Splendid China Year continues to be hot! The "Come to Qiyun Mountain to celebrate the Year of Fulu" continued until the Lantern Festival.

Dawan news On February 13th, the cultural tourism department of Xiuning County issued the Announcement on the Continuation of Qiyunshan Spring Festival "Come to Qiyunshan to celebrate the Year of Fulu", which is called to meet the travel needs of tourists and enhance the experience of tourists. Some activities of Qiyunshan Spring Festival "Come to Qiyunshan to celebrate the Year of Fulu" continued from the sixth day of the first month to Yuanxiao.

During the Spring Festival holiday in 2024, Qiyun Mountain Resort won great attention from the market through the all-weather immersion series of theme activities of "Come to Qiyun Mountain to celebrate the Year of Fulu", among which the most famous night entertainment contents such as "Golden Dragon Dancing in Hengjiang", "Playing Iron Flower in Qiyun" and "Fireworks Show in Hengjiang" became the highlight of Huangshan Tourism in Anhui. Activities not only attract mass tourists. Qiyun Mountain Resort ushered in an outbreak of passenger flow during the Spring Festival this year. The daily average number of tourists in scenic spots and small towns reached 100,000, which was more than 400% higher than the historical peak in previous years. The occupancy rate of Qiyun Mountain Resort Hotel and Freedom House World reached 100% from the first day to the fourth day.

There are a lot of tourists in Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area in Xiuning. Visitors may take part in the "Welcome the Spring Festival in Five Blessingg" activity, accumulate Five Blessingg cards, play the champion’s ring, or follow the tour guide to explain, listen to the historical allusions of cliff stone carvings, or wear ancient costumes, and punch in and take pictures in the scenic area. It is reported that in the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday, the number of visitors to Qiyun Mountain exceeded 16,000, an increase of 212.58% compared with 2019.

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Daxie journalist Wu Yongquan correspondent Xiu Xuan