Be alert! Criminals rent game accounts to minors to escape the "travel restriction order"

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  Under the strict "travel restriction order", many online game platform service providers strictly limit the time to provide online game services to minors, and require real-name registration. Some enterprises also set up multiple "face verification" checkpoints to prevent minors from being addicted to the Internet.

  The setting of the platform saves parents a lot of heart, but there are still criminals who seize the psychology of minors who want to play online games and rent accounts that can play online games without obstacles for profit.

  A parent in huqiu district, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province found that his son had no intention to study and was addicted to games. After checking his child’s mobile phone, he found that it cost him more than 2,000 yuan to rent an online game account in less than one month.

  Parents will promptly report the collected order information, payment records, chat records and other evidence materials to the procuratorate, hoping to dig out the hidden feelings behind the sale of game accounts.

  According to the parents’ complaint information, the procuratorate found that Liu Cheng (pseudonym) was suspected of renting a game account to a minor. After further asking Liu Cheng about the relevant situation, the procuratorate believed that Liu Cheng had been suspected of infringing citizens’ personal information, so he transferred the clue to the public security organ.

  Liu Cheng, a construction site information worker, likes to buy brand-name shoes and often feels short of money. At the beginning of 2021, Liu Cheng saw an advertisement in a QQ group, claiming that he could crack face recognition.

  Liu Cheng felt that it was profitable, and immediately sent private messages to friends to obtain "cheats". It turns out that the goods sold by the other party’s "advertisement" are actually "materials", that is, a complete set of personal information including name, ID number and face dynamic video. After purchasing the information, the face recognition authentication of some platforms can be easily unlocked through special operation.

  Liu Cheng, who owns many game groups, thinks of the strict restrictions of game platforms on minors, and begins to ponder "business".

  Liu Cheng confessed that the process of cracking the real-name authentication system of the game platform was that he bought many game accounts with higher levels. After purchasing the "material", his family helped him to change the tie, and later he needed face authentication, and they also helped him to pass the face recognition. The industry called this technology "face passing".

  Considering the player’s demand for high-level accounts, Liu Cheng did not directly register the purchased personal information as a game account, but made full use of the loopholes in the real-name authentication system of some game platforms.

  Among multiple games, the game account that is bound with QQ number and has passed the real-name authentication can directly replace the identity information with the minor information. In this way, Liu Cheng bought a batch of personal information of minors, and realized the control of multiple game accounts by changing the ties.

  However, minor game accounts are greatly restricted in terms of game duration, authority and consumption quota. To this end, Liu Cheng bought a lot of personal information that will be an adult in a day or two.

  In this way, the game account controlled by him will no longer be regulated by the anti-addiction system after replacing the registration information for one or two days, and will become an adult account that can play online games at any time, and then it can be successfully rented to minors.

  In June 2021, he specially bought a mobile phone for "crossing the face" and started his own operation.

  The mobile phone purchased by Liu Cheng is preset with some programs, and it is only necessary to complete simple operations such as saving data according to the established path. When logging into the game authentication interface, the video saved in the mobile phone will automatically appear in the face recognition box for authentication.

  "Most of the time, the certification is very smooth, and sometimes there will be unrecognizable situations, so I will specifically look for ‘ Retouching ’ People, generally they ‘ Intensive repair ’ After that, it will be certified. " Liu Cheng said frankly that it is not difficult for an expert to "turn his face".

  According to this method, he has dozens of different accounts of eight most popular games in a short time.

  Not only selling game accounts, but also remotely removing the pop-up verification of "face recognition". With this marketing approach, Liu Cheng has many "customers".

  “‘ Material ’ The price ranges from ten yuan to seventy or eighty yuan. The average price of a group is about 30 yuan. The income from renting game accounts varies from 10 yuan to 20 yuan per hour, and it can be returned in an hour or two. " Liu Cheng said.

  For more than half a year, he earned more than 14 thousand yuan by renting these game accounts registered with other people’s information.

  On December 12, 2022, the case was transferred to the People’s Procuratorate of huqiu district, Suzhou. After reviewing the case, the prosecutor believed that the face information had a high degree of personal biometric characteristics and belonged to personal sensitive information. Liu Cheng’s behavior had constituted a crime of infringing citizens’ personal information.

  At the same time, Liu Cheng circumvented the national policy that online games need real-name authentication, interfered with the process of face recognition authentication, infringed on the privacy and property rights of unspecified majority of minors, and damaged the public interest.

  Subsequently, the prosecutor held a public hearing on whether the rental of game accounts in Liu Cheng was a legal operation, and issued procuratorial suggestions or legal risk warning letters to relevant online game platforms, mobile phone manufacturers dedicated to "face-crossing" and online game account rental platforms, and transferred the criminal clues of people who sold personal information to Liu Cheng to the public security organs and urged them to verify them in time.

  At the same time, Liu Cheng is required to return the illegal income of more than 14,000 yuan to compensate the relevant victims, permanently delete the information involved in the case stored in his mobile phone and computer, publicly apologize in the national media, and compensate the public welfare loss of more than 14,000 yuan.

  In order to ensure the earmarking of public welfare compensation funds, the procuratorial organs also set up a "Love Blooming" special fund in conjunction with the huqiu district Charity Federation to receive public welfare compensation funds, which will be used for public welfare undertakings such as the protection of minors’ personal information.

  In addition, the procuratorial organ requires Liu Cheng to participate in warning education, public welfare publicity and voluntary service related to personal information protection once every quarter during the probation period, so as to further make up and repair the damage caused by illegal acts to the public interest, and the procuratorial organ will supervise this.

  On February 15th this year, the People’s Court of huqiu district accepted all the litigation requests put forward by the procuratorial organs and made a judgment. The judgment has now come into effect. Liu Cheng has paid the compensation to the "Unfamiliar Bloom" special fund, made a public statement to apologize, and completed the first voluntary service to repair public damage.

  "The protection of minors’ personal information cannot be ignored. The Internet is the hardest hit area for minors’ personal information disclosure. In this regard, the procuratorial organs should always crack down on it according to law. On the basis of investigating the criminal responsibility of relevant personnel, they should strengthen the shock and governance through public interest litigation, procuratorial suggestions, public hearings, etc., and promote the coordinated governance of personal information protection of minors. " The relevant person in charge of Suzhou huqiu district People’s Procuratorate said.

  Correspondent Zhu Xiaodan Wang Yuyao Zhongqing Daily Zhongqing Net reporter Li Chao Source: China Youth Daily