a season for me.
Ah, autumn
[Japan] Osamu Dazai
If you are a full-time poet, you can’t know when and what kind of orders you will have, so you will often prepare some materials for writing poems.
When I received an order for the theme of "Autumn", I opened the drawer with the category starting with "A", which contained various compartments such as love, blue, red, autumn, etc., and selected the autumn part from it to calm down and investigate that compartment.
It says, dragonfly. Transparent.
In autumn, dragonflies are also delicate. This word seems to describe the dragonfly’s dying body, leaving only the spirit fluttering gently. Dragonfly’s body, under the mapping of autumn sunshine, is like transparency.
Also, autumn is the ember after summer burning. It’s scorched earth.
In summer, it is a chandelier. In autumn, it is a lantern.
There is also such a vocabulary, cosmos, tragic.
In the past, when I was waiting for buckwheat (cage buckwheat) in a buckwheat shop in the suburbs, I opened an old pictorial on the table and saw a photo of the earthquake. On a blackened Yuan Ye, a woman dressed in a two-color checkered bathrobe was alone, squatting on the ground because of fatigue. I fell in love with that miserable girl with anxiety in my heart. You can even feel the amazing lust, although misery and lust seem to be completely opposite things. That kind of pain makes people want to suffocate. And when I met a big cosmos in the yellow wasteland, I could feel the same pain. Morning glory in autumn and cosmos can make me unable to breathe at a certain moment.
Autumn comes with summer.
In summer, autumn has come quietly, but people are deceived by the heat, so it is difficult to see through its disguise. If you listen carefully, you will notice that with the coming of summer, insects are singing together. If you look closely at the courtyard, you will find that summer is in full bloom as soon as it arrives in balloon flower. Dragonflies are also summer insects. Persimmon trees also bear fruit early in summer.
Qiu is a cunning devil. During the summer, I was dressed up and sneaked up with a smile. If you are a sharp-eyed poet like me, you should be able to see through it. When you see the family going to the seaside and enjoying the summer in the mountains, you will feel pity. It is clear that autumn has sneaked in with summer. Autumn is a wily old Jianghu.
Tales of mystery. Massage. If, if.
Banquet, Miscanthus. There must be a cemetery behind it.
Asking the way, the woman was speechless, wasteland.
Recording all kinds of words that don’t know their meaning. Maybe it was why I left the memo at that time. Even I don’t know the motivation for writing it.
Outside the window, I saw an autumn butterfly crawling aimlessly on the black soil in the courtyard. Leave the common butterflies and live strong. This is by no means just impermanence.
I was in great pain when I wrote this sentence. I will never forget when I wrote it, but now I won’t say it.
The abandoned sea.
Have you ever been to the bathing beach in autumn? Broken colorful parasols washed to the shore, happy footprints, lanterns of the sun flag were also discarded, hair sticks, scraps of paper, fragments of records, empty milk bottles, the sea showed a cloudy thin red color, and the waves slammed in.
Mrs. Ogata, you’re having a baby.
In autumn, the skin is dry, which really makes people miss it.
Airplanes are also the best in autumn.
I don’t know the meaning of these, but it seems that I overheard Qiu’s conversation and kept it according to the original sentence.
In addition, there are such sentences.
Artists should always be friends of the weak.
This sentence, which has nothing to do with autumn, has also been recorded. Perhaps, this is the so-called "seasonal thinking".
Besides, farmers. Comic book Autumn and the army. Autumn silkworm. Fire. Smoke. Temple.
It records all kinds of things in a mess.
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